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As many of you know from listening to darknessradio our team has been removing ghostly attachments for the past fifteen years. I was asked last month to be a guest and talk about what we do. From that I knew we would be inundated with queries. Hundreds of people sent us their information to be checked and sixty percent came back positive for attachments. What follows is a very haunting case that just happened to be in our locale. I will include their introduction email then what we discovered during our intervention. Their follow up letter back to radiodarkness will appear at the end.

Dear Mr. Major;

Thank you for the enjoyable and enlightening information shared recently on  Darkness Radio. We are hopeful that you are the blessing we have been waiting  for. Two of us are writing this email to you, Daniela and myself, Susan. As  neighbors we live one block from each other and have both had uncomfortable  experiences which we strongly feel are paranormal activity in and around our  homes. .

Activity has gone on now for ten years in my home, I have initially sought  the help of the Catholic Church and even went through a native American  cleansing ceremony which brought only temporary relief. Daniela for the first  time got proactive and used Holy Water yesterday. She did a blessing after her  younger daughter saw a shadow person yesterday morning, but her older daughter  still experienced a bad nightmare last night. Neither daughter knew of the  other’s experience.

Paranormal activity has ranged as follows;

seeing shadow people in both our homes, the most recent a week ago in my   home and yesterday morning Daniela’s 19 year-old daughter witnessed a shadow   person dart past the open bathroom door while looking in the mirror while   applying make-up.

objects disappearing

violent nightmares that wake me up in a rage and a sweat

Daniela’s 22 year old daughter has had violent nightmares since age four or   five, last night a nightmare so violent she could not talk about it this   morning

personal physical attacks, one that caused me to break my wrist, another   that catapulted me into an empty Jacuzzi,

doors slamming, doors being unlocked and opening

….and more that might be easier to discuss with you directly. May we speak  with you? We live in the community of Tierrasanta and are willing to follow your  lead. Daniela and I do not feel safe in our homes, especially alone and at  night. We are determined, and we refuse to give up. We are grateful for your  consideration in this matter.

Bless you and all you do,

My response:

