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My sister and I are guest on Darkness Radio with Dave and Tim. Here is the link. Just copy and paste in your browser search engine.



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Todays session was incredible. A family of four travelled to San Diego from Houston,Texas this 4th of July weekend. We have know this whole family was attached by Ghosts. What we didn’t know was these ghosts were seeking revenge and had been searching for this husband for over three thousand years. We learned that he lived in Scotland in a previous life during the Beaker period and took part in the slaughter of an entire village. Women, children, everyone in the village. These Scottish warrior ghosts finally found him in this life and attached to his entire family causing all kinds of issues in an effort to destroy his family just as he had destroyed theirs so long ago. We cleared this family of thirty attachments and sent them back to the other side. I am still researching all the information given in session and will add more as I transcribe.

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