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Talking with animals

We have been communicating with animals for nearly eleven years. Right after 9/11 while moving ghosts from the World Trade Center we were asked if we would like to speak with Shelby, a service dog who died that day and was also ghosting. Shelby, when alive was a long-haired collie who was a service dog for a man in a wheelchair. That man worked in the World Trade Center. They both died that day and this is some of the conversation we had with  Shelby before he crossed over. He told us about his life and how he cared for his friend. How he would summon the elevator and accompany the man wherever he went. I asked Shelby what his favorite food was and he told us chicken. He also liked bacon. He said  dogs don’t like eating the same thing every day. How he would pee on the floor at the apartment if he didn’t get to go out. Shelby was very funny and the spirit world let him know he would return very quickly since he was such a handy dog. Shelby also told us he knew about God. How all animals know the creator. Since then  we have shared this gift with anyone who asked. At one point the radio station 91x asked us to do a show with them. I was a bit reluctant at first and told them as long as they treated our gift with respect we would. Chris Cantore the DJ wanted to meet us beforehand. He was going to bring his dog just to see if we were for real. He ended up bringing his other dog instead thinking he would fool us. What his dog told him kind of blew him away. We ended up doing the show which I still have a transcript of and had a great time. We would’ve done more shows but a female DJ ended up being a non believer and quite disrespectful so we ended up saying thanks but no thanks. We came to find all animals can talk to other animals telepathically. When we enter trance we can speak to any animal. I have often offered our services to places that could really use them. Sea World for one. I doubt they would want to hear what their captives have to say but in cases where a killer whale goes berserk it would be helpful. Through the years many animals have shared their thoughts with us. I love the one common comment ” No one owns us. We are not property.” or when I told my dogs they should stop begging. Their response “We don’t beg, we will you to give it to us”  My friend Arte brought his dog to talk to and during the session the dog lets out some horrendous gas. Quickly the dog speaks up ” That was Arte.” everyone got  a good laugh from that. There was the time Jonah asked to bring his snake to session. The first thing out of the snake was ” Can you turn the music down?” seems Jonah had placed the snakes terrarium in between both speakers of his stereo. My friend  Jamie has a pet frog and I will include that story by itself in a later post. The first words from her frog was “My name is not Phil, it is Anita. I am a female and I use to live in Cuba. I  lived a very bad life and that is why I am now living this life as a frog.” to be cont…


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All four were attached.

We were in session on Tuesday for the first time in a month.  There were four people I was waiting to check on to see if they were attached.  I was surprised to find all four were. Attachments come in different degrees and I will share with one each one so you have a better understanding how they work. The first one deals with Edna. Edna is a beautiful vivacious woman who you would never think was attached. I have known her personally for years and  I never suspected. A few months ago she asked me to check for her to see if she might be. I really didn’t take her serious thinking she was just curious with my work. When Lane, my spiritual contact told me she was, I was surprised. Lane lets me know that her attachment is a sweet little old lady who isn’t trying to harm Edna but wants to prolong her own life here on earth any way she can. Little old lady or not to me she has still crossed the line. I leave Edna a message telling her she is attached and describe the situation. She writes back and tells me how she  is always tired and has been for a long time. She also described how she feels as though someone is touching her and it prevents her from sleeping well. I tell Edna we will set up an appointment for next week for the removal. It takes enough energy by yourself  to get through life let alone having some uninvited guest in your space stealing it from you. I will update later after the removal to let you know the changes  that occur.

The second attachment covered was overwhelming and sad. This man Rick has thirty-six on him. That is the most by far we have ever encountered.  His mother  had asked me to check on him because his life is totally in shambles and has been for as long as she can remember. He has been in and out of jail and is lucky he is not doing some serious time in prison right now. He stabbed a man last year in an altercation nearly killing  the man. She tells me if anything bad can happen with him it does. He had already tried to kill himself on three occasions. In this case Rajah comes through to explain in greater detail. She says that the man has been attached since he was two years old. That was the time when his mother and father divorced.  Rajah said this had such a negative affect. He didn’t feel loved  and this is when the openings first occurred.  She goes on to say that in the last two years ten of those thirty-six came on him and that more will come until he ends up  committing suicide. Then he will become part of the legion of evil, another member of the walking dead. I want to emphasize how fragile young children are in regards to getting attached. The walking dead are ruthless with no conscious when it comes to possessing the living. I mentioned in an earlier post of a child Gabriel King. He was brutally molested at the age of four and became attached by a horrific spirit. At nine or ten Gabriel ended up being institutionalized for his uncontrollable behaviors.  Gabriel’s’ family was  living in San Marcos here in southern California back then. I realize once they are in institutions we have little to no chance of ever helping them. They become drugged zombies for the rest of their lives. These types of cases cause me so much sorrow. Young children so innocent, victimized by these dark forces. I normally will not use full names in my post but I want this to come to the attention of Gabriel’s parents. Maybe someone who knows them will guide them to my site. There is another point I want to cover while on the subject.  I have always read that those that have been molested  tend to molest when they get older. Now I can understand. It’s because they most likely are attached and the attachment causes them to behave that way. When I have encountered those with multiple attachments it becomes obvious they gain more and more control over the individual’s behavior. I don’t know if this young man with thirty-six will ever find his way to us. He is no longer in control. I was told he needs to be sober for at least four days for us to help. Four days is an eternity in this situation.  If you are with children always express your love. This is the only way to protect them. Love, Love, Love. For without Love they are vulnerable. All I need is the name at birth and the birthdate to tell if one is attached and we are one hundred percent successful in removing them.  So there is hope as long as we are here doing what we do.

