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December is the  time of the year when we take a break from speaking to the otherside. They are in prayer almost the entire month so only in an emergency will they respond and when they do they are normally split so the communication is weak. One December while on break my sister Nini called me and asked if I could come down. She said something at the house was not right. I would come and check the next day I said. She lived only a half hour away at the time which made it easy to get together and do our work. Once there I put my sister in trance like I normally do when we do our communication.  I ask for Rajah but there is no answer. Then I ask for Lane and again no answer. Then I recall its nearly Christmas and maybe its her mother in law Claire or father in law Jack who had visited last year around this time. I said is it you Claire or you Jack? Then comes this deep voice from my sister “You Can Call Me Jack”  it was creepy and I felt uncomfortable. Within a moment Lane came through and said don’t worry they are wrapping him. My sister had been attached the day before and this dark energy had some really big plans for everyone it seemed. Lane said the ghost was going to cause some physical injury to my sisters son Eric.  He was only there to bring problems. The situation started when Nini and her friend Sam went into a house in the neighborhood  that was for sale. The agent had to divulge that the previous tenant had commited suicide. He had shot himself . The real problem was not only had he commited suicide but he was still there in the house ghosting and he found a way to attach to my sister. Once they are on they will do their best to screw up your life.  Our friend “Jack” was rendered powerless and we set an appointment for his removal. Once he was removed they told us he would return to nothingness. That is the penalty for attaching. Luckily we have the connections we do. There are so many people who are attached and don’t even know. What you can’t see can hurt you. This is how I put it….Many of you are being tracked by ghosts. You can’t see them but they can see you. They wait till your vulnerable and an opening occurs then they attach, stealthily entering your energetic domain, stealing your presence and extending their time on Earth.  In most cases you won’t even know they are there. They attach and influence behavior and at times they can compromise your being. That is they can take you over. Read the post “Mike’s not here, I’m in control now” Over the last three weeks I have found ten people who are attached right now. We are not familiar with this phenomenon so disbelief and denial are prevelant. I can only share with you my knowledge. All I need is your name at birth and your birthdate to tell if you are attached. It takes a team of four to do what we do. Our office is located in Mission Bay area and we are available Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Once the removal is done you may find a new you. Read Molly’s testemonial from Missouri to get a better idea. I am finding a twenty percent rate of attachment these days. Could be the company I keep but as I say it’s an invisible epidemic. Depression and booze are a big in for them. You can E-mail me at Robertafterlife@gmail.com if you have any more questions.


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