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Ghostremover was asked to take an unruly ghost out of a home in Poway Ca. last Saturday. This is what we found.
The family that owned the home were living in Riverside Ca. the past eight years and wanted to return to their vacant home in nearby Poway. The father called me some months back asking if we could clear his home because he didn’t want to bring the family back with all the paranormal activity that was happening there. Late night doors opening and closing, a voice telling them to leave and just a unwelcome presence in the home overall. I left it for him to call and let us know when he was in town and we would come and see what was going on. It was mid-day Saturday when we all met. While my sister is in trance she tells me there is a man ghosting there who has been in the house for years. He didn’t die there but nearby in a boarding house that he lived in forty or so years ago. He tells her he was a Vietnam Vet who hung himself at the boarding house and just roamed the area for years until he located in their home. Ghosts like vacant places. He went on to say how he felt so guilty for all the deaths and people he killed in the war that it eventually overwhelmed him leading him to suicide. He didn’t cross over because realizing he still existed after he hung himself he found he would face punishment if he did. There are plenty of ghosts who will fill you in upon your demise telling you not to enter the light. His negative energy permeated the home and sadness and anger were the emotions he filled the home with. This would cause depression and fighting amongst the family. He did not want them there at all. We spoke with him for awhile telling him not to fear moving on. He pleaded to stay telling us he wouldn’t be a bother but we knew it was in everyones best interest if we crossed him over. He will probably face an extended time in darkness but in time will be able to get back in the loop. The loop of lives.


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