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December is the  time of the year when we take a break from speaking to the otherside. They are in prayer almost the entire month so only in an emergency will they respond and when they do they are normally split so the communication is weak. One December while on break my sister Nini called me and asked if I could come down. She said something at the house was not right. I would come and check the next day I said. She lived only a half hour away at the time which made it easy to get together and do our work. Once there I put my sister in trance like I normally do when we do our communication.  I ask for Rajah but there is no answer. Then I ask for Lane and again no answer. Then I recall its nearly Christmas and maybe its her mother in law Claire or father in law Jack who had visited last year around this time. I said is it you Claire or you Jack? Then comes this deep voice from my sister “You Can Call Me Jack”  it was creepy and I felt uncomfortable. Within a moment Lane came through and said don’t worry they are wrapping him. My sister had been attached the day before and this dark energy had some really big plans for everyone it seemed. Lane said the ghost was going to cause some physical injury to my sisters son Eric.  He was only there to bring problems. The situation started when Nini and her friend Sam went into a house in the neighborhood  that was for sale. The agent had to divulge that the previous tenant had commited suicide. He had shot himself . The real problem was not only had he commited suicide but he was still there in the house ghosting and he found a way to attach to my sister. Once they are on they will do their best to screw up your life.  Our friend “Jack” was rendered powerless and we set an appointment for his removal. Once he was removed they told us he would return to nothingness. That is the penalty for attaching. Luckily we have the connections we do. There are so many people who are attached and don’t even know. What you can’t see can hurt you. This is how I put it….Many of you are being tracked by ghosts. You can’t see them but they can see you. They wait till your vulnerable and an opening occurs then they attach, stealthily entering your energetic domain, stealing your presence and extending their time on Earth.  In most cases you won’t even know they are there. They attach and influence behavior and at times they can compromise your being. That is they can take you over. Read the post “Mike’s not here, I’m in control now” Over the last three weeks I have found ten people who are attached right now. We are not familiar with this phenomenon so disbelief and denial are prevelant. I can only share with you my knowledge. All I need is your name at birth and your birthdate to tell if you are attached. It takes a team of four to do what we do. Our office is located in Mission Bay area and we are available Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Once the removal is done you may find a new you. Read Molly’s testemonial from Missouri to get a better idea. I am finding a twenty percent rate of attachment these days. Could be the company I keep but as I say it’s an invisible epidemic. Depression and booze are a big in for them. You can E-mail me at Robertafterlife@gmail.com if you have any more questions.


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 I will start covering more attachment stories starting next week. During this past month I wanted to share with you all the diverse work we have been able to do. I have touched upon animal communication and speaking with the other side. Past lives have always fascinated me but I feel my passion in life lies with the removal of attachments. This is where I can most change people’s lives.  As you may have read I refer to them as the invisible epidemic. This morning I got a call from a good friend and he told me his life was just not right and he felt it was spiraling out of control. I told him I would be checking for attachments next Monday and I could check then if he may have gotten attached but I could tell by the tone in his voice he needed to know sooner.  I did see him yesterday and I noticed myself something was off with him.  I decided to do an emergency check  and called my sister to give her his birth name and date of birth. I told her I would be there in an hour to check and see what was up. I knew it would be a quick in and out session but I still brought my movie camera to journal the information. Lane came through and right away he let me know my friend was indeed attached. He said he had gotten the attachment from the San Francisco airport seven weeks previous. He said that the attachment was some Italian mobster who had passed and  was named Trattoria. He has it in for my friend and he has every intention of screwing his life up ASAP.  I am waiting for his call right now to set an appointment for his removal. In my mind it can not happen for him soon enough. I will cover with you my latest adventures as we battle the dark side. I too was attached recently. I have been fortunate all these years but three weeks ago there was a full-fledged assault against me. The dark side doesn’t like that I am exposing them and their nefarious deeds. As you may have read I know of a young man who has thirty-six on him and they are one of the vilest groups ever assembled in one place. I unexpectedly ran into this young man and as he put his hand out to shake mine and I naturally did. Big mistake. That is how they can jump. Needless to say I needed some of my own therapy and luckily we are the best at what we do. Now our evil friend has thirty-five attachments. The other one ended up into the nothingness that awaits them all. My numbers are about twenty five percent being attached. It could even be higher. Many of you have been attached for years and don’t even know it. They will whisper in your ear that you are alright and to not listen to what I am telling you. Most of my friends I check just to be sure. Better safe than sorry. I have an office available Tuesdays Thursdays Saturdays and Sundays. I like to schedule at least three removals at a time.  Keep clear and remember alcohol is a gateway drug. A gateway that opens you to attack. Be careful out there. There is more than meets the eye if you know what I mean.

The numbers are increasing of those being attached. Once in they can always get in. I need to work from a preventative standpoint. Making sure you have no breaks in your energy fields for them to enter through would be the most important step.

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Happy Birthday Martin

Martin Luther King

Bob:  At this time, we would like to call in Reverend Martin Luther King Junior.  One more time, we would ask the presence of the Reverend Martin Luther King Junior.

Sam:  At the present moment, he’s being summoned by someone else – he says just a minute they should be finished. 

 Bob:  Hello Martin, how are you these days?

 Sam:  Very busy

 Bob:  And what level are you at?

 Sam:  The fourth level

 Bob:  You’re at the fourth level?  And what are you busy doing these days?

 Sam:  He says he’s helping others prepare for their next level.

 Bob:  Will you be moving to another level?

 S:  No, he says he likes it where he is at.

