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I took my family to see Robert and his sister Nini about a month ago. I need to share our experience with them. They are angels themselves and helped us out so much.
I went there because of my daughter because she has been having health issues for years. She had two surgeries for a tumor in her head. Every time we’ve gone to the doctor to try to figure out why she can’t sleep, focus or why she was feeling crazy all they could tell me is she’s a mystery. We found out that she was attached by two ghosts and they were interfering with her sleep concentration focus anxiety and since they removed them from her she is so much better and feeling better it’s amazing. I wish I would have known about Robert and his sister years ago and maybe my daughters life would’ve been a little easier. She is still working on her sleep but everything else is better.
I found out I was attached by two ghosts and for the last eight months to a year my blood pressure has been 198/84 and I felt like I was having a heart attack a lot. Also I would be very sad and I would cry all the time and worry. Not just normal worry but intense to where I was making myself crazy.After having them removed even that day just a couple hours later I checked my blood pressure and it was 123 /76. I feel so much better!
My son had always complained about his shoulder hurting and he was attached by one and it was affecting his shoulder. His shoulder doesn’t hurt anymore.
My husband was attached by seven! After getting them removed from him well things are so much better. He didn’t notice a lot of difference but my kids and I see a huge difference. Easier to talk to and everyone is so much closer. Here’s the weird thing when they removed one of them they said the room really smelled bad. The weird thing is for a long time he would have this odor sometimes that was sour on his shirts and bath towel. I realized two days after that that smell was no longer on him or in the house it is completely gone!
The last one is my mom who is 85 years old. She has Alzheimer’s and it’s a terrible thing to have. I’m not saying that they can cure alzheimer’s  but they can make it so much easier to live with. My mom was  attached  by seven and they removed them from her. Now I am dealing just with Alzheimer’s. Still very hard to  deal with the short-term memory and all that goes on with that. But she’s a lot nicer.
When my mom was attached it was weird at times she would totally change and hunch over. Her eyes would change and her face would become very wrinkled and she would become very suspicious and very amusing. Also she would fight with me and get in my face constantly. She would have moments shopping and would steal and we had to go to court for that. She had a pain in the top of her head 24 seven. All of that is gone also the pain in her head is gone which is amazing. Just the other day she told me you know when I’m in the store and I’m shopping I don’t hear that voice anymore that told me to take it take it you want to take it. That’s weird but true!
These two wonderful people are amazing and are doing a wonderful thing. I’m so grateful for what they have done for me and my family! Not only is my family feeling better but the whole house has a different feel it’s a lot lighter.
We have never been happier as a family.
Thanks again ROBERT AND NINI


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