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Lots of stories as of late ghostremoving. Here is one that affected us greatly. Marie is a ten year old who came with her family from Oregon last week. Broken from being molested she was heavily attached. In fact her entire family was attached. After her removal she broke down in tears and told us she could speak freely again without a hand covering her mouth preventing her from talking. This is what one of the attachments was doing to her. Following is the initial communication and the one week follow-up.

Hello Robert, My name is Trevor and I just finished the episode of Beyond the Darkness and was really interested in the stories and background you and Antoinette spoke about. I’m getting in touch with you today because my Family consist of My wife, our daughter, step-son and step-daughter from her previous marriage. My step kids I consider my own and have been raising them that way for the past five years. They both went through physical, mental, and sexual abuse form there birth father. My wife Anna had them in counseling for the past 7 years and nothing has been resolved. Listening to you today we have always been open to the spiritual side and we all battle with our own demons. I as well was sexually abused by my best friends father at the age of 8 till around 14. My wife was sexually abused by her brother and sister around the same time. I’m doing everything I can to make sure our Daughter Evie never has to go through what we had to go through. I know that was a very vague background but I wanted to get to my step-son and step-daughter along with my wife. I have always felt some type of negative energy that can gather around them at times. Now this is not all the time but it seems to work itself in a circle jumping from person to person. We have not had one good day since we have been married with the kids. Counseling has not helped. I could go on and on but I know you are busy. I just want my entire family to be free from whatever this dark cloud that has been cast over us. My family is incredible and I see the potential everyone has but something is holding us back. thank you for taking the time to listen and let me know if you think you could help in anyway if not it just felt good to write this all out. All the Best.

Here is the communication one week later. It will only get better day by day for them all.

Hello Robert. Life has been crazy since we left but in a good way. The kids are dealing with raw emotion now. It’s hard to describe. But everyone feels like they have a chance to improve and move forward. No more stuck feeling. I still have not been sleeping very well. I feel like we are in constant battle at night. Not sure if there is anything we can do about that. Most of the negative energy comes thru around Midnight. Once again it’s very hard to put into words. I’ve just been reassuring the kids that we just need to stay positive and trust in our protection and not give into fear. I could go on and on with all the changes in each and everyone. Thank you again for all the help you guys provided for my family. And please keep us in mind if you ever travel up north to Oregon we would love to take you guys out to dinner and catch up. Thank you thank you thank you.


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Hard to believe all these years have passed since we started Ghostremover. Today is in memory of all those whose lives were taken. Over a six month period we moved over twelve hundred spirits who were ghosting back to the other side. You can read the messages left by Carl and Michael and Shelby the service dog who lost their lives that fateful day. Hopefully those messages will inspire you to live a significant life and make a difference in someone else’s. God bless.

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