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Oftentimes I watch for newspaper articles dealing with deaths in auto accidents.  I check to make sure they are not ghosting at the scene still, especially if the person is young. Here is just one of those stories.

Dear Heather, Tony and family,

    My name is Bob, a spiritualist by discovery  who chooses to  assist troubled passings. I was very pained to read of your daughter’s death and told my sister who some would call a medium that  we should check on your daughter to be sure she moved on properly. Some times unexpected deaths can pose problems. The answer we got was that she was still located at the accident scene and was in total confusion. Her spirit needed direction. That was Wednesday. We could help her on Thursday when another team member who has these special abilities could be present. What follows in the Taped Transcript.

    S: I have her.

    B. So Lerin this is you.

    S. Yes.

    S. She is saying she doesn’t know why this has happened to her.  She never did anything wrong to anyone and she is confused and hurt.

    B. You didn’t do anything wrong Lerin sometimes the good do die young but they don’t really die. You are in spirit form now and you will move on and you could end  up as an angel. Who knows? But you have to move from where you are.

     S. She saying she doesn’t want to go. As a child she was told if she got lost do not leave the area. She thinks her parents will come and she won’t  be there. Right now she feels like this six year old girl that’s lost.

      B. We were wondering why you were stuck there Lerin.

      S. She is very adamant about it . Her parents told her if you get lost do not leave where you are. We will find you. If you leave that’s why a lot of parents lose there kids in the forest or places because the child leaves the area where they were last seen at. They go back and they are gone.

      B. Right.  That is very good as a six-year-old girl Lerin but your Nineteen now and you’re an  older girl and you know better now. Do you know what happened to you?

      S. She’s saying that there was this loud crash and she says she remembers being like in a lot of pain but only for a short length of time. Then she remembers feeling like you’re in water.Weightless. She said it feels like when she came to she could see her body and she could see all the people around but nobody could hear her. So she says she is just going to wait for her parents to show up.

      B. Your parents will be at the funeral parlor Lerin. Is there something we can communicate to them from you that would help them because it seems they are devastated and going through a lot of pain with your loss. They would have to know the message is from you and I will do my best to get it to the funeral home for you.

      S. She’s saying that she had a real close conversation with her mom. Like a few days earlier which was uncharacteristic. They talked for awhile and they were eating ice cream until someone else came in and they discontinued their conversation. But she had a really good feeling about this and she didn’t have as many heart to hearts with her mom as she would have liked to.

They were kinda close you know but a lot of times when a child becomes a teenager they go their separate ways a little bit. Because they want their own identity. She is showing me that her and her dad had a good relationship. She is showing me one girl who she was really close with.

She is having a hard time with what has happened. She’s like a best friend. Her Name starts with an M. Marjorie or margeret something like that. Mar. She cannot even be controlled. They were really close.

       B. Is there something we can tell her to help soothe her soul? To let her know you still live on that you are in spirit. Something only she would know?

           S. She is saying there is a letter. That they ‘d stopped being friends for a while but there is a letter. She has that letter. She apologized for some things that had happened. She gave her the letter and they became friends again. This was maybe a year and a half ago. And it was something stupid something that someone else had said. He said She said type of thing.

            B. Lerin did you have a pet peeve name when you were growing up.

            S. She said that mostly her dad would have a couple of names he would call her growing up and he kinda bounced around with them. She is showing me one like the name of an animal like teddy bear, poobear, something bear.

            B. Lerin, we were quite moved by the story. That’s how were able to get in touch with you. I read your story and it was very sad to us because you were such a good girl and you looked out for your family and loved them so. When I asked for spiritual information on you we were told you were stuck and now we know why you were stuck because as a small child you were told never to leave or else you’d get lost. To stay there and your parents would find you. Well know we have come here to help you change that belief. To go ahead and move on now because you can move on to wonderous places of your spiritual evolution. Once you leave the earth you can still participate with your family . More one-sided of course but you will be able to reach them in their dreams. Now to help you and your family in their mourning we are asked to send you to your home. To go ahead and go home now.

