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As you probably noticed I haven’t been writing the past several weeks. That’s because we’ve been busy doing what we do best. Changing Peoples lives. Our work is starting to grow exponentially and we started doing a documentary for Brazil. Hollywood is even doing a reality show on exorcism. Soon enough we may become mainstream. Wouldn’t that be something?  We did thirteen ghostremovals over the past six weeks. Each one different in the strength of the attachment and the effects it was having on that person’s life. The first story I will tell you is the one we filmed. This woman Linda had four attachments. The first one occurred over thirty years ago when she was twenty-seven. It had caused a life of heartache and pain for not only her but her family and friends as well.  We are often able to detail the history of the ghost who attaches and in this case it was quite amazing. This one  was a witch on earth three hundred and fifty years ago. After death he stayed ghosting and has been attaching various people ever since. Once each host would die he would just move on to another. We were able to get this extra insight because my sister Nini was present. If you have read the other stories you know that she has been attacked on a number of occasions by ghosts and would rather not be around when we do the actual removals. I had asked her there that evening to do a past life reading for our friend Lilli. That will be another story in itself. (google Clovis people ) But while in trance my sister could see the ghost and described it. She said it stretched far outside the woman surveying everyone. “Sizing everyone up” she said. She described it as looking  like something emerging from a tar pit and was not recognizable that it had ever before  been  human. I’m thinking this was probably where the demon thing  came from. We have found they distort more and more as time goes on from the human form they had while living. I remember an earlier case where a young woman was attached by the ghost of a chinese slave and he had totally distorted into some giant worm like  monstrosity after a thousand years ghosting. It’s only in trance state that Marcos or my sister can see and describe them. The woman from Brazil had acquired three more attachments later in life which would cause other behavior changes but nothing as dark and sinister as the witch. I was well aware of his dark presence when I looked into her eyes before putting her into trance. Once she was in trance we went to work. Marcos is now doing the removals. While in trace he can track their location in the body much faster than I do out of trance. He was in for a challenge removing this one though. It took twice as long as any other removal we had ever done. Marcos at one point had to leave his body and shrink himself down to wrestle loose the attachment. That was a first. Lindas’ body was often convulsing during the removal process. Finally Marcos had all four removed and I had Linda rest extra before bringing her out from trance. It’s always great to look into the persons eyes once the removal is done and in her case it was remarkable. A new person was there. Light and clear and I watched as she smiled. What a transformation. Thirty years of darkness gone. It was gratifying to see.


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