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Happy Birthday Martin

Martin Luther King

Bob:  At this time, we would like to call in Reverend Martin Luther King Junior.  One more time, we would ask the presence of the Reverend Martin Luther King Junior.

Sam:  At the present moment, he’s being summoned by someone else – he says just a minute they should be finished. 

 Bob:  Hello Martin, how are you these days?

 Sam:  Very busy

 Bob:  And what level are you at?

 Sam:  The fourth level

 Bob:  You’re at the fourth level?  And what are you busy doing these days?

 Sam:  He says he’s helping others prepare for their next level.

 Bob:  Will you be moving to another level?

 S:  No, he says he likes it where he is at.

 Bob:  Are you dealing with many people here on earth?

 Sam:  He’s saying yes.

 Bob:  So, Martin we thought we would call you in because we’ve been communicating with quite a few souls and we know that you had a lot of influence. We know that your position here on earth was very important and you did affect many, many people and I guess we just want to know if there’s anything here, that is happening here on earth that you are responsible for right now and if there’s any message that we could have from you that we could write down and share with other people?

Sam:  He’s saying that since his death, much of his work, has not been carried on.  There’s no one to have a voice, like his voice – he’s given up.  There’s no dynamic and strong speaker – he’s saying that a lot of people consider Jesse Jackson a strong speaker but his motives are selfish.

 Bob:  And the same with Louis Farrakhan?

 Sam:  Yes, selfish.

 Bob:  The development on the earth right now in the black culture, it’s not very conducive to people who aren’t selfish. 

 Sam:  He says it’s time for someone to pick up the ball and continue the fight.

 Bob:  And your wife, the information you left with her – has she done well with it, could she do more?

 Sam:  She has done very well, but her power, her strength, her abilities are very limited.  Her voice is very limited and there are those that would want to use her and to use her name to further their own goals.

 Bob:  and how about your son?

 Sam:  The sons don’t have the same interest and philosophy that he does.  Many people feel that the son should pick up and carry on where he left off.  But just like a son whose father owns the business and the son wants no part of that business, such it is with him.

 Bob:  Are they afraid they’d be killed too?

 Sam:  In truth there is so much sacrificing and to have the common good of the people in mind all the time you must not be afraid of death. So that is a very small circle of people.

 Bob:  Did you know your death was coming?

 Sam:  I knew my death was coming, I even talked about it many times.  I even said in my speech, I may not make it to the mountain top because I knew my death would be coming.

 Bob:  That was a wonderful speech.  James Earl Ray he’s passed on now, you know?

 Sam:  He says he doesn’t like James Earl Ray for what he did and he’s also certain that James Earl Ray did not act alone.

 Bob:  Who else was involved?

 Sam:  He says like the death of Kennedy, many people in the oval office.  Because things that he was planning to do, his foresight was dangerous to certain people, so they collaborated to have him killed and much like they killed me, there always has to be a fall guy.  The fall guy is guilty, but there are other guys who are also guilty.  But they need someone who the public can point to and say he’s the one! 

 Bob:  But they will pay the price later?

 Sam:  Of course, because inevitably all things are known. 

Bob:  And how about Nelson Mandela?  Is he doing good work?

 Sam:  Nelson Mandela’s work is already behind him – he was instrumental in apartheid and abolishment but not one to fight the big battle in the United States. 

 Bob:  Is there somebody that could carry the torch that doesn’t know they could carry the torch?

 Sam:  There will be someone……..

 Bob:  Is he alive now?

 Sam:  She

 Bob:  How old is she now?

 Sam:  She’s young, she’s gathering her strength, she’s a student, she’s very outspoken, much similar to Angela Davis, but her goals are not selfish.  She has the need and the drive.

 Bob:  Are there other people we could speak to that would be interested in sharing information that we are not aware of?  We hope to have some of our work published.

 S:  He says that there are those that in life made a great impact, but their needs were more important in the long run. They had a set special agenda.  People like Malcolm X, Elijah Mohammed and certain other people, even all the way back to Marcus Garber who had their own special agenda.  Many times, these people have a secret agenda of hate not peace – they seek to separate the races and the masses rather than to unite.

 Bob:  Is there a big danger of violence in the large cities here in the United States?

 Sam:  There’s always a danger of violence and it grows as economical differences become more and more vast, there’s more and more animosity and more hatred and more and more fear.