             S. She’s saying that if she  goes home then they will leave home going to look for her.

             B. They have your physical body  Lerin. It is your spirit we are talking of. We are trying to move your spirit back to the presence of your family and the funeral. You will have your funeral in two days.

             S. interjects … Bob tell her that her parents have to return home eventually and she will be there waiting for them .. this will make more logic to her.

              B. OK,  ao Lerin your parents have to go home again. and then you will be there. The chances of them going to where you are is much less. because they have your body.

              S. It seems that works for her. She understands that even if they go out they have to return home.

              B. At your house you will be able to say bye to them in their dreams. You can be there as everyone see’s you off to your next level of experience. You have lost your material body but you are not dead. Do you understand that?

               S. She understands.

               B. So your ready to go home Lerin?

               S. She is already on her way. Ah. good.She is there. She is home and so are her parents there. Her mom feels her presence ..  NOTE TIME.  2:33 PM Thursday afternoon. the tenth of Jan.I can see the house it is a nice house. I see a clock where it swings back and forth .. a grandfather clock but it is not a big clock. I see a picture of the world and apparently a picture painted by relative or something. Ha… she is wondering who has been on her computer. She says someone has been on it.She wants to know what to do now.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

B. Now  your there .. your present with your family .. they are sad losing you.so if you could just be there. Its going to be sad for everyone because they don’t know your right there with them in spirit. Stay with them and in two days  you will have your funeral where your physical body is put into the ground or however they do it maybe cremated. And then after that you will move on to your next level of evolution. Just go to the light when its time and trust .. the whole wonderful spirit world will open up for you and I think you will move on quickly.

S. She is saying this is all very new to her and very scary. In two days did you say .. the funeral?

B.Yes in two days .. You can be there to comfort your loved ones in spirit at least.

S. She says She wants to know if you know her?

B.No only from what I read in the newspaper.

S. She also wants to know if you will come back again to check on her?

B.Yes as long as Sam comes back we will be able to do that. We will be sure to check on you.

S. She wants to know if Sam knows her?

B. No. Sam does not know you either. He only knows what I have discussed with him.

S. She says she knows a Sam but it is not the same one. Either way she says she knows in two days to look for the signs to move on. She seems concerned if she can move on, on her own.

B. As far as we can tell Lerin there will be nothing holding you back. when the time comes just ask for your spirit guides to come and assist you.

S. She is asking if she has spirit guides?

B. Yes. and when you are ready  they will help you move on. Just call them and ask their assistance.

S. She says OK and thank you very much. I don’t know you But may god bless you all.

B. thank you Lerin and we will check on you. Bye Lerin.

              I do hope I have done a service for you.  I had a feeling that I should check on Lerin and  

        am glad I did. There is no telling how long she could have remained there. Do know she is                       

        with you now in your time of loss and mourning and can hear your every word. I will check

        in a week or so to be sure she has moved on in spirit.

                        God Bless,


I had included my home address on the envelope I left at the funeral parlor. Three months later I found a checkbook that had been dropped at my doorstep. It was left there by Heather, Lerins mom.  I called her from the phone number on the checkbook and she answered. She had come by wanting to talk with me regarding Lerins passing but I was not at home. She said she was looking to leave a note but didn’t have a pen and must have accidentally dropped the checkbook then. She said that she doubted she would have tried to reach me again  so I took the dropping as a sign from above. Heather asked if I could make a time where she could talk to Lerin from the otherside. I said I would check with Sam and would call her with a time. We set it for the following Saturday and Heather was able to say her goodbyes to her daughter. There were tears aplenty as Heather asked for forgiveness in their relationship with Lerin and I saw the emotions subside in Heather as Lerin explained where she was now and how beautiful everything was there. They talked about different times in their lives and when it was all said and done there was a big smile on Heather’s face. Lerin was happy too.  We were able to ease the pain once again. That was one of our Mission statements” Ease the Pain.” I have that tape of the session where they spoke but it was very personal in nature so I decided just to give you the general summation. Be sure to tell your children about how people go to the light when they pass. I can not count the number of children we rescue from limbo because they just don’t have the knowledge on what to do should they die early in life.


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