 Bob:  Are you dealing with many people here on earth?

 Sam:  He’s saying yes.

 Bob:  So, Martin we thought we would call you in because we’ve been communicating with quite a few souls and we know that you had a lot of influence. We know that your position here on earth was very important and you did affect many, many people and I guess we just want to know if there’s anything here, that is happening here on earth that you are responsible for right now and if there’s any message that we could have from you that we could write down and share with other people?

Sam:  He’s saying that since his death, much of his work, has not been carried on.  There’s no one to have a voice, like his voice – he’s given up.  There’s no dynamic and strong speaker – he’s saying that a lot of people consider Jesse Jackson a strong speaker but his motives are selfish.

 Bob:  And the same with Louis Farrakhan?

 Sam:  Yes, selfish.

 Bob:  The development on the earth right now in the black culture, it’s not very conducive to people who aren’t selfish. 

 Sam:  He says it’s time for someone to pick up the ball and continue the fight.

 Bob:  And your wife, the information you left with her – has she done well with it, could she do more?

 Sam:  She has done very well, but her power, her strength, her abilities are very limited.  Her voice is very limited and there are those that would want to use her and to use her name to further their own goals.

 Bob:  and how about your son?

 Sam:  The sons don’t have the same interest and philosophy that he does.  Many people feel that the son should pick up and carry on where he left off.  But just like a son whose father owns the business and the son wants no part of that business, such it is with him.

 Bob:  Are they afraid they’d be killed too?

 Sam:  In truth there is so much sacrificing and to have the common good of the people in mind all the time you must not be afraid of death. So that is a very small circle of people.

 Bob:  Did you know your death was coming?

 Sam:  I knew my death was coming, I even talked about it many times.  I even said in my speech, I may not make it to the mountain top because I knew my death would be coming.

 Bob:  That was a wonderful speech.  James Earl Ray he’s passed on now, you know?

 Sam:  He says he doesn’t like James Earl Ray for what he did and he’s also certain that James Earl Ray did not act alone.

 Bob:  Who else was involved?

 Sam:  He says like the death of Kennedy, many people in the oval office.  Because things that he was planning to do, his foresight was dangerous to certain people, so they collaborated to have him killed and much like they killed me, there always has to be a fall guy.  The fall guy is guilty, but there are other guys who are also guilty.  But they need someone who the public can point to and say he’s the one! 

 Bob:  But they will pay the price later?

 Sam:  Of course, because inevitably all things are known. 

Bob:  And how about Nelson Mandela?  Is he doing good work?

 Sam:  Nelson Mandela’s work is already behind him – he was instrumental in apartheid and abolishment but not one to fight the big battle in the United States. 

 Bob:  Is there somebody that could carry the torch that doesn’t know they could carry the torch?

 Sam:  There will be someone……..

 Bob:  Is he alive now?

 Sam:  She

 Bob:  How old is she now?

 Sam:  She’s young, she’s gathering her strength, she’s a student, she’s very outspoken, much similar to Angela Davis, but her goals are not selfish.  She has the need and the drive.

 Bob:  Are there other people we could speak to that would be interested in sharing information that we are not aware of?  We hope to have some of our work published.

 S:  He says that there are those that in life made a great impact, but their needs were more important in the long run. They had a set special agenda.  People like Malcolm X, Elijah Mohammed and certain other people, even all the way back to Marcus Garber who had their own special agenda.  Many times, these people have a secret agenda of hate not peace – they seek to separate the races and the masses rather than to unite.

 Bob:  Is there a big danger of violence in the large cities here in the United States?

 Sam:  There’s always a danger of violence and it grows as economical differences become more and more vast, there’s more and more animosity and more hatred and more and more fear.

 Bob:  We know with the black man that he becomes the athlete and they’ve bestowed many riches upon the athlete.  Are there athletes that can do something?

 Sam:  Unfortunately with the athlete he’s not given credit for his mental ability, only his physical prowess – it was different with me for I was given credit for my mental prowess and my ability to speak and to persuade others to listen, no matter the color or race.

 Bob:  Is there a way in our group that we could be helpful to you?

 Sam:  He’s saying no because he’s already where he’s going to be or where he’s at.  His fate has already been reached.  But he on the other hand can be helpful to you.

 Bob:  how could you best help us?

 Sam:  He says that by calling him once in a while he has the ability to tell you who may be beneficial for your group

He says because the utmost, your means and your motives are not selfish, and that’s what he looks for.  Just as with Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill – so many people doubt history where the needs of the many are traded for the needs of the few.

 Bob:  Do you think our message  will be welcomed?

 Sam:  Not at first, your message for some reason brings up skepticism to a lot of people who will be a hindrance for a while but as in all things that are good they must start off slow and be nurtured and as they gain strength the barriers begin to fall one by one. 

 Bob:  Do you know other ways that we can help people, besides what we’re doing right now?

 Sam:  If you motivate people to give of their time for charitable organizations to help many people.

 Bob:  If you were to give us a message that we could write down that we could say this is a message from the afterlife from the Reverend Martin Luther King, what message would it be?

 Sam:  He says the only message that he can think of was the message he preached on when he was alive and it still is just as important even though he has passed on. That message is:  To love one another as you love yourself – treat every man, woman and child the way you would want to be treated.  If everyone did that, the world would be transformed.  Instead people become selfish and they forget the golden rule, so as a result, mankind suffers.

 Bob:  You said that you would be able to help us find people for our group and people who would be good for us?  Do you know somebody right now, who you could direct us to? 

