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The Story of Lane

Today is a special day. 11/11/11. We are coming to the end of a cycle. Where knowledge of self can now be revealed. The true inner self can come forth and be known and embraced. For so long we have been hypnotized that this is our one and only life we will ever have. That this embodiment of flesh  is who we are and we must fear death for it is the end. Where in actuality the reflection we see in the mirror is just a vehicle we inhabit while we are here visiting Earth and when we are done using it we will leave and return home to the light . This whole experience was meant to be a break from eternity. A vacation of sorts from foreverness. Personally this is my 32nd embodiment here. I have had many different experiences just as many of you have had. For over twenty years through hypnosis I have introduced individuals to their past lives. To their own personal living history book. A book of creations they can cherish forever. But the time has come. I challenge you to make this life you are now living a significant one. Where you change and influence the lives of others. Time and time again when searching past lives with people we were unable to find where they lived a life of significance.  It was also true in my case.  When you chose to live a significant life it will greatly benefit you when you return home. Lane who is my  main contact to the spirit world these days made a decision in the final moments of his life here on earth and it exalted him forever. We not only remove ghosts from people we also move ghosts back to the light regularly.  Years ago during the aftermath of 9/11 we found ourselves moving many of those who had died there. Week after week we would meet to move them back to the light. We moved over twelve hundred souls. When one dies before their time oftentimes they refuse to go to the light. These twelve hundred stayed behind.  We would speak to a few each time before they departed. Lane was one of them.  His name then was Lou. He was a young black man barely eighteen years of age. He and his friends would frequent the world trade center often. Their purpose was to ride the elevator to the top and see if they could steal from the unsuspecting tourists at the top or along the way. On this day Lou decided to go up one last time as his friends left. It would change his life forever. During our conversation with him he told us how he had few choices but to steal growing up. He wanted things just like anyone else. How he lived with his brother and alcoholic father and that he help feed them through his misdeeds. It was a way of life for him working the streets of New York City. On that day he made a choice that would cost him his earthly life. He was exiting the burning building through the stairwells and was almost out when he came upon a handicapped man who was struggling to exit also but wasn’t able do so because of his handicap. Lou made the choice to help the man and while doing so the building collapsed and they both perished.  His sacrifice exalted him when he returned home. All the bad things he did were overlooked because in that moment he made the supreme sacrifice. He ended up a guide helping children cope with their deaths and separation from family once they came back home. He also made a choice to help us here on earth. He changed his name to Lane and through all these years he has always been there for us. He often tells us how he would have like to complete his time on earth but he wouldn’t trade it for anything now. He is in such a magnificent place. We have come to understand there are many different levels in the afterlife. You still have choices when you depart your physical body. Heading into the light is your best choice. There you will reunite with family members or close friends who passed before you. Next your life will be examined. What you did while you were here and how you do it. Did you accumulate any karmic debt? I will write a story concerning this issue in the coming weeks. to be cont…


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