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Ghostremover update.

  In the last two weeks we cleared twenty eight people from ghostly attachments. Some radical, others not so radical.  Attachments  are invisible to the five senses but by utilizing the sixth and seventh senses through hypnosis we can detect them and  remove them and return them to the spirit world. They are the true darkness within our physical  world. Once one touches upon the dark things in life they are open to being attached. Even if it is not your doing. Mental or physical  abuse, molestation or  physical accidents  can create the openings they enter through. Then there are  the issues of drugs and alcohol abuse. Prolonged depression is almost a guarantee to being attached. A handicapped man and even an eighteen month old little girl were among those twenty eight we did  those removals for. Ghosts have no moral compass. They want to prolong their stay here on earth at all cost. They are the true vampires who feed only on the negative.  Many returning soldiers are attached by the very ghosts of the men they killed in war and many are later driven to suicide by those same ghosts. It doesn’t matter how one gets attached for their lives to head in a downward spiral.  The more attachments on a person the higher the possibility of being compromised even further.  When you walk about town become aware of the heavily attached. They will be having conversations within themselves. The different personalities within the person will argue about who will now run the show while the true owner of that body is tied off and maybe never to be heard from again. These people need to be helped. Not by pills or some prolonged therapy but by doing the removal itself. It takes us less than a half hour to clear a person. If you know someone,  maybe even a family member who is not the person you use to know maybe they have become attached.  We are here to help. With their name at birth and birthdate we can start the detection process.


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