 Sam:  There have been a couple of people that have visited the group that could help and there are those who want to help, anyone willing to help although they may not have the special abilities, to channel into, talk to the afterlife or do the special things that you need, still their help is important.  Help is help.  Whether it’s mopping the floor or running the entire show.

 Bob:  Would Oprah be beneficial to us?

 Sam:  She could be – her vast power is noteworthy, however, as I mentioned earlier, her skepticism is high because she’s often approached many people and unfortunately she’s been scammed before and the old saying, Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me – she’s very skeptical.  She has a ‘show me” attitude.

 Bob:  So the next time we call on you then, would you research more finding somebody that could help us, a female that could help us channel in a stronger sense?

 Sam:  He says he’ll try his best. He says the process is very slow because often times, the people with the ability are either skeptical or they don’t know they have the ability.  And then when it comes time to manifest it, they’re afraid.

 Bob:  Now that is true with Sam, who is here today – he is afraid.

 Sam:  Yes, on a daily basis and his fear is two-fold the spirit is very real to him although it may seem ridiculous, so many people are suffering through fear of any problems such as phobias, that fear is very real to them, just as real as a visible fear is to you.

 Bob:  Is there anything that we could do to help Sammy overcome his fear?

 Sam:  It’s very complicated because his fear centers around his ability, but his ability is based on his fear.  It’s this fear that gives him the ability to do what he can do, but he’s afraid of it.  He’s afraid of his ability.  It’s like a catch 22. 

 Bob:  So, off-hand, do you know anyone else there who could be beneficial to us in the afterlife?

 Sam:  He says there’s a possibility, maybe two people, but it would take some time for them to cooperate.

 Bob:  Would you need to speak with them?

 Sam:  He says their motives are selfish, that they could do a lot of good, they can help but their attitude, there’s nothing in it for me, why should I help?  Which is unfortunately one of the reasons on why my movement on earth has come to a halt, because those that are in power now, want either the presidency, political power, financial gain, they all have something in common.  Their motives are selfish. 

 Bob:  Okay, well, we’ll call you.  Is there a best time to call you, like on anniversaries are you more powerful then?

 Sam:  He says the best time to call him is during the full moon.  He says the full moon has great power here on earth and is the best time to channel anyone or talk to anyone. 

 Bob:  Okay, well, thank you very much reverend, we’ll be back in touch with you soon.  

 Sam:  He said thank you, he’ll try the best that he can but there’s much selfishness with man.  It seems like no one these days has the goal of helping the people and putting themselves last, everyone wants to get something. 

 Bob:  You’re very correct.  We’ll talk to you soon Reverend, bye now, bless you

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Attorney; Howard Jenkins.

Bob:  At this time we’d like to call in Attorney Howard Jenkins who lived during the time of the American Constitution, when it was put together, and you assisted Thomas Jefferson in putting that together and he referred us to call you in and he said that their was information that was keeping you from moving on.  That would be Howard Jenkins, an attorney that lived at the time of Thomas Jefferson and he was a friend of Thomas Jefferson’s.  Greetings Howard, Thomas Jefferson said that we should call you because there was certain information that you had that has been keeping you from moving, or evolving, is that right?

 Sam:  He’s saying yes that is true.  He says however, he’s beginning to think now that this is serving a purpose.  The fact that he hasn’t moved on, can’t move on, or won’t move on there must be something more to it than what he can see, there must be a reason.  Nothing is coincidence

 Bob:  Yes that is right and neither is our getting in touch with you coincidence.   Is there information that you would like to share with us? 

 Sam:  He’s saying that he is aware of the last meeting that you had where everyone was present and he’s saying that he was impressed by the level of sincerity that everyone had and the willingness to help and he’s also saying that that is a credit to you and what you’re doing.

 Bob:  Were there many spirits present for that

 Sam:  Many spirits present.

 Bob:  More than you realize.

 Sam:  He said they are all so excited and trying to talk at once.  Because of the enthusiasm and willingness to believe that all the people had.  It’s like everyone was tuned in thus allowing the station to become stronger and to get more people in tune to what you’re doing.

 Bob:  That’s good to hear. 

 Sam:  He says of course there are always one or two that are very skeptical.  These are the ones usually wind up being the greatest asset.

 Bob:  Now Thomas Jefferson said that there was information about mutilation of slaves that you had and that it bothered you.  Is that correct?

 Sam:  He’s showing me that he tries not to think or talk about it.  And he inadvertently believes that this is one of the reasons why he’s in the situation he’s in.

 Bob:  That’s what Thomas Jefferson thought too, that it was possibly holding you and that if you could release that energy or whatever you are holding that it could assist you.

 Sam:  He said it’s very hard for him.  He says he’s just as guilty because even though he didn’t do any of the killings himself he knew they were going on and he turned his back.  That makes him just as guilty as the persons who did.

 Bob:  Is there any way we can assist you here with what we’re doing?

S:  He says no, he says things run their course and he’s also showing me there’s about to be a change or something that’s going to happen and he’s being very vague.  All he’s showing me is a shakeup or like a shakeup like a change in order like the changing of the guard or something of that nature.

Bob:  Is that on a large scale here in the United States or in the world or more of a personal level?

 Sam:  A spiritual level

 Bob:  Would that be the information becoming more available?

 Sam:  Somehow the mass graves will be stumbled upon by accident and then the truth will begin to come out.

 Bob:  The mass graves will become stumbled upon.  Where are they located at?

