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Our second removal this night was Edna. Her attachment was the least harming and she would have been last but she was under time constraints. The first removal took a long time and Edna’s husband was already messaging wondering where she was so we had to adjust for her. This is a case where nothing seemed out of the ordinary with E when I saw her last summer. She was at the beach and I said hello and she asked how things were going. I told her I was stepping up the removals since I was finding more and more people who were attached. She asked if I would check her for curiosity’s sake and she gave me the information that I needed. When she asked me to check we had just  started a one month break in communication with the otherside. If Lane has special work that he is doing or it is prayer time during the Christmas and Easter seasons we don’t have sessions unless it’s an emergency. So I told Edna that I would check when we were back in contact. The month went by and we were back in session again but I couldn’t find Edna’s information. She contacted me  a few weeks later wondering what I had found out.  I told her that I had misplaced her information and could she give it to me again.  This time I immediately pass it on to my sister.  At our next session we were told Edna was attached. I was really surprised. She was the last person I would think would be attached. She was always so lively and vivacious. She didn’t fit the mold.  Lane told us it wasn’t a bad  attachment. He said it was a little old lady from the late  fifties named Mabel. Now Mabel may not be a bad energy but she is still breaking spiritual law. It is one soul per physical body.  No one is allowed to inhabit another’s earthly body after they themself die. If they do they should be prepared to pay a big price once they are caught doing so. I have seen on a number of occasions where the attaching soul is banished to nothingness.  In other words they no longer exist and there is nothing that could be worth losing your soul for. Mabel was stealing  Edna’s life force and making her tired and disturbing her sleep patterns more and more. Edna later would tell me how she felt the presence of Mabel around her many times before she actually attached to her. No matter we were removing Mabel this evening. I had E relax on the massage table lying on her back. Marcos was in trance and could see Mabel’s energy in Edna’s stomach region. That is where I start removing from. Removing Mabel was fairly easy but there was a lot of her. She had built her energetic body up at Es’ expense.  As the removal proceeds we begin to notice this perfume smell all throughout the house. Like some  Avon perfume from the fifties or sixties. The kind a grandmother might wear. The smell  is a little overbearing. Many times during removals we will get different scents depending on who we are removing.  After about ten minutes I handed the last of Mabel’s’ energetic body to Marcos. He contains her and passes her to the otherside. Mabel is now gone but the smell of that perfume still permeates the room. Now it’s Daniels turn to seal Edna’s energetic body. This takes maybe another eight minutes. Layer upon layer he seals so she won’t get reattached.  Once Daniel is done Edna is good to go. She has to leave in a hurry since she is already late. I will give an update for Edna later this month.


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