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This is another case referred to me by Mike.  He was the man attached by the Hobos who influenced him to give all his possessions away. Mike now has the keen sense to tell if others are attached. Of course when he finds them I get the job of removing the attachments.  Mike called me one evening and told me he had met a young woman named Trish and suspected that she was.  I don’t know how he brings up the subject with them let alone gets their name at birth and birthdate but he does. He texts’ me her information and her phone number to call her if I find she is. That was on the weekend and my sessions are generally on Mondays these days. I had already provided my sister with the necessary info before session so she could have Trish checked. Trish was attached and had been for years. Being a massage therapist can be risky business because attachments jump from one host to another if they want as long as there is an opening in the etheric field to enter into. Body workers should be aware of these risks.  Trish is twenty-five and a real pretty woman and in my experience lots of pretty women get attached to. Once I found she was  I called her to let her know and wanted to set up an appointment to do the removal. She was open to the idea but wanted to meet beforehand to go over the process. Mike was going to be present during the meeting to help ease her anxiety. I told her my history and let her know how the removal would be. I tell her my hands on is a little different from hers. I really never have to touch the body itself. I work within the energy field that exists around the body so that alleviates some of her fears. I tell her it should take no more than thirty minutes from start to finish. I ask her if  she has any ailments and she tells me she has chronic stomach pains. I figure this is where we will do the removal from. When the day comes we are all present and I introduce my team to her.  We get right to work. Marcos is in trance and sees the opening at the navel region. I do the removal from there which takes maybe twenty minutes and Daniel closes the opening. A quite simple process which has taken twelve long years to develop. Once we are finished I tell Trish I will be calling her in a week to see how things are. I always expect major changes once the ghosts are removed.  I called her the following week and asked how she was doing. She was really happy and said she no longer had the chronic pain in her stomach and that she no longer bit her fingernails. I feel good. Nothing better than success one person at a time.


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