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We are taking the month off at Ghostremover but some people have asked what’s up with the passing of Charles Manson? Well since Manson finally passed yesterday it got me thinking. What if he doesn’t cross over? What if he stays here and is looking for a victim to possess and continue his evil ways? We will check this coming weekend just to be sure and if we can nab him we certainly will. It has been nearly 5 years since we moved Sharon Tate, Abigail Folger (the coffee heiress) and Jay Sebring. All were victims of Charles Mansons’ followers back in 1969. We were to find after watching a documentary and checking on them that they had all been ghosting in the Hollywood hills for the past 43 years. They needed to be moved. Stuck in transition is not a good place to be. One could be there for hundreds of years. When we moved Sharon Tate she was just an energetic mess. Her consciousness was still fixated on the killing of her unborn child. So sad. Abigail and Jay were much easier to deal with.They all stayed together all those years bound through tragedy. Just doing what we do best. Ghostremover.


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