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A scientific view of being attached. This would be Multiple Personality Disorders. A condition where extreme trauma has shaken a person’s psyche. This is how they wrote it up. “In these cases it would appear that different people were sharing the very same body, either peacefully or not so peacefully. Some would have a wide array of personalities-including boys, teens,women, and men-yet all these very different “people” were actually facets of the same overall person. Studies have shown that in some cases, different personalities within the same body have even had different allergic responses-such as common allergies to animals, pollens,or foods-with some sub-personalities being very allergic to something and others who are expressing through the very same body, having no allergic reaction at all. Some sub-personalities have been shown to have different brain wave patterns, handwriting styles, gender identifications, left and right handedness,voice patterns, reactions to different medications, cysts and diseases that appear and disappear depending on the personality, and different levels of visual acuity. Some multiples even have to change to different prescription glasses, depending on who’s steering the ship at any moment. You won’t find a more compelling demonstration of the amazing and flexible power of your mind and the fluid nature of personality!”

Now in our world of attachments the trauma the person faced caused a fracture in the energetic field. This in turn allows foreign ghostly entities to enter and take partial ownership of the body and in some cases they compromise the body completely. When we do removals oftentimes physical pains disappear. In one case the woman no longer needed to wear glasses. The scientific world needs to wake up. Energetic disease is rampant in this country and causes a majority of our mental health problems.


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