Wild Child

Ghostremover does it again… This story even shocked me. We had been waiting for this family to make their way to San Diego for the past month for removals. As before attachments tend to run in families. The removal I will tell you about concerns a 6yr old boy.
The father told me beforehand that his child was wild. Little did I suspect he was truly wild. The family drove 12 hours to come and see us but this boy was determined he was not having anything to do with us. He left the office and walked along the balcony saying he wasn’t coming in. It took maybe ten minutes before he was back in the office with quite a bit of coaxing from both parents. Bribes, threats whatever it took but he was reluctantly present. We get a read on him and found he had 8 attachments. Four Indians and four large felines, leopards. What? We had never encountered this in the eighteen years we have been doing removals. He moved under chairs behind the desk on all fours. He jumped up and down from the massage table and under the table staring at me, he growled like a large cat would. I could see the fear in his eyes. I asked how he was attached by the leopards? “The Indians brought them in when he was just an infant they said.” So they didn’t enter of their own accord then? Correct. Whew relief of sorts because I thought I had seen it all over the years. Now we have to keep him stable so we can do the removal but he won’t lie still long enough. We got bits and pieces and thought at one point that we weren’t going to get the lead Cat. Then at the last moment we were able to clear him completely. Immediately he calms down and starts talking as if nothing had happened. Just a young boy having a conversation with us. His mom looked at me and says ” When he was two and a half he told me he was the Mom and he was the boss.” She realized then it was the leopard talking to her and not her son. We cleared everyone else with no problem. They were all attached by Indians. Indians who believed it was ok because the white people had taken their lives way too soon and they wanted to still be here and live their lives out. Of course at these peoples expense. I will let you know how the boy is as time passes. He will most likely still have residual behaviors which should pass in the next two to three months. Back to the boy he is truly meant to be. I wonder how many other “Wild Children” there are out there? Below is an update from Dad.
    My son is making huge strides, feels more like himself, having some mature conversations. The young ones are still treating him like he is still attached even though he is acting so much nicer. It is a process to start afresh and build trust. We are very thankful. That was pretty wild with him. So glad the look in his eyes has restored.

I took my family to see Robert and his sister Nini about a month ago. I need to share our experience with them. They are angels themselves and helped us out so much.
I went there because of my daughter because she has been having health issues for years. She had two surgeries for a tumor in her head. Every time we’ve gone to the doctor to try to figure out why she can’t sleep, focus or why she was feeling crazy all they could tell me is she’s a mystery. We found out that she was attached by two ghosts and they were interfering with her sleep concentration focus anxiety and since they removed them from her she is so much better and feeling better it’s amazing. I wish I would have known about Robert and his sister years ago and maybe my daughters life would’ve been a little easier. She is still working on her sleep but everything else is better.
I found out I was attached by two ghosts and for the last eight months to a year my blood pressure has been 198/84 and I felt like I was having a heart attack a lot. Also I would be very sad and I would cry all the time and worry. Not just normal worry but intense to where I was making myself crazy.After having them removed even that day just a couple hours later I checked my blood pressure and it was 123 /76. I feel so much better!
My son had always complained about his shoulder hurting and he was attached by one and it was affecting his shoulder. His shoulder doesn’t hurt anymore.
My husband was attached by seven! After getting them removed from him well things are so much better. He didn’t notice a lot of difference but my kids and I see a huge difference. Easier to talk to and everyone is so much closer. Here’s the weird thing when they removed one of them they said the room really smelled bad. The weird thing is for a long time he would have this odor sometimes that was sour on his shirts and bath towel. I realized two days after that that smell was no longer on him or in the house it is completely gone!
The last one is my mom who is 85 years old. She has Alzheimer’s and it’s a terrible thing to have. I’m not saying that they can cure alzheimer’s  but they can make it so much easier to live with. My mom was  attached  by seven and they removed them from her. Now I am dealing just with Alzheimer’s. Still very hard to  deal with the short-term memory and all that goes on with that. But she’s a lot nicer.
When my mom was attached it was weird at times she would totally change and hunch over. Her eyes would change and her face would become very wrinkled and she would become very suspicious and very amusing. Also she would fight with me and get in my face constantly. She would have moments shopping and would steal and we had to go to court for that. She had a pain in the top of her head 24 seven. All of that is gone also the pain in her head is gone which is amazing. Just the other day she told me you know when I’m in the store and I’m shopping I don’t hear that voice anymore that told me to take it take it you want to take it. That’s weird but true!
These two wonderful people are amazing and are doing a wonderful thing. I’m so grateful for what they have done for me and my family! Not only is my family feeling better but the whole house has a different feel it’s a lot lighter.
We have never been happier as a family.
Thanks again ROBERT AND NINI

