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 I will start covering more attachment stories starting next week. During this past month I wanted to share with you all the diverse work we have been able to do. I have touched upon animal communication and speaking with the other side. Past lives have always fascinated me but I feel my passion in life lies with the removal of attachments. This is where I can most change people’s lives.  As you may have read I refer to them as the invisible epidemic. This morning I got a call from a good friend and he told me his life was just not right and he felt it was spiraling out of control. I told him I would be checking for attachments next Monday and I could check then if he may have gotten attached but I could tell by the tone in his voice he needed to know sooner.  I did see him yesterday and I noticed myself something was off with him.  I decided to do an emergency check  and called my sister to give her his birth name and date of birth. I told her I would be there in an hour to check and see what was up. I knew it would be a quick in and out session but I still brought my movie camera to journal the information. Lane came through and right away he let me know my friend was indeed attached. He said he had gotten the attachment from the San Francisco airport seven weeks previous. He said that the attachment was some Italian mobster who had passed and  was named Trattoria. He has it in for my friend and he has every intention of screwing his life up ASAP.  I am waiting for his call right now to set an appointment for his removal. In my mind it can not happen for him soon enough. I will cover with you my latest adventures as we battle the dark side. I too was attached recently. I have been fortunate all these years but three weeks ago there was a full-fledged assault against me. The dark side doesn’t like that I am exposing them and their nefarious deeds. As you may have read I know of a young man who has thirty-six on him and they are one of the vilest groups ever assembled in one place. I unexpectedly ran into this young man and as he put his hand out to shake mine and I naturally did. Big mistake. That is how they can jump. Needless to say I needed some of my own therapy and luckily we are the best at what we do. Now our evil friend has thirty-five attachments. The other one ended up into the nothingness that awaits them all. My numbers are about twenty five percent being attached. It could even be higher. Many of you have been attached for years and don’t even know it. They will whisper in your ear that you are alright and to not listen to what I am telling you. Most of my friends I check just to be sure. Better safe than sorry. I have an office available Tuesdays Thursdays Saturdays and Sundays. I like to schedule at least three removals at a time.  Keep clear and remember alcohol is a gateway drug. A gateway that opens you to attack. Be careful out there. There is more than meets the eye if you know what I mean.

The numbers are increasing of those being attached. Once in they can always get in. I need to work from a preventative standpoint. Making sure you have no breaks in your energy fields for them to enter through would be the most important step.


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