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I remember getting a call late one night from my sister Nini. It was almost midnight. She asked if I could come to her house right away because there was some crazy things happening. She thought there were some bad ghosts in the house and they were making all types of  strange noises and throwing things around. They showed up after she had picked up her two nieces Chantelle and Michelle at the nearby Vons supermarket and brought them home to stay the night. She said Michelle, one of the nieces had gotten into an argument with her stepmom earlier that evening and asked to stay with her. She didn’t know at the time she would be having a few more guest than expected. She sounded frantic and I could hear all this chaos in the background. I told her I would come down right away. It was late at night so there was no traffic and I got there in less than a half hour. Once I got there everything was quiet. They had told the ghosts I was coming and that they had better leave or else.  I immediately put my niece Michelle in trance to calm her and found that they hadn’t cleared out. She started telling what the ghosts were saying. They wanted her to commit suicide and be part of their group. Then I proceeded to put my sister in trance so we could get some help from the otherside. Right as Nini entered trance she started gasping for air. “We will just see how good you are” this creepy voice yelled out. She was being choked. This went on for about ten seconds before Lane our spirit contact arrived and stopped the attack. It took a few moments for my sister to revive. I could see red hand prints around her neck. This was the most radical  physical attack we had  encountered so far while doing this type of work. Luckily Lane was quick to restrain the ghost and sent him on to the otherside and we then proceeded to do the same with the rest. He went on to tell us that the ghost who was the leader was named Steve. He had committed suicide just like the other five had and wanted to drive Michelle to suicide so she could be part of his entourage. The ghosts were  there in the Vons parking lot loitering about when they picked up on Michelle’s emotional state. Thats when they attached and came to my sister’s house with her hoping to send her over the edge that night. Luckily we can do what we do. I know there are numerous cases like this that never get publicised so here is one that is. I asked Michelle to send her account of that evening as she remembered it and that is what follows.

  Ok, so what I remember… Nini came and picked me and Chantelle up from Von’s cause I got into a fight with Wendy. Nini was about to go to bed and right after she said that she saw a cloud type thing and then we heard footsteps going upstairs but there was no one else at home. We went outside so Nini could smoke and when we walked back in Eric’s shoe flew across the floor. Chy Chy, Ninis dog would not leave my side. That’s when Nini called you and then everyone started telling it that you were coming to help us and nothing happened. When I talked to them everyone could hear low angry voices. There was more than one but we couldn’t understand what they were saying. Then everyone tried talking to them and nothing. They would only talk to me! The whole time Cheyenne would not leave my side and we all knew that wasn’t normal. Eric even grabbed his camera and actually got footage of the apparition. When you finally got there you decided to put me under with Nini because they were only answering me. Come to find out there were 6 males attached to me around my neck! They had a plan to have me commit suicide before it was morning, they wanted me to be the 7th person. You removed them from me. I still can hear the demonic voice that came through Nini. When me and chantelle were talking about what happened I can actually remember when they attached to me, while we were waiting for Nini to come pick us up Chantelle told me a handicap male walked by us and I made a very rude comment. And I remember on the back of his shirt had my name on it! I remember feeling anger, hate, jealousy, and every bad emotion a human could feel!!! if you need anything else just let me know and I will see if I can help you! I’m glad my story will finally be able to reach other people and hopefully help some of them realize what can happen. Don’t forget to write that I’m your niece : )…. I am very proud of you and what you have accomplished and the people you have helped! I read about the lady you helped that had an attachment since she was 2 years old, that’s insane but me of all people understand!


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