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I was going through some older recordings and came across our session with Elvis Presley. I thought we would share this with you all. I was a big fan growing up and was very sad when he passed.  This communication was a number of years ago. It takes so much time for me to transcribe these tapes but in the end it is worth it. Enjoy

As the king of rock n’ roll.  We would like to call in Elvis Aaron Presley, the king of rock ‘n’ roll, Elvis Presley would you honor us with your presence today.  Sammy when you’ve got him let me know by lifting the forefinger on that right hand.

B:  That would be Elvis Presley, the king of rock ‘n’ roll, if you would honor us with your presence today.  Do you have him now?  Hello Elvis.

S:  Hello, he says what is it that you want to know?

B:   We’re putting together a compilation of people who have passed away that others want to hear a message from and we’ve been given this gift to communicate to the afterlife and you are one of the top 10 people that we want to communicate with.  Just to pass on a message about how it is in the afterlife, maybe things that you could’ve accomplished in your life, just to pass on a good message to people.

S:  And is it working?

B:  Well, we seem to be doing pretty well,  there’s a high interest in it.  We’re just putting the book together now, we hope to have it finished in a few months.

S:  He says he thinks that you’ll be met with much skepticism.

B:  We believe that too but if enough of the conversation is unique enough and I think then people will feel a ring of truth to what we provide.

S:  He says that would’ve made a good song.

B:  That would’ve made a good song, the ring of truth.

S:  So do you stay in contact with what’s going on here on earth? 

B:  He says from time to time he watches over his daughter, he says that there’s a lot of things that have gone on that he doesn’t approve of but every parent goes through that.

B:  you must’ve been surprised with the Michael Jackson deal?

S:  He says he was disgusted. 

B:  yes.  how’s your daughter doing now.

S:  She has a lot of problems, I feel responsible because the problems I feel she inherited from me.  Alcohol, drugs and she’s not happy.

B:  What’s the main reason why she’s not happy?

S:  Because she has all the riches and power and she realizes that it’s not what makes people happy.  So when you have all the riches and you’re still not happy then what do you do.  And unfortunately with me, I was into drugs and alcohol to kind of numb the pain I guess.

B:  Yeah, we really do miss you, we enjoyed you so much, all those years. 

S:  He’s saying that’s one of the reasons why he was unhappy because he felt that he was growing older and the type of music changed and he felt he was becoming a has been.

B:  Yeah, that was maybe easy for you but not for us.  We really did miss it.  And your music lives on – me and my friends, we listen to it all the time.  We’re going to sing one of your songs at the wedding for them – “Wise men say only fools rush in”, can you help me out with it a little bit.  They have all the look-a-like contests, on your birthday and the day you passed, it’s always a special day here.

S:  He’s surprised, he’s saying that towards to end he played to packed houses but he just felt as though his popularity was waning, even though the crowd said otherwise, sometimes when you get it in your head and what you see with your eyes, your mind tells you something different.

B:  We all understand that.  You’re still the king!

S:  He says he doesn’t mind being called a king but he always hated Elvis the Pelvis.

B:  Yeah, we do remember you as Elvis the pelvis, that was some nickname the media gave you wasn’t it?  Well your movies are still on the TV and I think you’re a legend. 

S:  He’s saying that he felt his acting was hard and the only reason why they put him in the movies because of his singing ability.  He’s really down on himself, he seems to be second guessing his abilities. 

L:  I’m sorry that you’re second guessing, you have phenomenal talent and I think your popularity, even to this day says that.  I just wanted to say that.

S:  He’s saying that’s usually where there’s people who have talent, they feel as though if it wasn’t for their talent or their abilities, what would truly be their outcome of their lives.

B:  I think that’s true with everyone, we all go through life and we wonder where we would be if not for something.

S:  he says he just recalls being very unhappy the last 4 or 5 years.  The drinking escalated, he just got to where he didn’t want to perform anymore, it was a chore he once loved.  He says that now he’s made fun of, he’s lampooned, he says it really isn’t so bad because when you think of these things about yourself anyway its like saying, see, I told you so.

B:  yeah.  Well I think you brought so many people so much  joy and that alone people going through their everyday lives they would trade their lives anytime.

S:  he’s also saying he feels guilty, he wonders why his twin brother died and he didn’t.  Many times he had asked people about that and they said lots of twins who have their brother or sister die at birth, they carry that guilt with them throughout life.

B:  And you did that also?

S:  yes

B:  have you been able to meet that spirit of your twin brother. 