Sam:  He’s showing me Kentucky and he’s showing me that these people were brought there for the purpose of killing.  And he’s showing me 150-200 people.

 Bob:  Is it close to a town that you’re familiar with in Kentucky?

 Sam:  He’s just showing me mountainous region, at the foot of some mountains.

 Bob:  Why did they kill them?

 Sam:  He’s saying that the people that killed them believed that if they started to kill off the race then they wouldn’t be a threat to fight for the north.  They originally saw they would rise up and fight for their freedom and they grew in numbers as they became more educated they became more of a threat.  So genocide was the only answer.

 Bob:  Were there many more occurrences, the same as that one?

 Sam:  With not as many people, yes, there was one that was known as Rosewood, and that was for the same purpose.

 Bob:  Rosewood.  We’ll go ahead and research that more.  Is there any other ways that you can assist us, like referring other people that we might call in or things that you could do to help us?

Sam:  He says he doesn’t know because of the unpredictable nature where he’s at.  He doesn’t know what he can do to be of help. That is at least until their situation comes to light and he’s freed from the bondage that he’s in.  A man in bondage can’t be much of help to anyone.

 Bob:  Well thank you Howard for your insight and we will be documenting everything that goes on and I hope it will be received greatly.  Thanks.

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Thomas Jefferson

 Bob:  We’d like to call in Thomas Jefferson, ex President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson if you are there and would like to speak with us could you make your presence available now.

 Sam:  First of all, he says, thank you for clarifying the President, because there are million Thomas Jefferson’s.

 Bob:  There really are too, they liked your name Tom.  Are you speaking through a Michael Burns?  Do you speak with him?

 Sam:  No

 Bob:  He’s a man who believes he’s speaking with you and he believes you’re giving him information about the constitution.

 Sam:  He has limited information but a lot is what he’s read or done something of those lines.

 Bob:  Do you watch over this country?

 Sam:  It’s a lost cause

 Bob:  Yes, how so?

Sam:  People have drifted away from what was so instilled in this country, when this country started it was built on trust, love, belief in God and a system that worked for everyman and now we’ve gotten away from it all. 

 Bob:  Yes, and it’s just gone way out of hand, there’s no way to bring it back.

 Sam:  The power to bring it back is not within man’s hands.  He is so corrupt that he cannot change his destiny, it must be changed by a force greater than that.

 Bob:  Is that force ready to do it’s reckoning now?

 Sam:  It’s at work, but very subtle, but it will be almost time.

 Bob:  Will there be large clashes between the Government and the people?  

 Sam:  Not yet.

 Bob:  It’s happening in  cities?


 Sam:  Cities, counties, especially now, whats happening with the children.  Children are confused, hence the shootings in the schools and all the problems that are happening at the schools, for what purpose, it’s dependant on chaos, for there can be no order in chaos.

 Bob:  And our government is so corrupt, does it go all the way to the top?

 Sam:  Yes, correct, just as it was when I was President, and even now, I’m very resentful to the allegations that have been brought against me.

 Bob:  Yes, what are some of the allegations that bother you the most?

 Sam:  Well, ones that, the anti-slavery campaign, came from my heart but I was ridiculed because at the time I had slaves.  But I didn’t consider them as slaves and I didn’t treat them as such.

 Bob:  Yes, a lot came out with your relationship with Sally Hemings, that’s come out.  Is that a problem with you or?

 Sam:  I loved her, even though she was very young, I still loved her and I am happy that the children that we bore have gained recognition by being so. But I’m angry because now they discredit all that I have done.

 Bob:  There are a group of people who still believe you were one of the founding fathers and still believe in you, I don’t think they’ve taken it and allowed the slander to diminish your image.

 Sam:  It’s true, it came from my heart.  I tried my best to bring a lot of change to this country and to  see it in the way it is now, it makes me think that I wish my time was now.

 Bob:  people, are they just so, are they blinded by the media, is that what did it?

 Sam:  Yes, only partially to blame.  A lot to blame is on the parents, they allow their children to do things and now that they’re becoming more out of hand and as they get older they don’t have the morals and skills that will prevent them from murdering or killing and doing the things that they should be doing.

 Bob:  Yes.  We believe we have, we appreciate what you have done, and what you have left us. We don’t like to see the erosion of all our freedoms and we do want to thank you for what you did do.

 Sam:  My part was only a small part they were many others who played an equal role and none of them wanted to take the credit, there were many others.

 Bob:  Who did a lot but did not get recognized?

 Sam:  There many that did, their names were not on the declaration of independence and they were not recognized because they didn’t want to be recognized, they wanted to remain behind the scenes because if other people knew they were anti-slavery they would be ridiculed and they would lose business so they quietly fought the battle.

 Bob:  yes

 Sam:  It was me that helped, it was like an event where all the people came together.  Only the very strong would stand up and say, this is wrong. And only in today’s times there are only very few that would stand up and say, this is wrong.  And now it’s even worse, if you stand against something, half the country will hate you and if you stand for something the other half will hate you.

 Bob:  yes.  We were given some information previously, about JFK, about why he was assassinated.

 Sam:  There have been many speculations about why he was assassinated.  There have been many rumors and no one will ever really know because it’s been discovered already that a lot of people who were involved have either disappeared or have known to be dead.

 Bob:  but you know the reason?

 Sam:  I’m not aware of the reason.

 Bob:  We understand it was because he wanted to change the Federal Reserve banking system?

 Sam:  That could be possible, but I don’t have any knowledge.

 Bob:  When you are in the place that you’re at, are you with people from the place during your times or are you with everybody?

