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Last Wednesday evening we did three removals. Each one very unique. The first removal was from a woman named Umma. I have known her for about a year. She works at a bar restaurant here in town. In the previous six months she had taken some time off from work due to health reasons. When she returned a few weeks ago I asked her how things were going? She said things were okay and she was getting better but then I started to hear more of her disastrous past. You know that one question you sometimes ask and maybe the answers going to be a whole lot longer than you wanted? She started out with how her father accidentally shot her in the stomach at the age of two. Then there were the numerous sicknesses and car accidents. She told of how she was  robbed and nearly raped at gunpoint. How she had been hit by cars two different times while riding her bike.  I know there are a few more things she mentioned but I think you get the idea. When I hear stories like this I get suspicious. I had the feeling something wasn’t right. How could someone have so much bad luck? I asked her for her name at birth and her birth date. She knew of some of the work I do and I told her I wanted to see if she was attached. I actually told her that I hoped she was, that way I could at least help her. Otherwise she was probably the least luckiest person I have ever met. I took her phone number and told her I would know  the following week and would call her with the results. That  Monday in session Lane let me know that Umma was terribly attached. He said there were six attachments. Six ghosts had attached to her throughout her life at various times starting at the age of two with the gunshot to the stomach. Remember there has to be a way in and this was how they were able to enter. Lane went on to say that three had been murderers,  two were thieves and the other had been in an insane asylum when they were alive on earth. In the 12 years I’ve been doing this never had I encountered a line-up like that. He also told me that Rajah wanted to be present during this removal which is highly unusual  to insure none of these bad guys could escape. They are jumpers and could find a way into another person who had an opening.

I stopped by the restaurant to let Umma know what I had learned. I could tell right away she was very apprehensive and rightfully so. The thoughts that begin racing through ones mind. All those hollywood movies you might start thinking about. I let her know not to worry and that it shouldn’t take more than a half hour to remove them all. She starts telling me that she is skeptical and so is her boyfriend. He doesn’t want her to do it. He thinks I’m after some money she doesn’t really have.  I respond that no matter how skeptical you are it won’t make them go away. I actually told her if it didn’t work I would give her a hundred dollars. that is how much I wanted to help her. I let her know I had already set up the removal for the following  night and that there wouldn’t be another chance for her to do this. To assemble my team on short notice and have her be a no-show I could not allow. Luckily she had some prior knowledge of what I do otherwise this could have been too overwhelming for her.  She tried to make up some excuses but I wouldn’t let her. “What if it doesn’t work?” she said. I told her we were one hundred percent successful and I guaranteed that her life would be so much different from then on. Of course she had no reference point since she had been attached nearly her entire life. I really hate when they attach defenseless children. I tell her how these attachments are evil and have no moral conscience and will ruin anyones life if they can. Our prisons are full of attached people and so are our mental  wards. You can lock them away and you can drug them all you want but that won’t make the attachments go away. She tells me she is fearful and I let her know that it’s probably the attachments who are feeling that way. they’re afraid their free ride is over. There is a quiet time before she says she will be there as long as her sister can come along. I tell her I have no problem with that plus we can check the sister while she is there since attachments can run in a family. Umma asks if I can check on her mom also and  she gives me her moms name and birthdate. I say ok and we would tell her when she comes for her removal. Then out of nowhere the waiter  comes  and tells me that the three women at the next table have overheard some of the conversation and are very interested and they wanted to know if  I could  answer a few questions for them. I turn and see three  beautiful young women. “No problem” I told him and headed over to their table for a quick chat. The blonde girl on the left was most interested and asked if I could check her for an attachment.  She tells me her name is Ann and that she is a vet tech here in town and  was just fascinated about what she was hearing. I noticed nothing out of the ordinary with Ann as we spoke but that doesn’t mean a thing because I know through  experience anyone can get attached if they have an opening. You really have to spend some time with someone to get the feeling if they are. It’s the subtle behavior changes and that strange look you might see in the eyes now and then.  Those are the clues.