S:  He said no, because at the moment of his death, there was a parting, his spirit went on to live and grow but his brothers went directly to another level and another time so their was no union.

B:  Often spirits change their own mind about coming into this life, so maybe they’ve made another choice.  That’s what we understand now.

S:  He says he remembers thinking many times he wishes his brother had survived and he had died.

B:  Yeah – have you reached that understanding now that you’re in the afterlife?

S:  He says some things have gotten a little better, a little more insight, he says one of the things he has more insight on is that growing up and being born in Mississippi you tend to stereotype people, and he’s finding out now that people are people. 

B:  Yeah, people are people, every where, we got so many of them now.  This whole country is just full of people.  Do you pay attention to any of the new bands?

S:  He says he doesn’t really pay that much attention, although, he does say that music is taking a turn for the worst. The lyrics don’t mean anything now, everything is electric and you can have one person in the band that plays everything, sounds like a full orchestra – there’s no individuality.

B:  Yeah, how were your guitarist skills?  People say maybe he was, maybe he wasn’t, how skillful do you feel you were on that guitar?

S:  My guitar skills were average at best, but it was my songwriting abilities and my singing that projected me into stardom.  Often the guitars in the movies were just a prop, now although I could play a little bit, much of my guitar playing was dubbed.

B:  Your death was totally accidental or were you aware of what you were doing?

S:  I knew that I was doing it, I knew the pill taking and everything was getting out of hand, but it’s like the car speeding towards the cliff, you just, you know the cliff is coming but you just don’t seem to care. 

B:  Does that affect you now, in the afterlife, do you know if you’re at one level or another?

S:  He saying it doesn’t affect him inadvertently because he didn’t actually take the pills to kill himself as some people do, although in the back of his mind he knew that it would really happen but he’s also saying it’s like an accomplice to a crime, that person is just as guilty by being there as if he committed the crime himself. It’s not as bad as some people who actually kill themselves but I have been allowed to move on to evolve as fast as I would and not done the things that I did.

B:  What level are you at now?  Do you know?

S:  He says he feels he’s on level 2.

B:  The gospel and all that religion, all that gospel singing, did that help you?

S:  It helps while you’re going through it, but as you get older you tend to turn your back on things, you tend to not go to the things that are familiar to you in your childhood that caused you to give you peace and give you strength and you just, you forget about all the things.

B:  What could you have changed about your life, if you could have changed anything?

S:  He says there are a few things that he would’ve changed.  For one thing he says, is that he would’ve like to have been closer to his father, he says also there’s some statements and things he said that he would take back that he realizes he should’ve never said.

B:  Were those public statements?

S:  One of them was said backstage and it was joking with the other members, he didn’t know that anyone was listening till later he realized that one of the door persons or one of the people that help with the stage had heard what he said and it got around pretty quickly that he’s said this.

B:  What was this statement?

S:  He says he feels ashamed to repeat it.

B:  And that put you in a bad light with the public, or?

S:  It was a racial statement.

B:  But you weren’t prejudice at all were you?

S:  Unfortunately I was.

B:  What message would you give to help people with that prejudice, to overcome it?

S:  He says on the one hand he feels that if he were to say anything, it wouldn’t do any good because unfortunately prejudice has always been and it will always be – there’s nothing a person can do or say to change a persons mind if they have a preconceived notion about someone.  They get it in their mind, they get stuck.  He says that himself of all people, shouldn’t be prejudice because at one time he had a nanny or teacher that was black and she helped him growing up, then unfortunately, stupidity prevailed. 

B:  Can you forgive yourself.  It seems like you’re punishing yourself for so many things, it’s just easy for me to say you can do it for a while, but you have to move on.

S:  Well, he’s saying that no one can do greater harm to you than you can do to yourself.  And that’s true with so many performers and entertainers, they put on a good show, they’re happy and all is well, but if you were to take a microscope and look into their personal lives you’d see drug addiction, alcoholism, sexual perversions, homosexuality, the list is endless, even actresses and actors – and it’s pretty typical. 

B:  Who was your greatest hero while you were alive?

S:  The greatest singer that I admired the most was Roy Orbison.

B:  He was lucky to get that song “Pretty Woman”, wasn’t he?

S:  It’s just the quality of his work that really appealed to me.

B:  I always think about that, to sing that song, because you had the opportunity to sing that, didn’t you.

S:  Yeah

B:  How come you didn’t like it?

S:  It’s not that I didn’t like it, it’s just that I admired Roy’s voice so much that I thought he would be better at it, and it looks like I was right.