The third attachment is on Michael someone I have known maybe ten years. I saw him last month and he told me something wasn’t right and if I could check him. He knows of what we do and has visited our sessions before. Back then he was clear. So this attachment has only come about recently. This person likes to do various drugs and that was what caused the opening. The walking dead are like burglars waiting for you to leave a door unlooked or a window open and then they enter and once in it is unlikely they will leave on their own accord. Magic Mushrooms are nothing to play with. Mushrooms by themselves or in combination with alcohol or other drugs cause openings to occur. Also drinking to black out can lead to openings. Maybe that’s why they used to refer to alcohol as “Spirits”. When I walk by street people I can sense those that are attached. Many are possessed by multiple attachments. We are thinking as high as ten percent of people could be attached so even if I live to be a hundred we will only be able to clear so many. I will go viral with this information soon. I want to start training others in this field to learn and carry on this work. Michael is coming in next week for his removal and we will seal the opening. He needs to be more responsible in the future though. If not for us who would he go to?

Our fourth attachment is not a mean one. He is on Eli. Attachments can attract to you because they are interested in what you do.  Maybe you are a writer and they were also a writer when they were alive. They could want to continue that interest through you. Again they are the walking dead so it is of no true benefit to them to be here and it can have a large negative affect to them if they do attach. That does not solve the problem they are causing right now though. In the case of Eli he is a writer/humorist and had no he is attached. I don’t know how the opening occurred on him but it doesn’t really matter. He has been infiltrated and if one enters more can always come later. I found out about his situation because I was  told that I have a friend named Eli who was being possessed. I ran his complete name to be certain and it was. I don’t really think Eli believes in what I do but it won’t change things. Just because you don’t believe it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Again they would rather you didn’t know they are there. They have had a free run of things for a long time. I say “Theres a new sheriff in town now and things are going to change.”  Please share as you see fit with this information. People need to know this and to protect themselves and their loved ones.  My next post I will begin to share some knowledge we have of the animal kingdom. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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The Story of Lane

Today is a special day. 11/11/11. We are coming to the end of a cycle. Where knowledge of self can now be revealed. The true inner self can come forth and be known and embraced. For so long we have been hypnotized that this is our one and only life we will ever have. That this embodiment of flesh  is who we are and we must fear death for it is the end. Where in actuality the reflection we see in the mirror is just a vehicle we inhabit while we are here visiting Earth and when we are done using it we will leave and return home to the light . This whole experience was meant to be a break from eternity. A vacation of sorts from foreverness. Personally this is my 32nd embodiment here. I have had many different experiences just as many of you have had. For over twenty years through hypnosis I have introduced individuals to their past lives. To their own personal living history book. A book of creations they can cherish forever. But the time has come. I challenge you to make this life you are now living a significant one. Where you change and influence the lives of others. Time and time again when searching past lives with people we were unable to find where they lived a life of significance.  It was also true in my case.  When you chose to live a significant life it will greatly benefit you when you return home. Lane who is my  main contact to the spirit world these days made a decision in the final moments of his life here on earth and it exalted him forever. We not only remove ghosts from people we also move ghosts back to the light regularly.  Years ago during the aftermath of 9/11 we found ourselves moving many of those who had died there. Week after week we would meet to move them back to the light. We moved over twelve hundred souls. When one dies before their time oftentimes they refuse to go to the light. These twelve hundred stayed behind.  We would speak to a few each time before they departed. Lane was one of them.  His name then was Lou. He was a young black man barely eighteen years of age. He and his friends would frequent the world trade center often. Their purpose was to ride the elevator to the top and see if they could steal from the unsuspecting tourists at the top or along the way. On this day Lou decided to go up one last time as his friends left. It would change his life forever. During our conversation with him he told us how he had few choices but to steal growing up. He wanted things just like anyone else. How he lived with his brother and alcoholic father and that he help feed them through his misdeeds. It was a way of life for him working the streets of New York City. On that day he made a choice that would cost him his earthly life. He was exiting the burning building through the stairwells and was almost out when he came upon a handicapped man who was struggling to exit also but wasn’t able do so because of his handicap. Lou made the choice to help the man and while doing so the building collapsed and they both perished.  His sacrifice exalted him when he returned home. All the bad things he did were overlooked because in that moment he made the supreme sacrifice. He ended up a guide helping children cope with their deaths and separation from family once they came back home. He also made a choice to help us here on earth. He changed his name to Lane and through all these years he has always been there for us. He often tells us how he would have like to complete his time on earth but he wouldn’t trade it for anything now. He is in such a magnificent place. We have come to understand there are many different levels in the afterlife. You still have choices when you depart your physical body. Heading into the light is your best choice. There you will reunite with family members or close friends who passed before you. Next your life will be examined. What you did while you were here and how you do it. Did you accumulate any karmic debt? I will write a story concerning this issue in the coming weeks. to be cont…

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