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In memory of 9/11

In memory of all those who passed in the Twin Towers seventeen years ago today. That day was the day we became a force as Ghostremover. Over those next six months we would move over twelve hundred ghosting souls back to the other side. We would talk to some as they left and we noticed the numbers would always remain constant each week so we realized no one else was moving them. We also found there were those who died there who were not remembered. Mabel who was visiting from Georgia and Paulo from Italy were tourists and so many others. There was Layne who works with us now who also died that day. He did not work there either. Shelby the service dog got to say his final words as he departed assuring us he would return quickly since he was so handy. Through that we realized animals could communicate with us and they reincarnate. We learned of the invisible world existing around us and since then we have done our best to assist those in need in whichever form it came. Seventeen years later and we still are doing our job. Thanks to my team mates and all those along the way who believed in us. Remember those whose lives were shortened on that day and do live your lives to the fullest. God Bless.



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