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Talking with Bruce Lee

Since  connected to the otherside we have developed numerous skills. One of th0se skills is talking to ghosts and those who have crossed to the otherside. Right now Marcos is our main person who can do this. In the beginning it was Sammy and Mark who had these capabilities. What follows is Sammy channeling Bruce Lee. I have many other sessions where we speak to those who have passed. My sister Nini only speaks with Angels and Guides but through her we can find those people who have these other gifts.  


May 21, Session with Sam where we channel Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee Born 11/27/42

Bob: Calling Bruce Lee. It takes a few moments…  Hello Bruce.

Sam. He came from a long way away.

Bob: Where are you coming from that it takes so long?

Sam: He says he’s amazed at his popularity and every day people channel him.  Every day from all over the country people call him.

Bob: What do they ask you?

Sam: About his death and his son’s death.

Bob: Is there other information that is different from what the news told us regarding either one of your deaths?

Sam: He says, the media always tells you what they want you to know.

Bob: Specifically, on your death, what were the real circumstances on that?

 Sam: There were other circumstances resulting in his son’s death.

Bob: What were those circumstances?

Sam: Organized crime.

Bob: Why did they target you and your son?

Sam: He had the potential of making millions and millions of dollars. They wanted to control it. And he refused to do it.

Bob: Through his movies?

Sam: His movies and through teachings. Books and all sorts of other things

 Bob: Was that organized crime from China?

Sam: Yes.

Bob: And they threatened to kill you and your son if you did not follow  through?

 Sam: I wasn’t afraid for myself, but for my son.

Bob: How did they kill you?

Sam: He says that, it was a three-step process. And the third step resulted in his death. He says that, even his mistress was involved. He knows that now.

Bob: What was the third step?

Sam: The third step was going to her house instead of going back home. He says that if he would have went back home he would still be alive.

Bob: What was the first step?

Sam: He saying the first step was them introducing her to him. They knew he was married. But they introduced her to him. He started liking her and put her in some of his movies. They couldn’t get to him any other way. She gained his confidence.

Bob: And the second step?

Sam: The second step. Pills. Little white pills.

 Bob: Were they to speed your heart?

Sam: No. Just the opposite. I was always so hyper, full of energy. That sometimes I couldn’t sleep at night. And these pills would help me sleep.

Bob: Did you get addicted to them?

 Sam: It was the only way I could sleep.

 Bob: From the pain?

Sam: Just from me being so hyper and so much activity. And my doctor wouldn’t prescribe it for me because he knew of another physical ailment that I had. And it might cause a problem. So I would get them from her.

Bob: And how did they get to your son?

Sam: A set member, on the set. He changed the fake bullets for the real ones. He was shot three times.

Bob: Somebody on the set did that?

Sam: Yes.

Bob: Was he an infiltrator or he worked there?


Sam: Yes.

Sam: He was an infiltrator and he worked there.

Bob: And that was a continuation of the case with you?

Sam: I remember them warning me years before. If we can’t kill you, we’ll kill your son.

 Bob: Do you know for a fact it was them that did that?

Sam: He believes so.

Bob: Do you see your son there at all?

Sam: No.

Bob: Do you know what level you are on right now?

Sam: He says the third level.

Bob: You choose not to come back here to earth as a human?

Sam: He says, Out of fear that it might continue and others would be killed.

 Bob: Do you have words of wisdom?

Sam: He’s saying, Be true to your beliefs and let no one stray you when you want to better mankind.

Bob: Do you have other information of misdeeds here in the United States.

Sam: The United States, just as China is very corrupt. Politicians, police, every aspect.

 Bob: Do you know what happened to some other people? Say John F. Kennedy?

Sam: I’m not aware.

Bob: Are you aware of any other people’s death which were untimely and done by possibly government or corrupt factions in the United States?

Sam: He’s saying, because of the level he is on he’s not allowed to learn certain information because, he won’t be returning.

Bob: If you were on level two, you could do that?

Bob: Will you be going to level four?

 Sam: He says, it’s a matter of time.

Bob: Sammy, who is channeling your right now, he very much followed your life. Read very much about you. You were very much a role model, I believe, for him. And is there something you could tell Sammy personally?

Sam: He knows. The reason he channels me and the reason why he is so attracted with me is because of my discipline. That which he lacks. If he had discipline such as I, there is nothing that he couldn’t achieve. But he lacks discipline.

Bob: Is there something we could tell him that would start him on the laws of discipline?

Sam: Discipline like patience, is something that has to be learned. There’s nothing you could tell a person to make them have discipline or patience.

Bob: How did you learn discipline yourself?

