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Thomas Jefferson

 Bob:  We’d like to call in Thomas Jefferson, ex President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson if you are there and would like to speak with us could you make your presence available now.

 Sam:  First of all, he says, thank you for clarifying the President, because there are million Thomas Jefferson’s.

 Bob:  There really are too, they liked your name Tom.  Are you speaking through a Michael Burns?  Do you speak with him?

 Sam:  No

 Bob:  He’s a man who believes he’s speaking with you and he believes you’re giving him information about the constitution.

 Sam:  He has limited information but a lot is what he’s read or done something of those lines.

 Bob:  Do you watch over this country?

 Sam:  It’s a lost cause

 Bob:  Yes, how so?

Sam:  People have drifted away from what was so instilled in this country, when this country started it was built on trust, love, belief in God and a system that worked for everyman and now we’ve gotten away from it all. 

 Bob:  Yes, and it’s just gone way out of hand, there’s no way to bring it back.

 Sam:  The power to bring it back is not within man’s hands.  He is so corrupt that he cannot change his destiny, it must be changed by a force greater than that.

 Bob:  Is that force ready to do it’s reckoning now?

 Sam:  It’s at work, but very subtle, but it will be almost time.

 Bob:  Will there be large clashes between the Government and the people?  

 Sam:  Not yet.

 Bob:  It’s happening in  cities?


 Sam:  Cities, counties, especially now, whats happening with the children.  Children are confused, hence the shootings in the schools and all the problems that are happening at the schools, for what purpose, it’s dependant on chaos, for there can be no order in chaos.

 Bob:  And our government is so corrupt, does it go all the way to the top?

 Sam:  Yes, correct, just as it was when I was President, and even now, I’m very resentful to the allegations that have been brought against me.

 Bob:  Yes, what are some of the allegations that bother you the most?

 Sam:  Well, ones that, the anti-slavery campaign, came from my heart but I was ridiculed because at the time I had slaves.  But I didn’t consider them as slaves and I didn’t treat them as such.

 Bob:  Yes, a lot came out with your relationship with Sally Hemings, that’s come out.  Is that a problem with you or?

 Sam:  I loved her, even though she was very young, I still loved her and I am happy that the children that we bore have gained recognition by being so. But I’m angry because now they discredit all that I have done.

 Bob:  There are a group of people who still believe you were one of the founding fathers and still believe in you, I don’t think they’ve taken it and allowed the slander to diminish your image.

 Sam:  It’s true, it came from my heart.  I tried my best to bring a lot of change to this country and to  see it in the way it is now, it makes me think that I wish my time was now.

 Bob:  people, are they just so, are they blinded by the media, is that what did it?

 Sam:  Yes, only partially to blame.  A lot to blame is on the parents, they allow their children to do things and now that they’re becoming more out of hand and as they get older they don’t have the morals and skills that will prevent them from murdering or killing and doing the things that they should be doing.

 Bob:  Yes.  We believe we have, we appreciate what you have done, and what you have left us. We don’t like to see the erosion of all our freedoms and we do want to thank you for what you did do.

 Sam:  My part was only a small part they were many others who played an equal role and none of them wanted to take the credit, there were many others.

 Bob:  Who did a lot but did not get recognized?

 Sam:  There many that did, their names were not on the declaration of independence and they were not recognized because they didn’t want to be recognized, they wanted to remain behind the scenes because if other people knew they were anti-slavery they would be ridiculed and they would lose business so they quietly fought the battle.

 Bob:  yes

 Sam:  It was me that helped, it was like an event where all the people came together.  Only the very strong would stand up and say, this is wrong. And only in today’s times there are only very few that would stand up and say, this is wrong.  And now it’s even worse, if you stand against something, half the country will hate you and if you stand for something the other half will hate you.

 Bob:  yes.  We were given some information previously, about JFK, about why he was assassinated.

 Sam:  There have been many speculations about why he was assassinated.  There have been many rumors and no one will ever really know because it’s been discovered already that a lot of people who were involved have either disappeared or have known to be dead.

 Bob:  but you know the reason?

 Sam:  I’m not aware of the reason.

 Bob:  We understand it was because he wanted to change the Federal Reserve banking system?

