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I have someone flying in from out-of-state for a ghost removal next week. The truth is the darkness is upon many of us.  They are ghosts, free to attach and influence at their own will. It is an invisible epidemic. If you take the time to review some of my blogs on attachments you would find they will attach to young children and the weak. Those who drink too much or do certain drugs or have been abused. They are upon the rich and the poor. The homeless and the housewife. They are not devils or demons but ordinary ghosts who refuse to move on and decide to stay here and rob the living. One living body can house numerous ghosts because once one gets in they can welcome others. One person I know has thirty-five ghosts attached to him. He no longer runs the show. If you find yourself in depression or feeling and acting out of sorts then you might check to see if you have been attached. There is a spirit guide named Spencer Wycliff , a cattle rancher from the 1800’s who works with us and  will detail when the ghost attached to you and what behaviors in you they effect. All my work is done with trance and our ability to communicate with heaven. Our team could do forty removals a week forever. That’s how numerous they are. Read where once the attachments are removed physical ailments also leave. It’s truly amazing. Life was meant for one soul per body but that seems to have changed. I may be on the low side  when I say twenty percent of the people are attached. Parasitic in nature ghosts need energy to carry on with their lives if they remain here on earth. They should have moved to the light at their time of death.  Instead they ghost and wait to  find openings into your energetic field. Once in they can attach and influence and compromise anyone. Read “Mikes not here I’m in control now” where these hobos who were alcoholics from the forties attach to Mike and influence him to give all his worldly possessions away. He eventually ends up in county mental health. Luckily he knew of us and we were able to remove them. Ghosts have attacked members of my team before in an effort to stop us. Read the blog ” A powerful attachment on a nurse” where my sister is attacked by a driverless car. I check lots of people every week to make sure they are clear. All I need to check is your name at birth and your birthdate. If you have gone to black out while drinking or been abused in any way during your life your energetic field may have openings they can enter through. You can message me at robertafterlife@gmail or comment here on ghostremover.com and I will check for you.  It’s time the truth is told.


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