 Sam:  All souls go to the same place

 Bob:  A group, you’re with your old friends

 Sam:  No, it’s not like that at all, it’s not like you have a best friend that goes before you, it’s like if I want to take you and put you in another state you’ll be around totally new people, you’d make new friends however it is possible that you might see someone who you know and like. 

 Bob:  Like, have you seen George Washington?

 Sam:  No

 Bob:  Who have you seen, during your time that you still are friendly with?

 Sam:  The only one that I have seen from my time is Samuel Adams.

 Bob:  Samuel Adams.  Do you stay in touch with the generations from Sally Hemings and their children and their childrens’ children?

 Sam:  I watch over them just as I do those that are intended to be legitimate because I love them both.

 Bob:  Can you influence them?

 Sam:  I try to influence them in their dreams because that is the best way I can contact them, through their dreams, a lot of times people don’t pick up the message or they disregard it as just a feeling.  But people are invited to pay more attention to their dreams.

 Bob:  yes.  With our President now, President Bush, is he an honorable man, or is he crooked?


 Sam:  He’s not a good President.  He appears one way but there is another side to him. He has contempt in his heart and he’s concerned about helping those with money that is his primary goal.

 Bob:  Its his morals?

 Sam:  He comes from a good solid background but power corrupts over time, even though with a good heart a lot is created by greed, money and the things that can be offered.  Very few people remain unchanged. 


 Bob:  Is there anything you would like to leave with us, that we could leave, say a word from Thomas Jefferson because we are putting a book together about great woman and men from our time.

 Sam:  He feels a little a taken back because he doesn’t feel that great, he doesn’t like the notoriety, what he did he did from his heart, he did what he thought was best for his country.  He wasn’t trying to make a name for himself like some previous presidents.

 Bob:  Alright, then a message from your heart for this country then?

 Sam:  This country still has to be a great country and to turn itself around but things have to change, people have to go back to helping one another instead of stepping over each other to get what they want.  No one wants to help anymore, they can see a woman being raped or killed and no one will ever offer to help, they will turn the other way and that’s not what this country is all about.

 Bob:  Thank you President Jefferson.

 Sam:  He says thank you.  He feels better now about the allegations against him and the things that have been going on.  Even now he realizes that it’s just a sign of the times and that it is the way that people think now.  People are very skeptical.  Whereas back people were more inclined to believe and have a good heart and want to help.  Now belief is opposite.

 Bob:  We may talk to you again President and you can imagine the skepticism that’s going on with what we’re doing.

 Sam:  Yes, that’s true.

 Bob:  But you might have a reference for us that we could call in.  Someone who might be anxious to speak with us?

Sam:  there are many but the key is to find the people who can get to speak, there are many voices that would love to be heard and there are things that they want to tell their loved ones, there are crimes that need to be solved, things that need to be done that only the voices can tell.  Find the people, the voice in which to speak to you that would make it audible for the people to hear so that they would know because a lot of times even with the dreams people don’t get the message.  Dreams are so vague and so much like a collage. 


Bob:  Are there any issues that you would know of that we could help solve.

 Sam:  no

 Bob:  And if we were to call on somebody up in that area that might have a little insight to that, would you have a name?

 Sam:  There are many but there needs to be someone who will channel them in.  They want to speak but they need to have the channel.

 Bob:  We have the channel, we just need to find the names to call in.

 Sam:  Yes

 Bob:  Is there any particular name that we could call in?  Specifically?

 Sam:  Howard Jenkins

 Bob:  How will he know we are calling him?  Does he have a title?

 Sam:  He was a lawyer during my time.  He was of the faceless people who helped and he knew many things, a very wise man, he’s from Connecticut and he is aware of many things, especially how slaves were mutilated and killed.  He wants to get that clear, because he’s being held up because of some things he was aware of.

 Bob:  ah.  We could maybe help remove that burden for him?

 Sam:  Yes

 Bob:  Okay.  Thanks so much for being here Thomas Jefferson and we’re going to go now.  Sammy has to leave.

 Sam. Bye.

I will include the Howard Jenkins communication  this Sunday.

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This is a session in animal communication. A friend of mine Artie, had a 15-year-old pit bull named Sid with health problems and he wanted to communicate with her to make sure she wasn’t in too much pain. The veterinarian has suggested maybe it would be better to put the dog down. Artie didn’t know what to do. So I suggested we ask Sid. My sister Nini is in trance and doing the translating for Sid the pitbull.    

Nini.        It’s too loud(Sid’s nails are making a lot of noise on the wooden floor.)

                   She’s asking why she is here?

Bob.        Sid, come here. You’re here so we can talk to you. We want to know how your health is.

Nini.        She’s asking who that dog is in the garage?

Bob.        That is the dog that lives here.

Nini.       She is asking how come she needs to talk to anyone.

Bob.       We thought it would be a nice gift for you to talk to Artie. You can say things to him and he wants to know how your health is. How are you     doing?

Nini.       She’s talking a lot. She’s saying Artie Artie….hmmm.

Bob.       We want to know if your diet is good. If you need new food?

Nini.     She says she always needs new food.

Bob.     How about those nails? Do you want them clipped?

Nini.     She likes them.

Bob.      She likes them long?

Nini.     She likes the sound they make, but it does hurt.

Bob.     It does hurt?

Nini.    But listen.

Bob.    We are listening.

Nini.     She says leave me alone. I’m healthy.

Bob.     Your healthy but a lot of people might not agree with that.

