Its October and we are seeing more ghostly activity than normal. Last year around this time we helped crossover a woman who had been ghosting in Escondido for nearly sixty years. She had been murdered and they never solved the crime. They labeled her as a missing person. We were able to help her find closure. What we find is when horrific acts befall a person it just doesn’t stop with their death. The ramifications can go on for years and years after the act even into a future life. Most ghosts have a sad story to tell. We do our best to change things around for them. This years story starts with a phone call from Angelica who is a big part of our team at ghostremover. She is our Sealer extraordinaire.  She seals the cracks in the energetic membrane which prevents ghosts from attaching to people and hijacking their lives. Her cousin Adam called her knowing that she works in the paranormal world and proceeded to tell his story. He reveals that strange things have been happening in his home for some time now. Weird noises in the middle of the night along with the opening and closing of doors and cabinets didn’t seem to be much of a problem to him before but now things have become physical. Adam told her that his sons’ girlfriend Ellen was attacked by something invisible the previous evening. Ellen let out a scream shortly  after Adam and his son Ray went to investigate some strange noises. They rushed back into the bedroom to find Ellen in a state of panic. She was terrified. They found scratches all over her back. That was the point when Adam thought it was time to call us. I am posting the photo that he sent to us. We set the appointment for the coming Saturday. When I heard the address I was somewhat taken aback. 666 were the first three numbers. Need I say more?  Our team was all set to do the removal on Saturday midday. I always feel more confident doing our work during the daylight hours. We don’t like things that go bump in the night. As we were waiting for Marcos to arrive the security door to the home slammed open as if to say “Come on In.” A ghost who inflicts physical damage is referred to as a poltergeist. They can throw sharp objects and cause things to fall from overhead. We have to be very careful around them. I was injured a few years ago when a ghost caused a Murphy bed to come off the wall hitting me in the back of my head nearly breaking my neck. Needless to say I am extra careful these days. Finally Marcos arrives and we are all set to enter the home. Upon entering I quickly scan for knives and other implements that could be thrown our way. There were none. I have everyone take a seat at the kitchen table. We could feel the presence there and I wanted to get right to work so it couldn’t escape. I quickly put Antoinette and Marcos in trance. They both can see ghosts in trance. They motion towards the living room saying they see the ghost of a young woman sitting in the recliner. She has a defiant look about her they relate. Defiant or not we close her off so she cannot escape. Marcos shouts out “Shut up” relaying what the ghost is saying. She also relates that she doesn’t like Ellen at all. That is why she attacked her. Now we start getting information. She has been present in this area since the Great Depression. She was only sixteen when she was murdered in 1936. She stated that she knew the person but he was never caught. The belief back then was that she had been killed by a serial killer. To note the term serial killer didn’t come about until years later but we will use it here anyway. She said she was so angry that her life had been taken from her at such a young age. She didn’t care for anyone or anything.  We understand how that could be. We complete her transition from here to the afterlife hoping she can finally find peace and move forward. The whole house felt lighter. One last thing before she goes we get her name. Celia Cota.  If you google her name and year of death 1936 the story comes up. The Coast Fiend Killer was the person they thought killed her. But not so and another story to tell for ghostremover. Happy Day of the Dead.


Lots of stories as of late ghostremoving. Here is one that affected us greatly. Marie is a ten year old who came with her family from Oregon last week. Broken from being molested she was heavily attached. In fact her entire family was attached. After her removal she broke down in tears and told us she could speak freely again without a hand covering her mouth preventing her from talking. This is what one of the attachments was doing to her. Following is the initial communication and the one week follow-up.

Hello Robert, My name is Trevor and I just finished the episode of Beyond the Darkness and was really interested in the stories and background you and Antoinette spoke about. I’m getting in touch with you today because my Family consist of My wife, our daughter, step-son and step-daughter from her previous marriage. My step kids I consider my own and have been raising them that way for the past five years. They both went through physical, mental, and sexual abuse form there birth father. My wife Anna had them in counseling for the past 7 years and nothing has been resolved. Listening to you today we have always been open to the spiritual side and we all battle with our own demons. I as well was sexually abused by my best friends father at the age of 8 till around 14. My wife was sexually abused by her brother and sister around the same time. I’m doing everything I can to make sure our Daughter Evie never has to go through what we had to go through. I know that was a very vague background but I wanted to get to my step-son and step-daughter along with my wife. I have always felt some type of negative energy that can gather around them at times. Now this is not all the time but it seems to work itself in a circle jumping from person to person. We have not had one good day since we have been married with the kids. Counseling has not helped. I could go on and on but I know you are busy. I just want my entire family to be free from whatever this dark cloud that has been cast over us. My family is incredible and I see the potential everyone has but something is holding us back. thank you for taking the time to listen and let me know if you think you could help in anyway if not it just felt good to write this all out. All the Best.

Here is the communication one week later. It will only get better day by day for them all.