Hi Susan,
 I live right west of you. In both your cases it would be good for us to come to your homes and have everyone present that has been affected. we can do removals and clear both houses and surrounding areas at the same time. I will see what our schedule is this weekend. I am seeing my sister this afternoon for name checks so your a little late to check for this week through her. I will call you tomorrow to talk.
After checking everyone in both houses for attachments I emailed Daniela because Susan was having issues with her computer.
Hi Daniela,
You all are attached. Are you available at home this Sunday at noon? I would like to come by with my team to determine the extent of activity at your homes.
Daniela emailed back,
Dear Robert,
God bless you and thank you for your quick confirmation that we have attachments.  This, of course, makes me very frightened but  also relieved to know that it may be the basis of conflict in our home.  My concern is most for my daughters.
I called my husband at work today and pretty much begged him to participate.  (If you recall, Susan mentioned to you that my husband is neither a supporter nor a believer, and a very devout Catholic.)  Susan and I had hoped to do this while he was out of town on the weekend of July 20th or 21st; and we had intended to send the girls away to not cause them any alarm.  However, given that he and the girls have attachments, I believe it is important for them to be present.  My younger daughter is going out of town tonight, but will be back Saturday.  So, this is indeed the weekend all will be here.
May I please have until tomorrow to let you know about this weekend?   I would like an opportunity to try to convince my husband as he believes all this is nonsense.  I am also concerned about being able to convince my daughters as their fear is giving more power to negativity.  They don’t even want to talk about it as they are the ones with the experiences.  I honestly do not even know how to begin to approach this with my daughters as my younger daughter is going out of town tonight.  She will be back Saturday, though.    I will have to come up with something, however, as I really do fear for them.  I am open to and grateful for any suggestions you may have, Robert.
Susan will be available either weekend.  For me, the sooner, the better.  I will contact you tomorrow morning if that is ok.  Thank you, Robert; and if you cannot wait and must give the Sunday noon appointment to someone else, I do understand.  Susan and I thank you with all our hearts.  You cannot even imagine what is going through my mind right now.  Knowledge is power; though, and I live by that.
 We proceeded to set our intervention for the coming Sunday. Attachments can start acting up once they know we are coming after them so we try to get on it right away. I call the team to make sure everyone can make it on Sunday. We have been developing some strong new talent and I wanted them all there to participate for this one.
 The team arrives at noon that Sunday to a seemingly nice little quaint community. Most houses are tract homes that were built in the 1980’s.
From the outside everything looks normal but once we walked into Susans’ home we could sense the ghostly presence. Today would be special because all the newest members of the team were going to be there. Besides our incredibly talented Brittany, Ghostremover extraordinaire, we also have found Angelica. She had been attached and once we did the removal we  were told she would be able to seal the openings the ghost enter through. Then there is Brett and he ghost hunts using special electronic equipment. He travelled from Los Angeles to sit in on this session. He wanted to test and see if we would be able to collaborate together. We all introduce ourselves and sit for a little bit getting to know one another and learning the history of the house. Susan seems so grateful that we are there. She told us she had tried everything possible to no avail. I assured her we would take care of business and not to worry. The team is ready. I have everyone except Brett enter trance and tell them to let me know what they see. They let me know there are numerous ghosts there and they are very angry that we are present. Mostly Indians they say from local area tribes that passed a long time ago. They were buried there and that is why there were so many. Two young children were ghosting and running amok through the home. The first thing we want to do is remove the attachments then we will get to those that are just ghosting.
  A history of both women’s attachments is revealed. How they got on, how long they have been on and what they were doing to them. Daniela’s attachment was quite angry. Nini was telling how the attachment was wagging her finger back and forth as if we were doing something wrong there.  That is common. Nini details when the attachment got on. It was in Hawaii around fourteen years ago. Daniela answers that indeed she had travelled to Hawaii during that time. She was carrying a Bible with her so maybe she was a missionary Nini says.
There are three others also present but do not influence like this one does. They cause physical problems as well they say. ( I will return to write more here but I have to go and eat) I will include the last letter sent to Darkness radio and then return to finish our story later.
Dear Dave,
First of all, thank you for Darkness Radio.  I listen to you and Tim on podcast every day on my walks here in San Diego.  I guess you can say you are my walking buddies. Because I listen to you all the time, I know how serious you both are about having credible guests on your show.  “Is my baby…save it”, need I say more?  That is why I contacted Robert Major without hesitation; and he and his team, (who we have affectionately dubbed “the power rangers”), did not disappoint.
My friend , Susan, had been having disturbing paranormal activity in her home and personal attacks for many years.  From apparitions to doors slamming in the middle of the day or night to her being catapulted into her empty jacuzzi, the list is as long as my forearm.  (Susan was a victim of an Apache curse).
Since the day I met her, almost a year ago, I was on a quest to help her.  We tried many avenues, but to no avail.  And then…. I heard Robert’s story.  It made sense to me.  As I was listening to him speak, I thought “I wonder where he lives and if he would be willing to travel to Susan’s home,”; and then he said he lived in San Diego.  WE CONTACTED HIM IMMEDIATELY.
Robert Major and his power ranger team is wonderful, Dave!  From the moment we contacted him, he and his team were right on it.   Yes, there were attachments, and last Sunday, Robert and his incredible power rangers removed seven attachments from Susan and six other ghosts from her home.  For the first time in many years, Susan slept through the night.  Indeed, for the past three nights (since the removals) she has had uninterrupted sleep.  She never used to be able to sleep at night. Something would always wake her at 3 am or 4 am without fail and often times with violent nightmares.  So, this is a big deal that Susan is able to get a good night’s rest.  It appears even her cat, Izzy, has benefitted.  Robert’s sister communicated with Izzy’s spirit and correctly diagnosed a serious health condition Izzy suffers from.  Robert’s sister did this without meeting Izzy face to face as the cat was upstairs. Another plus, now Izzy sleeps in her cat bed, something Izzy has not been willing to do for the past two years.  She would leap out of it, the minute Susan would put her in it.
Robert is now working with me  He has removed my attachments.; but some of my loved ones have attachments as well.  Robert and I are hoping to be able to work with my priest to help them.  It is not easy, sometimes, when the victims of these attachments are not willing.  Susan and I are meeting with my priest tomorrow.  I feel it is important for her to be there so she can testify to the positive changes she has experienced in her life.  Please keep us in your prayers that we will have my priest’s support as this is important to the persons who are attached.
From what I have witnessed, I can see that Robert and his wonderful team of dedicated souls (on this side and the other) are willing to do whatever it takes to rid this world of this terrible and sometimes covert evil.  I will be honest and say that I don’t know what they do or how they do it; but they certainly get the job done.   Maybe, you can have Robert on the show again.   I’d really love for you to talk to him about that in greater detail.   I think its important to get this information out there.  I still can’t believe he was here in San Diego all this time.
In closing, Dave, know that you and Tim and your show really do make a difference.  Just think how many lives you have improved with just this one. I always look forward to your podcasts.  Maybe, three hours some day?  I know, I know, we only recently were granted two hours.  We can hope.
God bless you, your work, and your family

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