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Ghostremover hasn’t posted any updates lately so we have some catching up to do. This recent ghost rescue was very special. A few weeks ago a friend asked if we could check to see if a young man they knew who recently passed was here ghosting. We often get this request. If they are we do our best to see if we can cross them over. Most times we do it secretly to avoid any issues. We travelled to his families home in east county after checking and finding he was ghosting. We parked up the street close to the house. We know that he was there trying to console his mother. She was so bereaved. We made contact with him and told him what we were there for. As he spoke with us all we felt was his sadness. He told us he was nineteen years of age and loved life and everyone in it. He had everything going for him. His family was loving and supporting. He still lived there at home with his parents. Then tragedy struck. His mom found him unresponsive late at night a few weeks ago. They said his heart stopped. But how? He was young and healthy. He goes on to tell us it was all a mistake. He should still be alive. He was only experimenting with some new drugs. They were opioids. He took them a few times to help him sleep and they seemed to do the job. He went on to say that on that evening he tried three different types in combination not realizing the danger and that’s how his heart stopped. He couldn’t believe it and now all this sorrow he said. He couldn’t bare to see his mom like this. He didn’t want to leave her side. I asked if he had seen the light on his passing and said yes but was too scared to enter. He heard a voice calling for him but he didn’t go. I let him know that was why we were there. To provide another opportunity to cross over. He said he was ready now. He wanted to say something first though. He wanted us to leave a message behind from him. “Tell kids not to experiment with drugs. Look what happened to me. I smoked marijuana and drank some and never did other drugs. Then this happened. I thought I would be fine. Tell them never to experiment. It’s too big a risk.” I told him I would write what he said. We said our goodbyes and he moved to the light as he heard a familiar voice summoning him. ( We found that was his grandmother who had passed away last year). Then he was gone. We started up the car and slowly drove away. All I could think of was his poor mother.


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