Here is a ghostremover update. We were contacted by a young couple in January. They were from Oklahoma and the husband Ryan was diagnosed with stage 4 Non hodgkins Lymphoma. They were doing healing sessions in Mexico and they met someone who knew of us. They asked us to check for attachments and we found the husband was indeed attached. We met with them in mid January when they made a day trip over from Mexico. He was in pretty dire straits and had a lot of difficulty breathing. During our session we found he had several attachments in the lung areas. Here is a text I received this week on our follow up.
Things are going really well. Since we saw you and your sister Ryan hasn’t had anymore lung issues. We do believe after overseas alternative treatments that the cancer has died and we are now in detox/healing stage. Thank you
Even though the attachments were not causing the cancer we believe they were in the way of the healing process as they were causing such an issue in his ability to breath. Hopefully he has a long life ahead.

My sister and I are guest on Darkness Radio with Dave and Tim. Here is the link. Just copy and paste in your browser search engine.


Todays session was incredible. A family of four travelled to San Diego from Houston,Texas this 4th of July weekend. We have know this whole family was attached by Ghosts. What we didn’t know was these ghosts were seeking revenge and had been searching for this husband for over three thousand years. We learned that he lived in Scotland in a previous life during the Beaker period and took part in the slaughter of an entire village. Women, children, everyone in the village. These Scottish warrior ghosts finally found him in this life and attached to his entire family causing all kinds of issues in an effort to destroy his family just as he had destroyed theirs so long ago. We cleared this family of thirty attachments and sent them back to the other side. I am still researching all the information given in session and will add more as I transcribe.

A scientific view of being attached. This would be Multiple Personality Disorders. A condition where extreme trauma has shaken a person’s psyche. This is how they wrote it up. “In these cases it would appear that different people were sharing the very same body, either peacefully or not so peacefully. Some would have a wide array of personalities-including boys, teens,women, and men-yet all these very different “people” were actually facets of the same overall person. Studies have shown that in some cases, different personalities within the same body have even had different allergic responses-such as common allergies to animals, pollens,or foods-with some sub-personalities being very allergic to something and others who are expressing through the very same body, having no allergic reaction at all. Some sub-personalities have been shown to have different brain wave patterns, handwriting styles, gender identifications, left and right handedness,voice patterns, reactions to different medications, cysts and diseases that appear and disappear depending on the personality, and different levels of visual acuity. Some multiples even have to change to different prescription glasses, depending on who’s steering the ship at any moment. You won’t find a more compelling demonstration of the amazing and flexible power of your mind and the fluid nature of personality!”

Now in our world of attachments the trauma the person faced caused a fracture in the energetic field. This in turn allows foreign ghostly entities to enter and take partial ownership of the body and in some cases they compromise the body completely. When we do removals oftentimes physical pains disappear. In one case the woman no longer needed to wear glasses. The scientific world needs to wake up. Energetic disease is rampant in this country and causes a majority of our mental health problems.

Many of you are attached or being tracked by ghosts. You can’t see them but they can see you. They wait till you or your loved ones are vulnerable and an opening occurs in the energy field and then they attach, stealthily entering your energetic domain stealing the presence and life force from you, enabling them to extend their physical time here on earth. In many cases you won’t even know they are there. Gradually they affect your choices and can cause a multitude of physical and mental problems. We can help you or your loved ones by removing them and resealing your energetic field, closing the openings they entered through preventing future attachments. If you feel you or someone else may be attached send the full name at birth and birthdate to robertafterlife@gmail.com  Also if you feel there are negative ghosts in your home waiting to attach we can remove them also. There is a very good example of a strong attachment on a youtube video with Beyoncé.  She is performing at the Superbowl and during that performance you can see the attachment come in and take over. Look up “Beyoncé possessed at Superbowl.”