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Our third removal was for a man named Michael.  I have known him for eight years. He’s a free-spirited guy who loves his music. One of the biggest Grateful Dead fans I know. Michael was present at a few of the sessions you may have read. He was good friends with the other Mike who was attached. The one who had given away all his possessions and ended up in County mental health. He was also present for the Anita the frog session. At that time he had been given a clear bill of spiritual health but recently things had changed. Michael called me about a month ago concerned that he may have been attached. I couldn’t say I was surprised because I know his history of drug use. The spirit world has told me time and time again that drug use can cause openings for attachments to enter into and I warn people to be very careful when they use drugs. Especially mind altering drugs. In Michael’s’ case he likes to go to concerts and eat magic mushrooms. This is like a perfect storm. Ghosts like concerts too and they find all types of people there with openings that they can attach to. In this case he told me he could see people who were attached while taking the mushrooms and he noticed one in particular whom he confronted. He told the man that he wouldn’t get inside his head no matter how hard he tried. Attachments have no problem jumping from one person to another as long as that person has an opening. Especially if they think that person is more suitable for them. Like attracts like. If the attachment was a drug addict while alive then they most likely will find a drug addicted person to attach to. Just as if they were a heavy drinker they would find somebody who is a heavy drinker. And not only that they can influence that person to drink or do drugs even more. Rehab facilities are full of people who are attached. Unless the attachments are removed and the openings sealed the chances of success for an individual are slim to none. Michael told me the moment he made that statement he felt the attachment jump from that man onto him. Right away he felt a darkness come over him and it stayed with him. When his mother came to visit two weeks later he was in a terrible “Funk”  he said and the choices he was making were bad and out of character. This is when he called me. I told Michael we were on a break and that when sessions resumed I would check. He went on to say he thought it was a bad one and he wanted it off as soon as possible. When our sessions started again they told me he was right. He had been attached and it was indeed a bad one. When he showed up for the removal I could tell he was somewhat anxious. He had always been on the other end of the sessions before. An observer rather than a participant. I just told  him know not to worry. We always get our ghosts. Michael had no problem moving from second in line to third so Edna could get home to her husband when that situation arose. When we got to  his removal it was fairly easy. It was located at the right side in the neck area. As we started the removal Michael said he had been having pain there for sometime. Once the removal was finished he told us the pain was diminishing and when I followed up with him five days later it was entirely gone. He sent me an E mail detailing his side of the experience and I will cut and paste some of it here.

Bob ran my name and what seemed like 2 weeks later his team was available to take off the attachment. I had been with Bob when he put his sister in trance to talk with the otherside, but never to take off attachments. When I arrived I was the first one there. I was stoked as I wanted Bob and anyone involved to know that I was serious and ready to be rid of this thing. We had a full room and I have to say that it was a very relaxed, enjoyable experience. Bobs sister is such a pleasure to speak with as is Bobs’ entire team. After some idle chat the team went to work. Bob was the main man to remove the bad energy and it was cool to watch him do his thing. My attachment was in my shoulder and was removed and also sealed which is the important part. The others whom got worked on seemed to take as one attachment, an old lady gave us a treat of a nasty old lady perfume as she left. Bottom line, I am feeling much better, I can’t put my finger completely on it, but I feel better. I truly believe that being in the higher state with Psychedelics, you are playing with fire. I also believe they do have their place, but this must be in a very controlled environment, and with shamans or the like. It should be an experience to try to reach a higher level of consciousness and not just to enhance a musical experience. There is  just too much wild energy at such an event!  To my fellow party people, beware when you try to reach the next level. There could be some very bad energy right around the corner waiting to attach to  your kind soul!



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