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Six weeks ago I was asked to check on Lilli.  She is a friends wife and he was pretty certain she was attached. They are both from Brazil and  have been married for about five years and he told me there were some major inconsistencies in Lillis’ behavior. I passed the information to my sister to have her check. During our session I was told that indeed she was. They said she was attached by an old nagging lady who aways wanted to argue. She wasn’t of an evil nature but she was affecting Lillis’ relationship with her husband and others around her.  She had been attached for close to eight years. I relayed this information and we set a time  for her removal. I always wonder the changes that will occur after doing the removal and in her case we would  see some major shifts. Lilli is an active young woman but a pain in her sciatica region has limited her athleticism for years. The pain was always there she said but had no idea how she had injured herself. Once our team is assembled we go to work. First off Marcos goes into trance where he can see the energies location in the body.  He could see that the attachment resided  in the area of the back pain. We had Lilli position herself on her side to have better access to that area and then I went to work. It took maybe twenty minutes to clear her and pass the attachment on to the otherside.  The smell of old moldy clothing filled the room during the removal. We don’t always get smells but when we do it’s very noticeable. Now Daniel goes to work. Layer upon layer of the energetic fields need to be sealed so Lilli will not be reattached. Within forty-five minutes we are finished. It is a great feeling to be able to change Peoples lives. In Lillis’ case she no longer has the back pain. It was immediate. The attachment was causing her the problems. I need to ask her husband if the arguing has changed.  I might really be onto something here.  I do like to check with the person after one week, then one month and follow up one year later to see the changes that have occurred.  Read Molly’s’ story to get a better idea.


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