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I will take a little break from attachments and move to some stories regarding karma. Western civilization doesn’t give it much credence but the rest of the world does. The Buddhist in particular. I have a friend  when travelling only goes to Buddhist countries because he feels so much safer in those places.  What goes around comes around they say. I have heard all references to reincarnation were removed from the Bible by a tribunal under orders from a Queen. She rose from rags to riches and couldn’t handle the thought she might have to do it all over again.  Whatever the reason we are here to tell a different story. Since our original contact with the spirit world so many years ago we have encountered many cases of karma. Anita the Frog is one story you may have read now here is another.

During our first year of communication we were all over the board. I wanted to know everything. Why this, why that etc. Can we save the world? Of course since then my optimism has tempered considerably. I no longer think of changing the world so much anymore. Personally, I think it might be  too far gone. Now we make a difference by changing Peoples lives one at a time. In this case it was a neighbor to my sister. Her name was JoAnne. She was  a young girl maybe fifteen at the time and she lived  right down the street. Her parents were big drinkers and she was born with  alcohol syndrome.  She was short and chubby and already had traces of a beard. She spoke quite unintelligibly and always sought attention. While in session one day speaking with Rajah, our spiritual contact back then JoAnne came knocking at the door. I answered and told her she would have to come back later because we were in session. As I spoke to her I thought how sad to be born like that and how hard her life must be. Once back talking to Rajah I asked “Is there something we can do for that girl? She has so many problems.” Rajah spoke and said “No, you are not to intervene. She was born that way for a reason. You see in a previous life she was a man. He lived in the land known as Serbia and was part of the Military there. He would use his position of authority to rape young women. He was ruthless. So this life he was to be born a woman who knows nothing. That is his karmic debt he is paying for and there is nothing you can do to help.” That was a lesson for me  that day and I began to see the world in a clearer light. I will follow this with more stories on karma this week.


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