 Bob:  We know with the black man that he becomes the athlete and they’ve bestowed many riches upon the athlete.  Are there athletes that can do something?

 Sam:  Unfortunately with the athlete he’s not given credit for his mental ability, only his physical prowess – it was different with me for I was given credit for my mental prowess and my ability to speak and to persuade others to listen, no matter the color or race.

 Bob:  Is there a way in our group that we could be helpful to you?

 Sam:  He’s saying no because he’s already where he’s going to be or where he’s at.  His fate has already been reached.  But he on the other hand can be helpful to you.

 Bob:  how could you best help us?

 Sam:  He says that by calling him once in a while he has the ability to tell you who may be beneficial for your group

He says because the utmost, your means and your motives are not selfish, and that’s what he looks for.  Just as with Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill – so many people doubt history where the needs of the many are traded for the needs of the few.

 Bob:  Do you think our message  will be welcomed?

 Sam:  Not at first, your message for some reason brings up skepticism to a lot of people who will be a hindrance for a while but as in all things that are good they must start off slow and be nurtured and as they gain strength the barriers begin to fall one by one. 

 Bob:  Do you know other ways that we can help people, besides what we’re doing right now?

 Sam:  If you motivate people to give of their time for charitable organizations to help many people.

 Bob:  If you were to give us a message that we could write down that we could say this is a message from the afterlife from the Reverend Martin Luther King, what message would it be?

 Sam:  He says the only message that he can think of was the message he preached on when he was alive and it still is just as important even though he has passed on. That message is:  To love one another as you love yourself – treat every man, woman and child the way you would want to be treated.  If everyone did that, the world would be transformed.  Instead people become selfish and they forget the golden rule, so as a result, mankind suffers.

 Bob:  You said that you would be able to help us find people for our group and people who would be good for us?  Do you know somebody right now, who you could direct us to? 

 Sam:  There have been a couple of people that have visited the group that could help and there are those who want to help, anyone willing to help although they may not have the special abilities, to channel into, talk to the afterlife or do the special things that you need, still their help is important.  Help is help.  Whether it’s mopping the floor or running the entire show.

 Bob:  Would Oprah be beneficial to us?

 Sam:  She could be – her vast power is noteworthy, however, as I mentioned earlier, her skepticism is high because she’s often approached many people and unfortunately she’s been scammed before and the old saying, Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me – she’s very skeptical.  She has a ‘show me” attitude.

 Bob:  So the next time we call on you then, would you research more finding somebody that could help us, a female that could help us channel in a stronger sense?

 Sam:  He says he’ll try his best. He says the process is very slow because often times, the people with the ability are either skeptical or they don’t know they have the ability.  And then when it comes time to manifest it, they’re afraid.

 Bob:  Now that is true with Sam, who is here today – he is afraid.

 Sam:  Yes, on a daily basis and his fear is two-fold the spirit is very real to him although it may seem ridiculous, so many people are suffering through fear of any problems such as phobias, that fear is very real to them, just as real as a visible fear is to you.

 Bob:  Is there anything that we could do to help Sammy overcome his fear?

 Sam:  It’s very complicated because his fear centers around his ability, but his ability is based on his fear.  It’s this fear that gives him the ability to do what he can do, but he’s afraid of it.  He’s afraid of his ability.  It’s like a catch 22. 

 Bob:  So, off-hand, do you know anyone else there who could be beneficial to us in the afterlife?

 Sam:  He says there’s a possibility, maybe two people, but it would take some time for them to cooperate.

 Bob:  Would you need to speak with them?

 Sam:  He says their motives are selfish, that they could do a lot of good, they can help but their attitude, there’s nothing in it for me, why should I help?  Which is unfortunately one of the reasons on why my movement on earth has come to a halt, because those that are in power now, want either the presidency, political power, financial gain, they all have something in common.  Their motives are selfish. 

 Bob:  Okay, well, we’ll call you.  Is there a best time to call you, like on anniversaries are you more powerful then?

 Sam:  He says the best time to call him is during the full moon.  He says the full moon has great power here on earth and is the best time to channel anyone or talk to anyone. 

 Bob:  Okay, well, thank you very much reverend, we’ll be back in touch with you soon.  

 Sam:  He said thank you, he’ll try the best that he can but there’s much selfishness with man.  It seems like no one these days has the goal of helping the people and putting themselves last, everyone wants to get something. 

 Bob:  You’re very correct.  We’ll talk to you soon Reverend, bye now, bless you


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