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What to do on a rainy day? How about a ghost story? I mentioned a while back ghostremover was going to the Hotel Del Coronado to investigate the ghosts who reside there. The hotel often does ghost tours and is a go to place for those interested in the paranormal. There have been many sightings over the years. The lady ghost carrying a parasol is one of the most popular. We did some homework and found that Kate Morgan committed suicide there in 1894 and is considered to be the ghost who is seen by most. We showed up at dusk right around halloween to see what we could find out. Right as Antoinette goes into trance we find our ghost is immediately present but it’s not who everyone thinks it is. This is another woman who has been ghosting there since 1904. She tells us she is the ghost carrying the parasol that everyone reports of. She says Kate Morgan does ghost there but she never comes out of her room. She cries all the time. She is quite boring she tells us. My name is Isadore Rush and I drowned in the ocean here in 1904. I was a Broadway and Vaudville star. I was killed by a rogue wave. I really love this hotel. There are two other ghosts here she adds. Benjamin is one and Sophia is the other. They both have been here since the early 1900’s. She goes on to tell us some of her personal life when she was still in physical form. I ask Isadore if she would like to cross over thinking she might be tired of ghosting. She says no I want to stay here doing what I do. I really like it here. We filmed the whole encounter and will include it soon on our website ghostremover.com and ghost chronicles. You can google Isadore Rush also. Her story is there. Boo


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