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This is a session in animal communication. A friend of mine Artie, had a 15-year-old pit bull named Sid with health problems and he wanted to communicate with her to make sure she wasn’t in too much pain. The veterinarian has suggested maybe it would be better to put the dog down. Artie didn’t know what to do. So I suggested we ask Sid. My sister Nini is in trance and doing the translating for Sid the pitbull.    

Nini.        It’s too loud(Sid’s nails are making a lot of noise on the wooden floor.)

                   She’s asking why she is here?

Bob.        Sid, come here. You’re here so we can talk to you. We want to know how your health is.

Nini.        She’s asking who that dog is in the garage?

Bob.        That is the dog that lives here.

Nini.       She is asking how come she needs to talk to anyone.

Bob.       We thought it would be a nice gift for you to talk to Artie. You can say things to him and he wants to know how your health is. How are you     doing?

Nini.       She’s talking a lot. She’s saying Artie Artie….hmmm.

Bob.       We want to know if your diet is good. If you need new food?

Nini.     She says she always needs new food.

Bob.     How about those nails? Do you want them clipped?

Nini.     She likes them.

Bob.      She likes them long?

Nini.     She likes the sound they make, but it does hurt.

Bob.     It does hurt?

Nini.    But listen.

Bob.    We are listening.

Nini.     She says leave me alone. I’m healthy.

Bob.     Your healthy but a lot of people might not agree with that.

Nini.      But she says that she’s happy, then what’s wrong with that?

Bob.       So you plan on hanging around a while longer, then?

Nini.       She said this is weird.

Bob.        She says this is weird? Well, it is weird. That’s why you’re here, you probably never thought you could talk to us.

Nini.       She thinks it is weird. She doesn’t really like to communicate.

Bob.       Well, let’s make it interesting. Tell me the highlight of your life. What was your most enjoyable part of life?

Nini.      She said when she was a puppy, playing with her siblings and then having her mom there.

Bob.      And having a mom? What about all those great years with Artie?

Nini.     She says it’s like a marriage. (We all laugh)

Bob.      It’s like a marriage?

Nini.      She’s really kicked back and she doesn’t consider herself old and she would like you all to quit referring to her as old.

Bob.      Well, you don’t look that old, you look good for 15.

Nini.      Times it. She says.

Bob.       She says time is it? Times seven? Well, you’re up there. You’re almost turn-of-the-century.

Nini.      She says you’re almost turn of the century. She just laid back. She says she would like to go out back into the canyon.

Bob.       To run around?

Nini.      Just to go sniff the grass.

Bob.       How about more walks? Do you want more walks, or are you okay without the walks?

Nini.      No, she’s not. She would like more walks, but not too far. Because she does have pain in the nails. I like the sound but I need them smaller. And there is pain in the large muscles in my back legs.

Bob.        Is there anywhere else that your sore?

Nini.        This knot is sore too.

Bob.         The bump?

Nini.         I want to not be with that. What is it anyway?

Bob.         The lump? It’s called a tumor and what about your eyes? Can you see okay?

Nini.        No.

Bob.        Are you blind in one eye?

Nini.        Not all the way. I can’t really see all that well. But I get around.

Bob.         You can hear okay?

Nini.        No, not really. Just what I choose to hear. I’m okay, I don’t want to talk too long.

Bob.         We really thought you would like to talk to Artie some.

Nini.        Artie knows I love him.

Bob.          Anything special, though? Anything that we can help you with today?

Nini.         Just a little change of food. Maybe a piece of fried liver.

Bob.         You like fried liver?

Nini.         Cow liver. I smelled it before but I didn’t have any.

Bob.          Oh, you’ve never eaten it before?

Nini.         No, but I would like to.

Bob.          How about bacon?

Nini.         It’s bad for me, but I love it.

Bob.         Do you like dry food or canned food?

Nini.        Canned.

Bob.         I ask Artie if that what she eats, canned?

Artie.       I give her an occasional can but mostly dry he says

Nini.         I like it, but he doesn’t like to give it to me because I get gas.

Bob.         Because you get gas?

Nini.        Yes.

Bob.         Did you have gas a little earlier? (she had let  a few go a little earlier while we  were starting the session)

Nini.        No, it was probably Artie.(She is laughing. She says it was her)

Artie.       Would you like some company? Like a puppy?

Nini.          Don’t try to wiggle one in on me because you want one. I’m too old. It would bother me.

Bob.           It would bother you?     Artie tells me she likes to watch TV so I have to ask  her, Do you watch TV?

Nini.           Just certain programs.

Bob.            Like what?

Nini.           I like a lot of action. Anything action on TV. Different sounds I like.

Bob.            What sounds do you like?

Nini.            Ducks, birds, other dogs. That other dog sounds cute, but I think he’s too young.

Bob.            You’re right, he’s just a youngster. Have you ever had a boyfriend?

