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Attorney; Howard Jenkins.

Bob:  At this time we’d like to call in Attorney Howard Jenkins who lived during the time of the American Constitution, when it was put together, and you assisted Thomas Jefferson in putting that together and he referred us to call you in and he said that their was information that was keeping you from moving on.  That would be Howard Jenkins, an attorney that lived at the time of Thomas Jefferson and he was a friend of Thomas Jefferson’s.  Greetings Howard, Thomas Jefferson said that we should call you because there was certain information that you had that has been keeping you from moving, or evolving, is that right?

 Sam:  He’s saying yes that is true.  He says however, he’s beginning to think now that this is serving a purpose.  The fact that he hasn’t moved on, can’t move on, or won’t move on there must be something more to it than what he can see, there must be a reason.  Nothing is coincidence

 Bob:  Yes that is right and neither is our getting in touch with you coincidence.   Is there information that you would like to share with us? 

 Sam:  He’s saying that he is aware of the last meeting that you had where everyone was present and he’s saying that he was impressed by the level of sincerity that everyone had and the willingness to help and he’s also saying that that is a credit to you and what you’re doing.

 Bob:  Were there many spirits present for that

 Sam:  Many spirits present.

 Bob:  More than you realize.

 Sam:  He said they are all so excited and trying to talk at once.  Because of the enthusiasm and willingness to believe that all the people had.  It’s like everyone was tuned in thus allowing the station to become stronger and to get more people in tune to what you’re doing.

 Bob:  That’s good to hear. 

 Sam:  He says of course there are always one or two that are very skeptical.  These are the ones usually wind up being the greatest asset.

 Bob:  Now Thomas Jefferson said that there was information about mutilation of slaves that you had and that it bothered you.  Is that correct?

 Sam:  He’s showing me that he tries not to think or talk about it.  And he inadvertently believes that this is one of the reasons why he’s in the situation he’s in.

 Bob:  That’s what Thomas Jefferson thought too, that it was possibly holding you and that if you could release that energy or whatever you are holding that it could assist you.

 Sam:  He said it’s very hard for him.  He says he’s just as guilty because even though he didn’t do any of the killings himself he knew they were going on and he turned his back.  That makes him just as guilty as the persons who did.

 Bob:  Is there any way we can assist you here with what we’re doing?

S:  He says no, he says things run their course and he’s also showing me there’s about to be a change or something that’s going to happen and he’s being very vague.  All he’s showing me is a shakeup or like a shakeup like a change in order like the changing of the guard or something of that nature.

Bob:  Is that on a large scale here in the United States or in the world or more of a personal level?

 Sam:  A spiritual level

 Bob:  Would that be the information becoming more available?

 Sam:  Somehow the mass graves will be stumbled upon by accident and then the truth will begin to come out.

 Bob:  The mass graves will become stumbled upon.  Where are they located at?

Sam:  He’s showing me Kentucky and he’s showing me that these people were brought there for the purpose of killing.  And he’s showing me 150-200 people.

 Bob:  Is it close to a town that you’re familiar with in Kentucky?

 Sam:  He’s just showing me mountainous region, at the foot of some mountains.

 Bob:  Why did they kill them?

 Sam:  He’s saying that the people that killed them believed that if they started to kill off the race then they wouldn’t be a threat to fight for the north.  They originally saw they would rise up and fight for their freedom and they grew in numbers as they became more educated they became more of a threat.  So genocide was the only answer.

 Bob:  Were there many more occurrences, the same as that one?

 Sam:  With not as many people, yes, there was one that was known as Rosewood, and that was for the same purpose.

 Bob:  Rosewood.  We’ll go ahead and research that more.  Is there any other ways that you can assist us, like referring other people that we might call in or things that you could do to help us?

Sam:  He says he doesn’t know because of the unpredictable nature where he’s at.  He doesn’t know what he can do to be of help. That is at least until their situation comes to light and he’s freed from the bondage that he’s in.  A man in bondage can’t be much of help to anyone.

 Bob:  Well thank you Howard for your insight and we will be documenting everything that goes on and I hope it will be received greatly.  Thanks.


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