Nini.      But she says that she’s happy, then what’s wrong with that?

Bob.       So you plan on hanging around a while longer, then?

Nini.       She said this is weird.

Bob.        She says this is weird? Well, it is weird. That’s why you’re here, you probably never thought you could talk to us.

Nini.       She thinks it is weird. She doesn’t really like to communicate.

Bob.       Well, let’s make it interesting. Tell me the highlight of your life. What was your most enjoyable part of life?

Nini.      She said when she was a puppy, playing with her siblings and then having her mom there.

Bob.      And having a mom? What about all those great years with Artie?

Nini.     She says it’s like a marriage. (We all laugh)

Bob.      It’s like a marriage?

Nini.      She’s really kicked back and she doesn’t consider herself old and she would like you all to quit referring to her as old.

Bob.      Well, you don’t look that old, you look good for 15.

Nini.      Times it. She says.

Bob.       She says time is it? Times seven? Well, you’re up there. You’re almost turn-of-the-century.

Nini.      She says you’re almost turn of the century. She just laid back. She says she would like to go out back into the canyon.

Bob.       To run around?

Nini.      Just to go sniff the grass.

Bob.       How about more walks? Do you want more walks, or are you okay without the walks?

Nini.      No, she’s not. She would like more walks, but not too far. Because she does have pain in the nails. I like the sound but I need them smaller. And there is pain in the large muscles in my back legs.

Bob.        Is there anywhere else that your sore?

Nini.        This knot is sore too.

Bob.         The bump?

Nini.         I want to not be with that. What is it anyway?

Bob.         The lump? It’s called a tumor and what about your eyes? Can you see okay?

Nini.        No.

Bob.        Are you blind in one eye?

Nini.        Not all the way. I can’t really see all that well. But I get around.

Bob.         You can hear okay?

Nini.        No, not really. Just what I choose to hear. I’m okay, I don’t want to talk too long.

Bob.         We really thought you would like to talk to Artie some.

Nini.        Artie knows I love him.

Bob.          Anything special, though? Anything that we can help you with today?

Nini.         Just a little change of food. Maybe a piece of fried liver.

Bob.         You like fried liver?

Nini.         Cow liver. I smelled it before but I didn’t have any.

Bob.          Oh, you’ve never eaten it before?

Nini.         No, but I would like to.

Bob.          How about bacon?

Nini.         It’s bad for me, but I love it.

Bob.         Do you like dry food or canned food?

Nini.        Canned.

Bob.         I ask Artie if that what she eats, canned?

Artie.       I give her an occasional can but mostly dry he says

Nini.         I like it, but he doesn’t like to give it to me because I get gas.

Bob.         Because you get gas?

Nini.        Yes.

Bob.         Did you have gas a little earlier? (she had let  a few go a little earlier while we  were starting the session)

Nini.        No, it was probably Artie.(She is laughing. She says it was her)

Artie.       Would you like some company? Like a puppy?

Nini.          Don’t try to wiggle one in on me because you want one. I’m too old. It would bother me.

Bob.           It would bother you?     Artie tells me she likes to watch TV so I have to ask  her, Do you watch TV?

Nini.           Just certain programs.

Bob.            Like what?

Nini.           I like a lot of action. Anything action on TV. Different sounds I like.

Bob.            What sounds do you like?

Nini.            Ducks, birds, other dogs. That other dog sounds cute, but I think he’s too young.

Bob.            You’re right, he’s just a youngster. Have you ever had a boyfriend?

Nini.             No, not one I really liked. Also, I don’t really like to ride in the car  because it makes me feel sick.

Bob.              Oh, you get a little motion sickness?

Nini.              Yes, and I need to stick to my roots. I don’t really want to do too much interaction with you because I think this is weird.

Bob.               Yes, but you know, we talked to so many animals. We just believe it’s an amazing opportunity.

Nini.               But I think that I am selling out.

Bob.               Why?

Nini.               Talking like this. You see we’re classy and you guys smell funny.

Bob.               We do?

Nini.              Yes, you smell funny. It’s real strong and it gives me dry mouth.

Bob.                It gives you dry mouth? That’s why you’ve been drinking all that water?

Nini.               No, I just like water. Plus I need to flush out my kidneys because I’m older.

Bob.                Do you like the roommate at the house?

Nini.                No, I don’t think me and Artie do. Right Artie?

Artie.             Right.

Bob.                Can you read Artie’s mind. Sometimes?

Nini.                No, I feel him. He’s on the neat side and he always looks nice.

Bob.                And you? Do you look nice?

Nini.                Oh yes.

Bob.             And how about the bathing situations? Are you getting enough baths?

Nini.              I don’t really care to have any, not now because I get cold.

Bob.               But in the summer. Do you like baths, then?

Nini.              I don’t really like them, because I have good skin already.

Bob.               Good, you have no skin problems. Do you like to go to the beach?

Nini.                I could take it or leave it. I guess. But I do like to walk a little ways.

Bob.             Are there any special places you like to walk?

Nini.             Somewhere on the cement. So I could saw  down my nails. Just because I’m getting older doesn’t mean I don’t like to go for walks.

Bob.              Right, and you know the Dr. was saying not to go on walks.

Nini.             And that’s another issue. Don’t take me there too much. They want to talk about if I should be put down. No… If I really get that bad Artie that is fine, but I’ll ask.

Bob.              How will you tell him?

Me.              I can come over here.

Bob.             What do you mean you can come over here?

Nini.             I can come over and talk to you.