 I go ahead and get the essential info along with her phone number and let her know I would call her once I found out.  I say my good byes and head home. I think to myself that convincing Umma just to show up was more difficult than the actual removal was ever going to be.

 The next day comes and all three people are confirmed for removals at seven o’clock this evening. Then I get a call at 10:00 AM  from Daniel our sealer and he tells me how he has pulled his calf muscle while  running and didn’t think he could make it for the removals. He was in too much pain he said. Great, all that work putting the evening together and now this happens. I tell Daniel he has to show up. Everything is already set and I went on to let him know I will make it as comfortable as I can for him but he has to be there. He is leaving for Brazil in two days for a couple of weeks so there  wasn’t a chance to reschedule even if we wanted to. He agrees to be there which brings a big relief. We could have done the removals without him but without closing the openings other attaching ghosts could easily come in.

Seven o’clock finally arrives.  By seven fifteen everyone is here. First thing we do is clear the area of all ghosts who might be present. They are waiting to move on from limbo or the netherworld. Many have spent so much empty time there and are tired and now are ready to leave. We do this twice a month. I will tell you in another story how we go about  this on a larger scale.  Once Marcos is in trance  he tells me we have over a hundred ghosts waiting to cross to the otherside. Normally we would spend more time saying our good byes with a slower transition but tonight we’re on a tighter time line. It takes about ten minutes to clear everyone before we can get to the removal side of things.  Once my sister is in trance  Lane comes in and lets us know they are ready on the otherside  to get started. I had given my sister the list of people earlier that we wanted to check on and see if they might be attached. Surprisingly the one guy I was pretty certain was attached was not. Then there were the two young girls that live in Colorado that had chronic health issues and we were told they were clear also. Their problem is bad genetics we were told.  Then comes the list of attached. Ummas’ mom is attached and so Ann the girl from the restaurant the previous evening. There was one other who was attached whom I wouldn’t of thought either. Her name is Taylor, a really sharp spiritual girl I had  met in Pacific Beach recently. Three out of six attached and as I say there is an epidemic going on in the world and no one knows about it. I can only do what I can do.

 Now comes removal time and Lane says “Worst ones first” so that would be Umma.  He instructs us to use peppermint oil on the openings to help with the removals. Lane also tells us that Rajah is present to contain the six so no one escapes. I set up my camera and the massage table and tell everyone to turn off their cell phones until we are finished. The electro magnetic frequencies get in the way of communication. Marcos is already in trance when O lies on the table. He is able to see the openings and can see the energies moving all about her body with his eyes closed. I follow his instructions where to put the mint oil and where the energies are and start corralling them and handing them off to him so he can send it back to the otherside. I never have to touch the body itself since we are working in the energetic field which exist maybe six inches around the entire physical structure. The ghosts are resistant. They don’t want to leave. I takes time, a lot longer than I anticipated removing these six. Umma tells us she is beginning to feel some lightness in her body. The energy moves to the hand and she tells me she can feel pain there. Then into her head and she can feel the pressure present there. We have to get every last remnant otherwise it will regrow itself again. You can imagine it as some invisible taffy pull. It takes longer to clear her than I thought it would. Nearly twice as long as it usually takes. Finally Marcos scans her and gives the all clear sign. Now it’s Daniels turn. I put him into trance so he can feel the openings. He takes his hands and sweeps the entire body from head to toe closing any openings he detects. There are numerous energetic layers so he does a number of sweeps. I re-trance my sister to get the ok from Lane that we are done. He tells us that everything went great and she is clear. I bring back my sister  out of trance and let Umma know she can get up now. I ask her how she feels and the first thing she says is that her hands are warm. They are usually cold all the time she says. She takes a seat next to her sister and  I notice how much lighter she looks. I told her I want her to keep track of changes in her life so I can share them with you.  Now we are ready to move on to removal number two. I will write this one up to share in the next few days.


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