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Talking with animals

We have been communicating with animals for nearly eleven years. Right after 9/11 while moving ghosts from the World Trade Center we were asked if we would like to speak with Shelby, a service dog who died that day and was also ghosting. Shelby, when alive was a long-haired collie who was a service dog for a man in a wheelchair. That man worked in the World Trade Center. They both died that day and this is some of the conversation we had with  Shelby before he crossed over. He told us about his life and how he cared for his friend. How he would summon the elevator and accompany the man wherever he went. I asked Shelby what his favorite food was and he told us chicken. He also liked bacon. He said  dogs don’t like eating the same thing every day. How he would pee on the floor at the apartment if he didn’t get to go out. Shelby was very funny and the spirit world let him know he would return very quickly since he was such a handy dog. Shelby also told us he knew about God. How all animals know the creator. Since then  we have shared this gift with anyone who asked. At one point the radio station 91x asked us to do a show with them. I was a bit reluctant at first and told them as long as they treated our gift with respect we would. Chris Cantore the DJ wanted to meet us beforehand. He was going to bring his dog just to see if we were for real. He ended up bringing his other dog instead thinking he would fool us. What his dog told him kind of blew him away. We ended up doing the show which I still have a transcript of and had a great time. We would’ve done more shows but a female DJ ended up being a non believer and quite disrespectful so we ended up saying thanks but no thanks. We came to find all animals can talk to other animals telepathically. When we enter trance we can speak to any animal. I have often offered our services to places that could really use them. Sea World for one. I doubt they would want to hear what their captives have to say but in cases where a killer whale goes berserk it would be helpful. Through the years many animals have shared their thoughts with us. I love the one common comment ” No one owns us. We are not property.” or when I told my dogs they should stop begging. Their response “We don’t beg, we will you to give it to us”  My friend Arte brought his dog to talk to and during the session the dog lets out some horrendous gas. Quickly the dog speaks up ” That was Arte.” everyone got  a good laugh from that. There was the time Jonah asked to bring his snake to session. The first thing out of the snake was ” Can you turn the music down?” seems Jonah had placed the snakes terrarium in between both speakers of his stereo. My friend  Jamie has a pet frog and I will include that story by itself in a later post. The first words from her frog was “My name is not Phil, it is Anita. I am a female and I use to live in Cuba. I  lived a very bad life and that is why I am now living this life as a frog.” to be cont…


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