Nini.             No, not one I really liked. Also, I don’t really like to ride in the car  because it makes me feel sick.

Bob.              Oh, you get a little motion sickness?

Nini.              Yes, and I need to stick to my roots. I don’t really want to do too much interaction with you because I think this is weird.

Bob.               Yes, but you know, we talked to so many animals. We just believe it’s an amazing opportunity.

Nini.               But I think that I am selling out.

Bob.               Why?

Nini.               Talking like this. You see we’re classy and you guys smell funny.

Bob.               We do?

Nini.              Yes, you smell funny. It’s real strong and it gives me dry mouth.

Bob.                It gives you dry mouth? That’s why you’ve been drinking all that water?

Nini.               No, I just like water. Plus I need to flush out my kidneys because I’m older.

Bob.                Do you like the roommate at the house?

Nini.                No, I don’t think me and Artie do. Right Artie?

Artie.             Right.

Bob.                Can you read Artie’s mind. Sometimes?

Nini.                No, I feel him. He’s on the neat side and he always looks nice.

Bob.                And you? Do you look nice?

Nini.                Oh yes.

Bob.             And how about the bathing situations? Are you getting enough baths?

Nini.              I don’t really care to have any, not now because I get cold.

Bob.               But in the summer. Do you like baths, then?

Nini.              I don’t really like them, because I have good skin already.

Bob.               Good, you have no skin problems. Do you like to go to the beach?

Nini.                I could take it or leave it. I guess. But I do like to walk a little ways.

Bob.             Are there any special places you like to walk?

Nini.             Somewhere on the cement. So I could saw  down my nails. Just because I’m getting older doesn’t mean I don’t like to go for walks.

Bob.              Right, and you know the Dr. was saying not to go on walks.

Nini.             And that’s another issue. Don’t take me there too much. They want to talk about if I should be put down. No… If I really get that bad Artie that is fine, but I’ll ask.

Bob.              How will you tell him?

Me.              I can come over here.

Bob.             What do you mean you can come over here?

Nini.             I can come over and talk to you.

Bob.              But how would he know you want to come over? Could you tug on his pant legs, three times?

Nini.              I’m a lady. I think I’ll just stick to if I start to die, I’ll tell him if I’m in too much pain or not. I know what happened to your dog. You let her ride it out.

Bob.              Yes, I let her go to her last little breath. Is she around?

Nini.             She was earlier but she left.

Bob.             So you got to see her?

Nini.          Well, kind of. It’s really weird and I’m really busy looking around here.

Bob.           What interests you?

Nini.           Everything.

Bob.            Of course, it’s a new place for you.

Nini.          I know that there are felines here.

Bob.            Do you like felines?

Nini.            No.

Bob.            How come?

Nini.           Well, they taste good, but I won’t eat them. I don’t think that’s a good idea but I like them.

Bob.            Have you ever eaten a feline?

Nini.             I can’t say.

Bob.             Can you say a few nice words for Artie? He travelled a long way to bring you here.

Nini.            That’s okay, he talks to me every day. I don’t really listen. We have been together a long time.

Bob.              Just like a marriage, you said.

Nini.             That’s right, how old did you say the other dog was?

Bob.               He is only 1 1/2 years old.

Nini.               So he’s adolescent. And he’s cute? He is saying he is cute.

Bob.                He’s saying that? He’s a German Shepherd.

Nini.                Yes, they’re always thinking they are superior to everyone. But I could snap them in half. But I’m leaving. I’m too busy. I don’t want to get used to talking like this. I like my privacy.

Bob.                You like your privacy. I understand. So there’s nothing else we can help you out with? It’s all fine?

Nini.                 I want to go naturally, if Artie doesn’t mind.

Artie.               I don’t mind.

Bob.                 Does it matter where you are buried?

Nini.                Well, kind of.

Bob.                 Well, where would you like to get buried then?

Nini.                 By Artie.

Bob.                  Well, maybe we can get a little vase.

Nini.                  Oh, No..no. You want to torch me? Burn me? No vase, just bury me by Artie.

Bob.                  But Artie’s not going to go for a while yet.

Nini.                  No, where he lives.

Bob.                  Oh, Where he lives. Ok.

Nini.                 Right by it. I’ve got a little time yet. Artie don’t worry. But when I go it’s going to be okay. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable. But I do have to pee. I’ll wait. Its not that urgent. Whenever you get some time.

Bob.              Do you have any other questions Artie?

Artie.            No, I think you covered everything.

Bob.               She was funny. A lot of times they really want to talk but she was a little reserved. She’s real private.

Nini.               She says she just wants to be left alone. She says to quit poking on the tumor. Is that okay Artie? No more doctors.

Artie.            Yes, that’s okay, no more doctors.

That was the end of the conversation. Sid lived  well over another year which is a long time for a pit bull I believe and Artie let her go naturally. I have many other animal stories to tell. We could help so many animals with these  abilities.


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