Sam: The same way he must learn. At the time, growing up my life was in disarray. I was in gangs and fought. And then, things started changing then. I learned that, in order to change my life, I had to decide not to do certain things and decide to do other things. And stick to it no matter what. Even if I didn’t enjoy it. Such is discipline. You have to decide to do things that you don’t like sometimes. And you have to give up things that you do like.

Bob: Yes. Would there be any messages you would like to leave anyone here on earth?

Sam: I know I hurt my wife so bad. I’ll always love her because she was with me in the beginning. I’m human, I make mistakes. I think she has forgiven me. She’s remarried. I wish her the best.

Bob: Would you like us to attempt to get her a message?

Sam: She receives many messages from many people throughout the country, throughout the world. He says as he said earlier, I’m one of the most channeled people.

Bob: Who else is channeled as much as you?

Sam: He says there is many many names that are very popular because of what they did. He also says you wouldn’t believe it but, Adolf Hitler is very highly channeled also.

Bam: Have you had any contact with Adolf Hitler?

 Sam: When I was on the second level.

Bob: Is he still there on the second level?

Sam: He says that he will only be allowed to achieve a certain level because of his gross deeds to humanity.

Bob: Does he have to come back and pay for his misconduct?

Sam: He said when he does return, from his dealings with him on the second level, he hasn’t learned anything from his past.

Bob: Would he repeat his mistakes?

Sam: Yes, hence the saying, those that don’t learn from their past are doomed to repeat it.

 Bob: Is there another person that gets channeled quite a bit besides Adolf Hitler?

Sam: Many people.

Bob: John Lennon?

Sam: He says he is not aware of the name.

Bob: President Kennedy?

Sam: He says he knows who Kennedy is but, because of the level he is on now he just has certain information.

Bob: Are there powerful groups that exist in the U.S. that are able to channel as we are doing?

Sam: Yes. He says there is a group in New Mexico that is very powerful. Probably the most powerful in the world. But, they are very very secretive and they meet under very secret circumstances. They don’t want their whereabouts known. Or their identities known. And he says there are twelve of them.

Bob: And what is their purpose?

Sam: Their purpose is to gain information through channeling, but their motives are different. They mean to better and help themselves. They have inside information on certain things to make themselves richer.

Bob: Are they successful?

Sam: Very successful.

Bob: Do they play the stock market?

Sam: Yes.


Bob: Our motives are from the heart. We would like to assist people.

Sam: Yes. Eventually they will have to pay for their mistakes. And, when they die, when they move on, they will regret what they have done.

Bob: We recently called in somebody who died five years ago and did not know he was dead until we informed him.

Sam: There are those who remain on other planes who do not know they are dead. They do not wish to believe that they have moved on. They still think that they have physical bodies and that they must consume food. But they don’t realize that they have been free from all those bindings.

Bob: Do you think a book would be good if we were to tell the stories of what we are doing?

Sam: Yours wouldn’t be the first book. However if there was some way a movie could be made because movies affect more people by what they see and hear where a lot of people wouldn’t pick up a book to read. They would go see a movie.

Bob: Do you think that people would be interested in a movie of what we are doing?

Sam: Yes.

Bob: Since you were so much into entertainment and movies, what format do you think would best transmit the information?

S: He says a documentary.

Bob: A documentary. About solving crimes?

Sam: He says the group that you have, continue documenting everything. And getting all the information so that people can’t say that it is a hoax. And then, in time you will have enough information gathered. Then when the movie comes out you can prove everything that has been documented. Therefore then, people will be forced to understand or at least have more of an open mind to what is going on.

Bob: And us documenting will be us notarizing?

Sam: Yes. Because when you have someone saying something is going to happen on a certain date and then it happens on a later date you can’t deny that the person had pre-knowledge. But since on our realm pre-knowledge is something that people kind of frown on, when you, when you can prove it, or when they know, then they understand a little and it opens their mind.

Bob: Ok. Why is it looked down upon to have pre-knowledge?

Sam: One reason is a lot of people don’t want to know what the future holds. A lot of people would never go to find out about their future because they don’t want to know. And mainly because of death. That’s the main reason that they don’t want to know. Because they are afraid that there might be death in their future and they don’t want to know they are going to die. It comes like it does for most people, unexpected.

Bob: If they had a better understanding of the afterlife, it would be much easier for them wouldn’t it?

Sam: No, because man still fears the unknown. Even if you told them that the afterlife was more beautiful than they could imagine the thought of them leaving what they know behind is terrifying.

Bob: If we were to relay to them about their guides or this documentary, do you think that would help allay some of their fears?

Sam: He says he believes so, but human nature is so diverse there is no way for you to tell. The only thing is to make the movie and see what affect it has.

Bob: Ok. We will do our best to do that. Thank you Bruce. God bless you. And may you have great voyages.

Sam actually started coughing here. Sam: He says thank you.

Induction Out.


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