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We removed several attachments from an 8 year old this past week. Her mom contacted us and asked us to check for attachments. Her daughters behavior was changing in a negative fashion over the past year. Here is the text I just received.
Just wanted to thank you for helping our daughter.She is back to her regular happy self. She has done a complete 180. She went from never talking only like 16 words all day and never smiling to smiling and talking all day. Her dad is with her says its amazing. My parents noticed and of course me. Also she hasn’t been mean to her brother once. Only loving and helpful. You guys are amazing as you know : ) Thank you.
For you parents out there with young children this stuff is happening all the time. She got attached from School. Other kids.
In twenty years this work will be more recognized I believe but for now look at this with an open mind.


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