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Its October and we are seeing more ghostly activity than normal. Last year around this time we helped crossover a woman who had been ghosting in Escondido for nearly sixty years. She had been murdered and they never solved the crime. They labeled her as a missing person. We were able to help her find closure. What we find is when horrific acts befall a person it just doesn’t stop with their death. The ramifications can go on for years and years after the act even into a future life. Most ghosts have a sad story to tell. We do our best to change things around for them. This years story starts with a phone call from Angelica who is a big part of our team at ghostremover. She is our Sealer extraordinaire.  She seals the cracks in the energetic membrane which prevents ghosts from attaching to people and hijacking their lives. Her cousin Adam called her knowing that she works in the paranormal world and proceeded to tell his story. He reveals that strange things have been happening in his home for some time now. Weird noises in the middle of the night along with the opening and closing of doors and cabinets didn’t seem to be much of a problem to him before but now things have become physical. Adam told her that his sons’ girlfriend Ellen was attacked by something invisible the previous evening. Ellen let out a scream shortly  after Adam and his son Ray went to investigate some strange noises. They rushed back into the bedroom to find Ellen in a state of panic. She was terrified. They found scratches all over her back. That was the point when Adam thought it was time to call us. I am posting the photo that he sent to us. We set the appointment for the coming Saturday. When I heard the address I was somewhat taken aback. 666 were the first three numbers. Need I say more?  Our team was all set to do the removal on Saturday midday. I always feel more confident doing our work during the daylight hours. We don’t like things that go bump in the night. As we were waiting for Marcos to arrive the security door to the home slammed open as if to say “Come on In.” A ghost who inflicts physical damage is referred to as a poltergeist. They can throw sharp objects and cause things to fall from overhead. We have to be very careful around them. I was injured a few years ago when a ghost caused a Murphy bed to come off the wall hitting me in the back of my head nearly breaking my neck. Needless to say I am extra careful these days. Finally Marcos arrives and we are all set to enter the home. Upon entering I quickly scan for knives and other implements that could be thrown our way. There were none. I have everyone take a seat at the kitchen table. We could feel the presence there and I wanted to get right to work so it couldn’t escape. I quickly put Antoinette and Marcos in trance. They both can see ghosts in trance. They motion towards the living room saying they see the ghost of a young woman sitting in the recliner. She has a defiant look about her they relate. Defiant or not we close her off so she cannot escape. Marcos shouts out “Shut up” relaying what the ghost is saying. She also relates that she doesn’t like Ellen at all. That is why she attacked her. Now we start getting information. She has been present in this area since the Great Depression. She was only sixteen when she was murdered in 1936. She stated that she knew the person but he was never caught. The belief back then was that she had been killed by a serial killer. To note the term serial killer didn’t come about until years later but we will use it here anyway. She said she was so angry that her life had been taken from her at such a young age. She didn’t care for anyone or anything.  We understand how that could be. We complete her transition from here to the afterlife hoping she can finally find peace and move forward. The whole house felt lighter. One last thing before she goes we get her name. Celia Cota.  If you google her name and year of death 1936 the story comes up. The Coast Fiend Killer was the person they thought killed her. But not so and another story to tell for ghostremover. Happy Day of the Dead.


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