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It’s been close to three years since we removed Marcos’s attachment. At the time my sister had advertised for a room-mate. Of course by no coincidence Marcos showed up. My sister immediately liked him and they agreed to share this large house in Bonita. Marcos worked off hours and slept during the day. I would show up on Tuesdays for sessions and our paths hardly crossed. Then one day as Marcos came into the house as I was leaving I noticed the look from the corner of his eye. It’s a look I have seen many times by those who are attached. A look of fear of discovery. Right away we asked Lane to check Marcos and  sure enough he was attached. We would later find that Marcos had a darker side to him that we didn’t  know. He drank alcohol excessively and his relationship was strained with constant arguing and bickering. He was an angry young man. But was he? Or was it the attachment causing all the problems? Marcos knew of the various works we were doing and showed no surprise when we told him he was attached. I told him not to worry, we always get our ghost. We set a time for the removal with Rajah present. Back then it was just me and my sister doing the removals. She would be in trance so Rajah our spirit guide could be present in her body.  I captured the energy and Rajah would clear it. We had to count on the person to change certain habits to allow the energetic openings to close. That meant no alcohol or drugs in most cases.  Marcos energetic opening was quite large. It ran right down the center of his body. Rajah told us that his attachment wanted to ruin him. It wanted Marcos to end up in prison. Luckily we interceded and changed his life.  The removal took maybe a half hour. When finished he was given strict instructions to follow since the opening was so large. Rajah thought it might take six months to close it and six months is forever in the world of attachments. Ghosts are everywhere and are very aware who they are able to attach to and who they can’t. We would check Marcos regularly to make sure he was clear. He was fine for the first two months then he was attached again. Back then it was very frustrating not to be able to seal the openings. We did another removal and found he had gotten attached at his job. He worked in the Hotel industry and I guess that is a very popular place for ghosts to be. That removal ended up being quite easy and since then he has remained clear. His opening has closed and his life has changed entirely. Since the first removal he quit drinking and there are no more anger issues. He has become a big part of our team. He has some incredible abilities which I will cover more in a later post. Once in trance Marcos can see where the ghost is moving in the attached persons body. He guides me so I can capture it and then I hand it off to him where he then transfers it to the spirit world. Now days we have Daniel our energetic sealer from Brazil so life is much easier. No more re-attaching. We are ready to share this with the world. As I mentioned before these ghosts have no conscious. They will attach to a two-year old child if they are able and ruin its life. They are the dark side and we have learned to combat them. They used to have free reign but no longer. There’s a new sheriff in town and we are relentless.  As you may have read I have contacted the Catholic church to let them know what we have discovered. It is not the devil or  demons but ghosts who are to blame for possessions. I know it’s asking a lot for them to reconsider their positions on possessions but who knows what the future holds? We will just continue doing what we do best. Changing the world one person at a time. I want to take a moment to thank everyone on our team for their services. That includes all of those in heaven who have stood by us all these years helping us achieve these goals. We have finally arrived. Stay Clear.


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