B:  Yeah, you definitely were.  Was there any message you could leave, we’re going to write it in the book.  Any message for your daughter or your many fans?

S:  He says well he feels that she’s sad now, he says he has knowledge that they’re getting ready to close down Graceland and that this will make her very sad, but she should be proud of who she is and just take a minute and think back about her childhood and how happy things were, it’s one thing that no one can take away from you and that’s the past.

B:  Who made the decision to close down Graceland?

S:  He said that it was more than one person.  He’s saying that as the interest has been waning over the years, and the upkeep is so costly its more practical to close it down.

B:  Yes. And do you believe you’ll be coming back to the earth soon? 

S:  He says he doesn’t know.

B:  Well, if you could bath yourself in forgiveness, I hope you can do that.  As a matter of fact, who we’re using to channel at the moment, they have a band of their own and they love the music, they love to sing, they love to perform.  And maybe you could give them a helpful hint also.

S:  He’s saying that the only time that he was truly happy was when he was performing, on stage or even in the studio and those were the happiest moments of his life.  Of course the happiest was when his daughter was born, but next to that, performing and singing and being on tour and seeing all the people made him happy that he could make them be happy even though deep down inside he wasn’t happy with the way his life was going, he just loved the fact that they were happy, and the singing, screaming.

L:  That’s still true today, thanks for making us so very happy with great music and making great memories.

B:  And the colonel, did the colonel take good care of you?

S:  The Colonel was the best friend, throughout life, he was always right there for me.  And he could see the acorn, he knew the potential.

B:  Well, I think that we have enough to put in the book regarding what you had to say.  We hope that you have a happier thereafter and that you’re evolution and future lives and all the experiences that you have, I think you’ve learned from this life it will carry over and it will have a very positive effect on your future.

S:  He saying that’s there’s so many young people out there that have aspirations to be a singer, there is so much talent out there, he says for them not to get discouraged, there are a lot more wolves out there than when he was coming up through the music industry.  He says thank you for your words of advice.

B:  And thanks for the memories Elvis.

S:  He says, that’s another one of his good songs.

B:  We’re going to go now Elvis, you take good care, you will always be remembered.  Bye now.

Elvis has left the building.  Didn’t you love that?


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As a hypnotist I have been reading people’s past lives for over twenty years. I would put them into trance and take them back to those other lives where they could relive the emotions associated with them. A number of years ago I connected to the spirit world and found we could read those past lives without the person having to go into trance.  We can tell you what lives you have lived before and if you have ever lived a significant life. That is the most important and relative information you can acquire. To make the right choices and do the right things in life are essential otherwise you may get caught up in a myriad of karmic debt. This is your vacation from eternity. Spend it wisely and accumulate all the good grace you can while your here. You can’t take money when you go but you can take your experiences and your good graces. Help a child or an elderly person. Or maybe you get joy from helping the animals. Making a difference here on earth is the key to living a significant life. I promised to share a persons past life reading with you coming into the New Years. This life was read for Rudy, a friend of mine who lives in Boston. He knows of our abilities in this field and wanted to find out what lives he had lived before. We also agreed to read for his wife Dora  to see if by chance they were connected in a previous time. Their two year old child is present so we would check the babies lives also. Here is the session in entirety.  

 I put my sister into trance and she starts the session:  I have the papers. I have the information I need.


All right, you have the information then?

Yes I have the information. We will start with the baby. This is the babies first time now. First life ever. Brand new.

B. Well that was easy.

N. So she is done and the page turns. So for the man, okay. I can hardly read the writing but there is a map and it’s showing me Greece. So it looks like he is Greek. I am having trouble reading that. So are you there? So do you know what a Pythagorean is? He is a mathematician and a philosopher. So he is born(my sister is having some problems since it was BC.) It’s hard to tell if I have the dates right. So it is 582 BC. That’s what that is. He is a disciple for something that is short for a Pythagorean. Or someone. So that is he born in 582 BC. Is a disciple so what he is a teacher. He’s doing some teachings of math of some sorts. So what they do is you used to travel all over. Around Italy… I’m not sure what he sells. But then he was born and I don’t know his name its because I cannot pronounce it. It is written kind of strange. Like starts with a Q.  So he only goes by time. Or he is a creator of time. By the clock what they think is time. It is all done mathematically. Do you know what Samos is? It is an island called Samos. That is where he was born. He leaves and travels around with the dad when he is young. This is Rudy. And he is researching math and the way they see things. Like the first time they looked at the Earth they saw it as a globe. Instead of being flat. When something to do with two sides and something in between the sun. I know the group he is in he is philosopher and mathematician. Anyway, he is traveling around back and forth.

