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I have waited to tell this story for a number of reasons. I will let you guess what they might be.

A few years ago my sister called me and said a friend of hers could probably use our help. Her name is Eva and she works at one of those suburban homes that they converted into a semi medical facility.  She helps take care of the patients there assisting the nurses on staff. She said her favorite person there whom we will call  Iris had started behaving very erratic. Iris is thirty one but behaves like a young teenager. Two weeks previous she began chewing herself. It began slowly then all of a sudden she had chewed herself to the bone around the left wrist area. The people at the home didn’t know what to do. They took her to the doctor twice for treatments but whenever she was alone she would take off the bandage and start chewing her self again. Eva knows what we do and asked if we could check on Iris.

The next day I met with my sister for  a session and right away it gravitated to Iris. Layne lets me know he  already checked Iris and told me she is attached. She had seven attachments on her and he said the leader was a cannibal from another time. 350 years ago to be more exact. He was getting stronger and planned on a complete takeover. The other six attachments he brought with him. Six other victims of his that are trapped by him giving him more power. Layne says this cannibal has been serial attaching through time and had decided to make Iris his latest victim. What luck for Iris that Eva knew about us. Little does the cannibal realize who is about to meet. Layne said this ghost had been in England for a good many years and that he was the one involved where some person poster an ad that they wanted to be cannibalized. I vaguely remembered hearing something about that some years back.

It was good to know this information but getting the removal done wasn’t going to be easy. We couldn’t do it at the special needs home that’s for sure. It was asking too much to think they would understand. I couldn’t afford to let anyone else know about this until we were finished.  We knew Eva would be taking Iris to see the doctor in the coming week. There was a small window for us to meet her and do the removal in the special needs van. We found our window right after Iris left the Doctors office. Eva would drive two minutes off the route and we would do the removal in the transport van. There was one other special needs person in the van when we entered. We needed to be as quick as possible so very little conversation took place. With my sister in trance I did the removal. She was describing what she saw as I started pulling him out. His teeth were sharpened and he is very resistant to the removal she explained. He was coming out like a taffy pull. We did the removal in less than ten minutes and freed the other six ghosts sending them back to the other side so they could continue their existence freely. We left and waited to hear back. We were concerned with residual imprinted behavior. Eva called later that day to say Iris seemed much more relaxed. A week went by and no more chewing instances had occurred. Coming back to real time now it has been two years and Iris is symptom free. Her life is back in her hands once again. Another success for Ghostremover.


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