Bob.              But how would he know you want to come over? Could you tug on his pant legs, three times?

Nini.              I’m a lady. I think I’ll just stick to if I start to die, I’ll tell him if I’m in too much pain or not. I know what happened to your dog. You let her ride it out.

Bob.              Yes, I let her go to her last little breath. Is she around?

Nini.             She was earlier but she left.

Bob.             So you got to see her?

Nini.          Well, kind of. It’s really weird and I’m really busy looking around here.

Bob.           What interests you?

Nini.           Everything.

Bob.            Of course, it’s a new place for you.

Nini.          I know that there are felines here.

Bob.            Do you like felines?

Nini.            No.

Bob.            How come?

Nini.           Well, they taste good, but I won’t eat them. I don’t think that’s a good idea but I like them.

Bob.            Have you ever eaten a feline?

Nini.             I can’t say.

Bob.             Can you say a few nice words for Artie? He travelled a long way to bring you here.

Nini.            That’s okay, he talks to me every day. I don’t really listen. We have been together a long time.

Bob.              Just like a marriage, you said.

Nini.             That’s right, how old did you say the other dog was?

Bob.               He is only 1 1/2 years old.

Nini.               So he’s adolescent. And he’s cute? He is saying he is cute.

Bob.                He’s saying that? He’s a German Shepherd.

Nini.                Yes, they’re always thinking they are superior to everyone. But I could snap them in half. But I’m leaving. I’m too busy. I don’t want to get used to talking like this. I like my privacy.

Bob.                You like your privacy. I understand. So there’s nothing else we can help you out with? It’s all fine?

Nini.                 I want to go naturally, if Artie doesn’t mind.

Artie.               I don’t mind.

Bob.                 Does it matter where you are buried?

Nini.                Well, kind of.

Bob.                 Well, where would you like to get buried then?

Nini.                 By Artie.

Bob.                  Well, maybe we can get a little vase.

Nini.                  Oh, No..no. You want to torch me? Burn me? No vase, just bury me by Artie.

Bob.                  But Artie’s not going to go for a while yet.

Nini.                  No, where he lives.

Bob.                  Oh, Where he lives. Ok.

Nini.                 Right by it. I’ve got a little time yet. Artie don’t worry. But when I go it’s going to be okay. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable. But I do have to pee. I’ll wait. Its not that urgent. Whenever you get some time.

Bob.              Do you have any other questions Artie?

Artie.            No, I think you covered everything.

Bob.               She was funny. A lot of times they really want to talk but she was a little reserved. She’s real private.

Nini.               She says she just wants to be left alone. She says to quit poking on the tumor. Is that okay Artie? No more doctors.

Artie.            Yes, that’s okay, no more doctors.

That was the end of the conversation. Sid lived  well over another year which is a long time for a pit bull I believe and Artie let her go naturally. I have many other animal stories to tell. We could help so many animals with these  abilities.

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Oftentimes I watch for newspaper articles dealing with deaths in auto accidents.  I check to make sure they are not ghosting at the scene still, especially if the person is young. Here is just one of those stories.

Dear Heather, Tony and family,

    My name is Bob, a spiritualist by discovery  who chooses to  assist troubled passings. I was very pained to read of your daughter’s death and told my sister who some would call a medium that  we should check on your daughter to be sure she moved on properly. Some times unexpected deaths can pose problems. The answer we got was that she was still located at the accident scene and was in total confusion. Her spirit needed direction. That was Wednesday. We could help her on Thursday when another team member who has these special abilities could be present. What follows in the Taped Transcript.

    S: I have her.

    B. So Lerin this is you.

    S. Yes.

    S. She is saying she doesn’t know why this has happened to her.  She never did anything wrong to anyone and she is confused and hurt.

    B. You didn’t do anything wrong Lerin sometimes the good do die young but they don’t really die. You are in spirit form now and you will move on and you could end  up as an angel. Who knows? But you have to move from where you are.

     S. She saying she doesn’t want to go. As a child she was told if she got lost do not leave the area. She thinks her parents will come and she won’t  be there. Right now she feels like this six year old girl that’s lost.

      B. We were wondering why you were stuck there Lerin.

      S. She is very adamant about it . Her parents told her if you get lost do not leave where you are. We will find you. If you leave that’s why a lot of parents lose there kids in the forest or places because the child leaves the area where they were last seen at. They go back and they are gone.

      B. Right.  That is very good as a six-year-old girl Lerin but your Nineteen now and you’re an  older girl and you know better now. Do you know what happened to you?

      S. She’s saying that there was this loud crash and she says she remembers being like in a lot of pain but only for a short length of time. Then she remembers feeling like you’re in water.Weightless. She said it feels like when she came to she could see her body and she could see all the people around but nobody could hear her. So she says she is just going to wait for her parents to show up.

      B. Your parents will be at the funeral parlor Lerin. Is there something we can communicate to them from you that would help them because it seems they are devastated and going through a lot of pain with your loss. They would have to know the message is from you and I will do my best to get it to the funeral home for you.

      S. She’s saying that she had a real close conversation with her mom. Like a few days earlier which was uncharacteristic. They talked for awhile and they were eating ice cream until someone else came in and they discontinued their conversation. But she had a really good feeling about this and she didn’t have as many heart to hearts with her mom as she would have liked to.

They were kinda close you know but a lot of times when a child becomes a teenager they go their separate ways a little bit. Because they want their own identity. She is showing me that her and her dad had a good relationship. She is showing me one girl who she was really close with.

