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Wild Child

Ghostremover does it again… This story even shocked me. We had been waiting for this family to make their way to San Diego for the past month for removals. As before attachments tend to run in families. The removal I will tell you about concerns a 6yr old boy.
The father told me beforehand that his child was wild. Little did I suspect he was truly wild. The family drove 12 hours to come and see us but this boy was determined he was not having anything to do with us. He left the office and walked along the balcony saying he wasn’t coming in. It took maybe ten minutes before he was back in the office with quite a bit of coaxing from both parents. Bribes, threats whatever it took but he was reluctantly present. We get a read on him and found he had 8 attachments. Four Indians and four large felines, leopards. What? We had never encountered this in the eighteen years we have been doing removals. He moved under chairs behind the desk on all fours. He jumped up and down from the massage table and under the table staring at me, he growled like a large cat would. I could see the fear in his eyes. I asked how he was attached by the leopards? “The Indians brought them in when he was just an infant they said.” So they didn’t enter of their own accord then? Correct. Whew relief of sorts because I thought I had seen it all over the years. Now we have to keep him stable so we can do the removal but he won’t lie still long enough. We got bits and pieces and thought at one point that we weren’t going to get the lead Cat. Then at the last moment we were able to clear him completely. Immediately he calms down and starts talking as if nothing had happened. Just a young boy having a conversation with us. His mom looked at me and says ” When he was two and a half he told me he was the Mom and he was the boss.” She realized then it was the leopard talking to her and not her son. We cleared everyone else with no problem. They were all attached by Indians. Indians who believed it was ok because the white people had taken their lives way too soon and they wanted to still be here and live their lives out. Of course at these peoples expense. I will let you know how the boy is as time passes. He will most likely still have residual behaviors which should pass in the next two to three months. Back to the boy he is truly meant to be. I wonder how many other “Wild Children” there are out there? Below is an update from Dad.
    My son is making huge strides, feels more like himself, having some mature conversations. The young ones are still treating him like he is still attached even though he is acting so much nicer. It is a process to start afresh and build trust. We are very thankful. That was pretty wild with him. So glad the look in his eyes has restored.

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