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I am and will forever be grateful to you and your team for your efforts in removing my attachment several months ago. As you know, I became attached 12 to 13 years ago by a spirit who’s intentions were actually positive in nature. It’s initial intentions were to help me to get into better shape which, in retrospect, coincides with the period of my life in which I made my greatest effort ever to improve my health and fitness. Despite this initial positive impact, I now know that my attachment had remained in place sapping my energy levels consistently and slowly draining me mentally and physically. A member of your team expressed that ghosting spirits whom I knew well had been entering through my exposed emotional opening though again, not for negative purposes. It was mostly for the purpose of spending the times they enjoyed watching the games with myself and the guys, but it was still completely wearing me down. Despite my attachments being positive in nature, the removal has changed my life.
Since the removal, I have been rejuvinated in both body and in mind. In July I essentially fell into a new job that while potentially lucrative, I was genuinely concerned about my limitations in terms of experience. A dear friend had put me into the position with the belief that “you’re smart enough, you’ll figure it out.” Needless to say, my struggles were bordering on overwhelming for the first few months. Shortly after my session with you and your team, I had that golden moment that just announces “I get it!” There is no doubt in my mind that my removal held a huge importance in my getting to that place. Bob, I can’t offer enough thanks for your kindness and assistance. My life has taken a huge positive turn since working with you and your guys. I’m just disappointed I waited so long to allow for your assistance.

We should grab beers soon.

Thanks my man,


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