There is a lot of slaughtering going on, wars going on and they don’t like these guys. They are a group of disciples following something to do with Pythagoras.

But they are friends, they have been friends. For a really long time. It just shows that he travels and that he dies late in life. He’s kind of too old to fight with these people so he runs. So he can’t really defend himself at this point. He runs. I am seeing most of this but I am also reading words. There is a word’ Crotin” C.R.O.T. I .N. Do you know what that is? So Crotin people, they  are people who slaughtered people, in his time. He teaches though, all over the place. He had been to Egypt, and in his teaching, is carrying on certain philosophies. With all these other people. The person that taught him died.( Dies or is killed?) I ask. No dies, he is old and he runs too. But they get split up somehow. And he does everything that had to do with numbers. He does time, they use it for everything. So his death later in life he died because he got an ear infection. It turned into an abscess. So that is what killed him.

B, did he have brothers and sisters?

Two brothers, but they went their separate ways. He’s the only one who stuck with dad. And he went to some place… M-E-T-P-H-O…? And it’s in Italy because it shows the travel. So that’s where he died there. But in his early 20s he’s traveling all around doing numbers with people teaching them numbers mathematics. They were the first people to believe the Earth was a globe. He studied some astrology, he did a little bit of everything but mathematics was his greatest. There were lots of folks.

Doesn’t give you how many lives that he has had?

One… One life before this one.

He has only had one life before? And being that far back?

He’s a teacher and he’s very intelligent. All these folks are. So… but he has teachings of somebody, some main guy and that main guy with some teachings from some other big wig.

Are you getting any names on these people?

Only the name of the group. Almost like a religion. A very large group. Always looking for something. Looking for the meaning of this and that. And that’s what he is doing in this life to. Making a difference. So that carries over from the other life. And that’s how it goes on with the spirit guides for him. Because he has had several guides. One of those spirit guides was a buddy from when he was alive before. And he is helping him now. And he wanted to explain something he wants to explain that when you’re below where he is and they are above. They can come together it’s called soul planes. Between physical and energetic. But people tend not to listen to their spirit guides at all. They do not just sit and relax. Rudy absolutely does not. And he doesn’t get in touch with his spirit guide. What they are saying about him relaxing and taking some time out to meditate. He’s going to get all his answers when he is able to communicate with his spirit guides.

He could do that in trance.

Yes, he could do that in trance. Sure, if he could go down. He could do it on his own. I don’t see any reason why he couldn’t. It would just take time. But people don’t stay in touch. That’s what we learned.

So the guide that’s with him right now is the one that was there.

Yes, they were old men friends for a long time.

Do you know his name?

Just Greek words… But I have no idea. They are all spelled out in Greek right here. I got stars? You know what I mean? It looks like I have the little star of David. Underneath these scripts. The rest is like I’m watching a film of him.

So he needs to learn to get into a meditative state asking to get information from the universal knowledge.

But they’re leaving notes around about Alzheimer’s disease. What they have to say about it is that it’s been around a long time. Quite a while. What they’re saying is their own philosophy here over here is that it has everything to do with food. And it’s a mixture  of this and it’s a mixture of that. But it all points back to the food and what they’re saying is that you could do more research. But they all tend to say it’s about the food. He said he’ll let you know more about this in the future these are just some of the papers that were left. So if you could see where I am at you would see I’m sitting inside and I only have like a flame on my papers. I can see I’m just saying this is where I am at. The writings are in his time. It’s on really thick paper it’s weird but it’s okay. You know that’s about it and he will be doing great things, that’s what they say for him. He does need a lot of training in this field because this is all new to him. He could do great breathing techniques and talk to the guide. And that would be very helpful and put out of piece of paper and pencil and when he is talking to the guide whatever answer pops into his mind that’s the guide communicating with him. That’s his answer from them. So when you pass your going to meet up with him again. It’s like a twin plane that’s what the writing says a twin plane. Here he is, there they are and once he passes they will come together.

They will merge?

He will merge when he passes. And they will make a decision on who comes back. Or they may both go their separate ways. And then it may not even be the same guide, they change. They change on a needing basis. What ever he needs. And that’s what they do. What I have with me is what I’m reading and also what the doggies are saying. They are chatting. They are not complaining but our conversation is private for them. Whatever there’s talking about is not for me to say. Because what they’re saying is this is really strange for them. But they can come into this space but they are asked me not to voice what they say. That’s all.

Rudy are there any other questions you want to ask from the pages she has read?