 Sam:  That could be possible, but I don’t have any knowledge.

 Bob:  When you are in the place that you’re at, are you with people from the place during your times or are you with everybody?

 Sam:  All souls go to the same place

 Bob:  A group, you’re with your old friends

 Sam:  No, it’s not like that at all, it’s not like you have a best friend that goes before you, it’s like if I want to take you and put you in another state you’ll be around totally new people, you’d make new friends however it is possible that you might see someone who you know and like. 

 Bob:  Like, have you seen George Washington?

 Sam:  No

 Bob:  Who have you seen, during your time that you still are friendly with?

 Sam:  The only one that I have seen from my time is Samuel Adams.

 Bob:  Samuel Adams.  Do you stay in touch with the generations from Sally Hemings and their children and their childrens’ children?

 Sam:  I watch over them just as I do those that are intended to be legitimate because I love them both.

 Bob:  Can you influence them?

 Sam:  I try to influence them in their dreams because that is the best way I can contact them, through their dreams, a lot of times people don’t pick up the message or they disregard it as just a feeling.  But people are invited to pay more attention to their dreams.

 Bob:  yes.  With our President now, President Bush, is he an honorable man, or is he crooked?


 Sam:  He’s not a good President.  He appears one way but there is another side to him. He has contempt in his heart and he’s concerned about helping those with money that is his primary goal.

 Bob:  Its his morals?

 Sam:  He comes from a good solid background but power corrupts over time, even though with a good heart a lot is created by greed, money and the things that can be offered.  Very few people remain unchanged. 


 Bob:  Is there anything you would like to leave with us, that we could leave, say a word from Thomas Jefferson because we are putting a book together about great woman and men from our time.

 Sam:  He feels a little a taken back because he doesn’t feel that great, he doesn’t like the notoriety, what he did he did from his heart, he did what he thought was best for his country.  He wasn’t trying to make a name for himself like some previous presidents.

 Bob:  Alright, then a message from your heart for this country then?

 Sam:  This country still has to be a great country and to turn itself around but things have to change, people have to go back to helping one another instead of stepping over each other to get what they want.  No one wants to help anymore, they can see a woman being raped or killed and no one will ever offer to help, they will turn the other way and that’s not what this country is all about.

 Bob:  Thank you President Jefferson.

 Sam:  He says thank you.  He feels better now about the allegations against him and the things that have been going on.  Even now he realizes that it’s just a sign of the times and that it is the way that people think now.  People are very skeptical.  Whereas back people were more inclined to believe and have a good heart and want to help.  Now belief is opposite.

 Bob:  We may talk to you again President and you can imagine the skepticism that’s going on with what we’re doing.

 Sam:  Yes, that’s true.

 Bob:  But you might have a reference for us that we could call in.  Someone who might be anxious to speak with us?

Sam:  there are many but the key is to find the people who can get to speak, there are many voices that would love to be heard and there are things that they want to tell their loved ones, there are crimes that need to be solved, things that need to be done that only the voices can tell.  Find the people, the voice in which to speak to you that would make it audible for the people to hear so that they would know because a lot of times even with the dreams people don’t get the message.  Dreams are so vague and so much like a collage. 


Bob:  Are there any issues that you would know of that we could help solve.

 Sam:  no

 Bob:  And if we were to call on somebody up in that area that might have a little insight to that, would you have a name?

 Sam:  There are many but there needs to be someone who will channel them in.  They want to speak but they need to have the channel.

 Bob:  We have the channel, we just need to find the names to call in.

 Sam:  Yes

 Bob:  Is there any particular name that we could call in?  Specifically?

 Sam:  Howard Jenkins

 Bob:  How will he know we are calling him?  Does he have a title?

 Sam:  He was a lawyer during my time.  He was of the faceless people who helped and he knew many things, a very wise man, he’s from Connecticut and he is aware of many things, especially how slaves were mutilated and killed.  He wants to get that clear, because he’s being held up because of some things he was aware of.

 Bob:  ah.  We could maybe help remove that burden for him?

 Sam:  Yes

 Bob:  Okay.  Thanks so much for being here Thomas Jefferson and we’re going to go now.  Sammy has to leave.

 Sam. Bye.

I will include the Howard Jenkins communication  this Sunday.


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