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We have been busy moving lost souls the last few weeks. Know what a Ghoul is? It’s an evil GH-osting  s-OUL. Just because you’re ghosting doesn’t make you evil. Ghosts are just like people. There are good and  there are bad and then there are really evil ones. An Example would be Charles Manson. Do you have  an idea what Manson might do when he leaves his physical body?  I can almost guarantee there is no way he is going to the light to meet his maker.  I’m pretty sure he will ghost and attach and continue to attach multiple times. If our team is within a hundred yards at his death we could nab him and send him to the light preventing that from happening. The odds of us being there at the right time though is slim to none. Now the evil guys are the ones who attach and set out to ruin your life. As you read our other stories you will find they will attach to energetically weakened bodies and slowly attempt to influence and compromise them. It has taken many years of learning and exploratory work to do what we do.  Most people come to find us through a higher source. Mainly their personal guides direct them to us. Read Marias’ story where she walks a mile through her neighborhood seemingly in a random fashion to find us. It was her personal guide who directed her. With our knowledge we can unattach you or  your children and give your lives back to you. I am finding more and more young people are being attached. Has your child changed so much you don’t even know them?  I will tell a story later this week where  we may have been too late with the removal.  The person had been attached for the last ten years by four different ghosts. I am afraid they may have made him crazy.  He was not totally innocent in getting attached. A heavy drinker and hard drug user for years. I’m going to add his phone message to the site so you get an idea of what I am talking about.

On another subject we crossed two souls to the other side who had taken their own lives. They were both young females. The spirit world or “Heaven” calls suicide ” A permanent solution to a temporary problem.”  It was so sad for them both to find that they didn’t really kill themselves. Instead they destroyed an intricate physical vehicle  gifted them. A vehicle which allows us to experience this incredible earth life adventure. Our vacation from eternity. We are the ultimate in 3-D holograms hurtling through space. Building families and creating beauty along the way. We truly are avatars. If your interested in finding what types of lives you have lived we have access to that knowledge. My sister reads from the book of  lives for people all the time. Once you learn who you are and what you are here for it’s going to change the way you view life.  This is my 32nd life. The problem being most weren’t significant ones where I did or accomplished anything of real value.  That is what I am attempting to do with this one. How to make it significant? =  Change and influence the lives of many. Now you all have your own beliefs about life. I’m not looking to change those. What I am doing is introducing  information that has been hidden away. The darkness has had a free rein for too long and we want to change  that. Would you trade your soul to be a rich man? Well if a ghost attaches to a rich man and lives the life of a rich man without earning it themselves then it will cost that spirit it’s soul.  Back to the pool of energy where souls are created.  There is no hell as punishment they tell us. Only the darkness and the nothingness. If you are put into the darkness you remain there for an indeterminate time with no communication out or in. Some years ago the other side asked if I knew of a Kurt Cobain. They let me know he had just been freed from the darkness. If you go to the nothingness that is the worst. You no longer exist. There are many heading there. Live the best life you can and treat people as you want to be treated and you will be just fine.


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