She is having a hard time with what has happened. She’s like a best friend. Her Name starts with an M. Marjorie or margeret something like that. Mar. She cannot even be controlled. They were really close.

       B. Is there something we can tell her to help soothe her soul? To let her know you still live on that you are in spirit. Something only she would know?

           S. She is saying there is a letter. That they ‘d stopped being friends for a while but there is a letter. She has that letter. She apologized for some things that had happened. She gave her the letter and they became friends again. This was maybe a year and a half ago. And it was something stupid something that someone else had said. He said She said type of thing.

            B. Lerin did you have a pet peeve name when you were growing up.

            S. She said that mostly her dad would have a couple of names he would call her growing up and he kinda bounced around with them. She is showing me one like the name of an animal like teddy bear, poobear, something bear.

            B. Lerin, we were quite moved by the story. That’s how were able to get in touch with you. I read your story and it was very sad to us because you were such a good girl and you looked out for your family and loved them so. When I asked for spiritual information on you we were told you were stuck and now we know why you were stuck because as a small child you were told never to leave or else you’d get lost. To stay there and your parents would find you. Well know we have come here to help you change that belief. To go ahead and move on now because you can move on to wonderous places of your spiritual evolution. Once you leave the earth you can still participate with your family . More one-sided of course but you will be able to reach them in their dreams. Now to help you and your family in their mourning we are asked to send you to your home. To go ahead and go home now.

             S. She’s saying that if she  goes home then they will leave home going to look for her.

             B. They have your physical body  Lerin. It is your spirit we are talking of. We are trying to move your spirit back to the presence of your family and the funeral. You will have your funeral in two days.

             S. interjects … Bob tell her that her parents have to return home eventually and she will be there waiting for them .. this will make more logic to her.

              B. OK,  ao Lerin your parents have to go home again. and then you will be there. The chances of them going to where you are is much less. because they have your body.

              S. It seems that works for her. She understands that even if they go out they have to return home.

              B. At your house you will be able to say bye to them in their dreams. You can be there as everyone see’s you off to your next level of experience. You have lost your material body but you are not dead. Do you understand that?

               S. She understands.

               B. So your ready to go home Lerin?

               S. She is already on her way. Ah. good.She is there. She is home and so are her parents there. Her mom feels her presence ..  NOTE TIME.  2:33 PM Thursday afternoon. the tenth of Jan.I can see the house it is a nice house. I see a clock where it swings back and forth .. a grandfather clock but it is not a big clock. I see a picture of the world and apparently a picture painted by relative or something. Ha… she is wondering who has been on her computer. She says someone has been on it.She wants to know what to do now.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

B. Now  your there .. your present with your family .. they are sad losing you.so if you could just be there. Its going to be sad for everyone because they don’t know your right there with them in spirit. Stay with them and in two days  you will have your funeral where your physical body is put into the ground or however they do it maybe cremated. And then after that you will move on to your next level of evolution. Just go to the light when its time and trust .. the whole wonderful spirit world will open up for you and I think you will move on quickly.

S. She is saying this is all very new to her and very scary. In two days did you say .. the funeral?

B.Yes in two days .. You can be there to comfort your loved ones in spirit at least.

S. She says She wants to know if you know her?

B.No only from what I read in the newspaper.

S. She also wants to know if you will come back again to check on her?

B.Yes as long as Sam comes back we will be able to do that. We will be sure to check on you.

S. She wants to know if Sam knows her?

B. No. Sam does not know you either. He only knows what I have discussed with him.

S. She says she knows a Sam but it is not the same one. Either way she says she knows in two days to look for the signs to move on. She seems concerned if she can move on, on her own.

B. As far as we can tell Lerin there will be nothing holding you back. when the time comes just ask for your spirit guides to come and assist you.

S. She is asking if she has spirit guides?

B. Yes. and when you are ready  they will help you move on. Just call them and ask their assistance.

S. She says OK and thank you very much. I don’t know you But may god bless you all.

B. thank you Lerin and we will check on you. Bye Lerin.

              I do hope I have done a service for you.  I had a feeling that I should check on Lerin and  

        am glad I did. There is no telling how long she could have remained there. Do know she is                       

        with you now in your time of loss and mourning and can hear your every word. I will check

        in a week or so to be sure she has moved on in spirit.

                        God Bless,


I had included my home address on the envelope I left at the funeral parlor. Three months later I found a checkbook that had been dropped at my doorstep. It was left there by Heather, Lerins mom.  I called her from the phone number on the checkbook and she answered. She had come by wanting to talk with me regarding Lerins passing but I was not at home. She said she was looking to leave a note but didn’t have a pen and must have accidentally dropped the checkbook then. She said that she doubted she would have tried to reach me again  so I took the dropping as a sign from above. Heather asked if I could make a time where she could talk to Lerin from the otherside. I said I would check with Sam and would call her with a time. We set it for the following Saturday and Heather was able to say her goodbyes to her daughter. There were tears aplenty as Heather asked for forgiveness in their relationship with Lerin and I saw the emotions subside in Heather as Lerin explained where she was now and how beautiful everything was there. They talked about different times in their lives and when it was all said and done there was a big smile on Heather’s face. Lerin was happy too.  We were able to ease the pain once again. That was one of our Mission statements” Ease the Pain.” I have that tape of the session where they spoke but it was very personal in nature so I decided just to give you the general summation. Be sure to tell your children about how people go to the light when they pass. I can not count the number of children we rescue from limbo because they just don’t have the knowledge on what to do should they die early in life.

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