When people ask me about attachments and what they look like when they totally take over I send them to this youtube site.

It is the superbowl performance by Beyonce. I selected a shorter version that includes the main features in detail. She actually morphs into this dark being right in front of millions of viewers. Pay attention to the eyes and her body shape. There is no doctoring of this film. You can turn down the volume because the person doing the documentary is way off track in regards to what is going on with her.

My sister and I are guest on Darkness Radio with Dave and Tim. Here is the link. Just copy and paste in your browser search engine.


Todays session was incredible. A family of four travelled to San Diego from Houston,Texas this 4th of July weekend. We have know this whole family was attached by Ghosts. What we didn’t know was these ghosts were seeking revenge and had been searching for this husband for over three thousand years. We learned that he lived in Scotland in a previous life during the Beaker period and took part in the slaughter of an entire village. Women, children, everyone in the village. These Scottish warrior ghosts finally found him in this life and attached to his entire family causing all kinds of issues in an effort to destroy his family just as he had destroyed theirs so long ago. We cleared this family of thirty attachments and sent them back to the other side. I am still researching all the information given in session and will add more as I transcribe.

I’m Back!

It’s time to start writing again. There’s so much to share with you and I’ve been putting it off for far too long. For awhile I’d like to put the ball in your court. If you’ve spent any time on my blog  you know we have been specially gifted. Part of this gift is I get to ask any questions from “Heaven”. They would always have a good laugh from all my questions. What questions would you ask? My email is robertafterlife@gmail.com. Send me your questions and I will answer as many as I possible can and post them here on the website.

A scientific view of being attached. This would be Multiple Personality Disorders. A condition where extreme trauma has shaken a person’s psyche. This is how they wrote it up. “In these cases it would appear that different people were sharing the very same body, either peacefully or not so peacefully. Some would have a wide array of personalities-including boys, teens,women, and men-yet all these very different “people” were actually facets of the same overall person. Studies have shown that in some cases, different personalities within the same body have even had different allergic responses-such as common allergies to animals, pollens,or foods-with some sub-personalities being very allergic to something and others who are expressing through the very same body, having no allergic reaction at all. Some sub-personalities have been shown to have different brain wave patterns, handwriting styles, gender identifications, left and right handedness,voice patterns, reactions to different medications, cysts and diseases that appear and disappear depending on the personality, and different levels of visual acuity. Some multiples even have to change to different prescription glasses, depending on who’s steering the ship at any moment. You won’t find a more compelling demonstration of the amazing and flexible power of your mind and the fluid nature of personality!”

Now in our world of attachments the trauma the person faced caused a fracture in the energetic field. This in turn allows foreign ghostly entities to enter and take partial ownership of the body and in some cases they compromise the body completely. When we do removals oftentimes physical pains disappear. In one case the woman no longer needed to wear glasses. The scientific world needs to wake up. Energetic disease is rampant in this country and causes a majority of our mental health problems.

Many of you are attached or being tracked by ghosts. You can’t see them but they can see you. They wait till you or your loved ones are vulnerable and an opening occurs in the energy field and then they attach, stealthily entering your energetic domain stealing the presence and life force from you, enabling them to extend their physical time here on earth. In many cases you won’t even know they are there. Gradually they affect your choices and can cause a multitude of physical and mental problems. We can help you or your loved ones by removing them and resealing your energetic field, closing the openings they entered through preventing future attachments. If you feel you or someone else may be attached send the full name at birth and birthdate to robertafterlife@gmail.com  Also if you feel there are negative ghosts in your home waiting to attach we can remove them also. There is a very good example of a strong attachment on a youtube video with Beyoncé.  She is performing at the Superbowl and during that performance you can see the attachment come in and take over. Look up “Beyoncé possessed at Superbowl.”


…before she went crazy. In September Marcos and I took a trip to Aspen, Colorado. It was Ruggerfest time and some good friends were there, along with their attachments that needed to be removed. We would be passing through Las Vegas where our producer Carey lives.  I called her a few days before and gave her an approximate time we would be driving through because she wanted to get a few more film clips for the treatment she was preparing. She is so enthusiastic with our work that we try to include her whenever we can when we do removals. I asked her if she knew of anyone that was possibly attached if so we could take a lunch break in Vegas and do the removal. It’s basically down to a science these days and it generally takes less than  a half hour to clear a person. Carey said she would check and get back with us. She called the day before we were leaving and said her friend Bonnie’s brother was most likely attached. She mentioned how disturbed his life had become and gave me the information so we could check to be sure. I gave the information to my sister and she told me he had multiple attachments. It’s bad enough if you have one, but when there are more than one your life can really become unglued. I told Carey it was important that we kept to a tight time schedule since we had another ten hours of driving ahead of us after we left Vegas. We were to meet at Bonnie’s house at one thirty and spend no more than an hour there. We had lunch waiting when we arrived and Bonnie’s brother Tom arrived right on time. Everything was working out as planned. When it was time I put Tom into a light trance and Marcos immediately followed him in. Marcos immediately detailed how long the attachment had been there and what behaviors in Tom it was influencing. He said the attachments liked to drink and they were influencing Tom to drink more than he would normally. They also caused negative thoughts of hopelessness. They are energetic beings that feed on the dark. Marcos gave Tom a timeline of how long they had been there and what caused the openings. It came to light that their father had been attached and his negative behaviors caused openings in all of his children. This is how it runs in families. Marcos went to work and in no time Tom was cleared and sealed. When Marcos was finished he turned to me and said Bonnie had two on her and they are really bad. He is super sensitive in trance and can easily detect their presence. We had Bonnie trade places with her brother and got her ready her for trance. We were under time constraints but we couldn’t leave her attached especially when she started to tell her story. Bonnie told us she was under the care of a psychiatrist and that he wanted her to start taking some pretty heavy drugs.  She let us know that since her mom died in April she had been hearing voices in her head. She thought it was her mom. It wasn’t, it was the attachment that entered through her depression over her mother’s passing. She also was experiencing unbearable headaches. The attachment was constantly scratching on her brain. Her life was coming apart at the seams.  Bonnie’s husband hired a twenty-four hour a day caregiver because Bonnie was also having issues of lost consciousness. She would be in one room of the house and then find herself in another room not knowing how she got there. These were the attachments taking over her body moving her around like a puppet and driving her crazy. All of this was happening with three small children in the home. Bonnie’s husband was in dire straits. He didn’t know what to do.  Bonnie was fortunate to know Carey, otherwise she could have ended up in the psych ward pretty quickly. We cleared Bonnie and sealed her energetic field so she wouldn’t get reattached. From that point on the headaches ceased. No more voices in her head and no more lost consciousness. Added bonuses were no more psychiatrists and no more twenty-four hours a day caregiver. The kids now have their mom back happy and healthy. We really helped put a family back together that day. A great gift to have.


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