One term. The food.  Oshwaganda.

What is it?

It’s a root.

It may come up in her life but I have no information on it. I could ask Lane. But I know he has not done any research on it. We could ask later. But we were not prepared because he just asked that question today.(that being me only asking about the subject Alzheimer’s earlier in the day). Now we had done the past lifework in the last few days and that’s what I have here.

Now for the female I have the year 1742. So she’s a normal lady who likes to dabble in different sorts of plants. She was considered a witch so, back then she’s not but that’s what she was considered. So she made mixtures and hallucinogens with things. So she knows how to make things like that. She made the belladonna, with cannabis and with Brickberry. There are all kinds of different things she was making. She didn’t get killed but she would make the hallucinogens. This is where they came about with witches and brooms. This is something about history with brooms and witches. They actually did sexual acts with the broom with the hallucinogenic on there. To see if it would absorb through the skin. It was actually the only place it would absorb through the skin where she could do this and have other people like her group of people put this stuff that she made and it’s hallucinogenic that’s why they really thought they were witches. They really thought they were witches. They even thought they went on flights. They think they were a bird, they think they changed into a Raven. But they really believed it. She actually went on to make quite a bit of different hallucinogens. She made different types of medicine that healed people allegedly but it was more about numbing. This is our second life, this life and one more. That’s what I have here. She lived to be 26 years old in that life. She died of fever.

Now the Greek life, that is significant for him. Because he helped a lot of people. And taught a lot of people wherever he went.

Now she traveled… She really was born in Asia in Uzbekistan. She did not look Asian she looked more Arab… We have Abigail for her and we have Oliver for him. Those are their guides. (Did she know Abigail before?) Yes, they were the same time palling around. But Abigail lived longer. Now both of these guides want to communicate directly to them if they’re pretty much open to it. So, she could call her in when things are calm and the baby is in bed. They need to practice sitting with the paper in hand and whatever comes to mind write down. With the question you will get your answer. And it’s not going to be on a subconscious level it’s going to be conscious. Because you will be hearing it. The only reason you wouldn’t hear it is because you’re not open. And not just closed. And there’s other paper here for you pointing to me for later. For when you walk me to the car.

Now do understand the true life is over there. That is where you both were the whole time between these lives. But you traveled around to different spaces. Now remember it’s a choice to stay or not. This is like an experience here on earth. But it’s not your true life.

Now the dogs are talking and they’re saying they would like to travel the streets more. There is a place up there they like to go. Plus they would like Steve to buck up. For Steve to relax. They said let’s play some music in here. They like it.

Now when Dora was working with these plants and hallucinogens was that for treating people? Or fun?

Both,She actually created potions to kill people off. And the reason was there was a lot of… People from that place Uzbekistan she wasn’t very welcomed over there. It was the color of her skin the beauty the way she dressed. But actually she was pretty good at making things… Potions… Some things to help people other things to kill people. And then the other things the hallucinogens. They were scared of her which made it good for her. And I believe she killed two. Those two were sent into their little group. They had their own group. They were isolated. The two were thrown into the group by somebody in charge. Everyone was scared of their camp. She could send them away hallucinating. But also helping people, if people had like a leg wound she would help them. And that would be considered a significant life for her also. To make a difference. There were 18 in her group. She came with her knowledge from Uzbekistan you had already been doing this since you were eight. And I believe with mother and grandmother. Because the way that they had to make money was to sell things that help people allegedly potions. And that was her job helping to make the mixtures. She came to England at the age of 19. And their little village almost get wiped out. At 18 women there and some men but the women were in charge. You had really long hair and dark skin. And she’s able to bring up parts of her past life into this life. But the in between time between those lives you can take on any shape or form you like and you have a life there. It’s not like a nothingness. It’s Happy and free.

We bring my sister out of trance.

Well that was kind of interesting I say.

My sister adds that there were two others who were present one for each both Rudy and Dora. Somebody who has passed and wanted to talk but I cannot talk to them. They are from another level. I can tell you he was an older man. The woman in the wedding photos on the shelf was present also. Just moving about, quietly talking to the dogs. But when she talks it sounds like screeching to me. Probably meaning she hasn’t crossed over. I can see them in a weird way but it makes me queasy. I just can’t communicate with them.

Rudy asked if she remembered much?

Some stuff but I’m not really familiar with Italy. I know he was Greek but he ended up dying in Italy.

Rudy was googling the information at the same time the reading was being done. He found the times and places all corresponded with actual written history. He would later access more information when he returned home to Boston from Harvard’s library.

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