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Here is a ghostremover update. We were contacted by a young couple in January. They were from Oklahoma and the husband Ryan was diagnosed with stage 4 Non hodgkins Lymphoma. They were doing healing sessions in Mexico and they met someone who knew of us. They asked us to check for attachments and we found the husband was indeed attached. We met with them in mid January when they made a day trip over from Mexico. He was in pretty dire straits and had a lot of difficulty breathing. During our session we found he had several attachments in the lung areas. Here is a text I received this week on our follow up.
Things are going really well. Since we saw you and your sister Ryan hasn’t had anymore lung issues. We do believe after overseas alternative treatments that the cancer has died and we are now in detox/healing stage. Thank you
Even though the attachments were not causing the cancer we believe they were in the way of the healing process as they were causing such an issue in his ability to breath. Hopefully he has a long life ahead.


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