Hello Robert. Life has been crazy since we left but in a good way. The kids are dealing with raw emotion now. It’s hard to describe. But everyone feels like they have a chance to improve and move forward. No more stuck feeling. I still have not been sleeping very well. I feel like we are in constant battle at night. Not sure if there is anything we can do about that. Most of the negative energy comes thru around Midnight. Once again it’s very hard to put into words. I’ve just been reassuring the kids that we just need to stay positive and trust in our protection and not give into fear. I could go on and on with all the changes in each and everyone. Thank you again for all the help you guys provided for my family. And please keep us in mind if you ever travel up north to Oregon we would love to take you guys out to dinner and catch up. Thank you thank you thank you.

Hard to believe all these years have passed since we started Ghostremover. Today is in memory of all those whose lives were taken. Over a six month period we moved over twelve hundred spirits who were ghosting back to the other side. You can read the messages left by Carl and Michael and Shelby the service dog who lost their lives that fateful day. Hopefully those messages will inspire you to live a significant life and make a difference in someone else’s. God bless.






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I have waited to tell this story for a number of reasons. I will let you guess what they might be.

A few years ago my sister called me and said a friend of hers could probably use our help. Her name is Eva and she works at one of those suburban homes that they converted into a semi medical facility.  She helps take care of the patients there assisting the nurses on staff. She said her favorite person there whom we will call  Iris had started behaving very erratic. Iris is thirty one but behaves like a young teenager. Two weeks previous she began chewing herself. It began slowly then all of a sudden she had chewed herself to the bone around the left wrist area. The people at the home didn’t know what to do. They took her to the doctor twice for treatments but whenever she was alone she would take off the bandage and start chewing her self again. Eva knows what we do and asked if we could check on Iris.

The next day I met with my sister for  a session and right away it gravitated to Iris. Layne lets me know he  already checked Iris and told me she is attached. She had seven attachments on her and he said the leader was a cannibal from another time. 350 years ago to be more exact. He was getting stronger and planned on a complete takeover. The other six attachments he brought with him. Six other victims of his that are trapped by him giving him more power. Layne says this cannibal has been serial attaching through time and had decided to make Iris his latest victim. What luck for Iris that Eva knew about us. Little does the cannibal realize who is about to meet. Layne said this ghost had been in England for a good many years and that he was the one involved where some person poster an ad that they wanted to be cannibalized. I vaguely remembered hearing something about that some years back.

It was good to know this information but getting the removal done wasn’t going to be easy. We couldn’t do it at the special needs home that’s for sure. It was asking too much to think they would understand. I couldn’t afford to let anyone else know about this until we were finished.  We knew Eva would be taking Iris to see the doctor in the coming week. There was a small window for us to meet her and do the removal in the special needs van. We found our window right after Iris left the Doctors office. Eva would drive two minutes off the route and we would do the removal in the transport van. There was one other special needs person in the van when we entered. We needed to be as quick as possible so very little conversation took place. With my sister in trance I did the removal. She was describing what she saw as I started pulling him out. His teeth were sharpened and he is very resistant to the removal she explained. He was coming out like a taffy pull. We did the removal in less than ten minutes and freed the other six ghosts sending them back to the other side so they could continue their existence freely. We left and waited to hear back. We were concerned with residual imprinted behavior. Eva called later that day to say Iris seemed much more relaxed. A week went by and no more chewing instances had occurred. Coming back to real time now it has been two years and Iris is symptom free. Her life is back in her hands once again. Another success for Ghostremover.

These past three weeks I have been working on this home in Escondido getting it ready for new tenants to move in. The home is older probably built in the early 1900’s. I spent eight days there fixing it up and knew from the start there was a ghost story behind it somewhere. My feelings were confirmed my last day there. I was about to leave for good when a man pulled up the driveway and asked if I was the owner. I said no and that I was there just working on the place. He said his name was Tony and he lived there in 1959 and was twelve years old at that time and wondered if I knew that the place was haunted? Of course he had no way to know that I am a ghostremover but I told him I had the feeling it was and proceeded to tell him what I do. He was baffled that we should both meet in that moment. He said he hadn’t been by there in almost 50 years but remembered perfectly the ghost of a woman who use to stand on the front porch overlooking the nearby valley. He said his father would see her late at night upon returning home thinking it was his wife only to find his wife was asleep for the evening. This happened on more than a few occasions. They would hear noises from the basement and came to accept the place was indeed haunted. He told me there was story that a woman had gone missing a few years before and some suspected her husband had murdered her but no body was ever found so it was dealt as a missing person case. Now I am really interested and told Tony I would do some research as ghostremover and let him know what I find.

Fast forward to today and here is the story we got. Her name is Ms. Scott and she had been yelling in my ear all those eight days and even stood by me in front of a window hoping I would see her reflection somehow. I felt her presence but that was about it. My interest was really piqued after Tony showed up though. She was trapped all these years and wanted to cross over but was unable until now with the help from ghostremover.  I told her we were going to cross her over but first would she answer a few quick questions? I asked if she was murdered and she said yes, while she was sleeping she was bludgeoned by her loved one. She had hoped justice would be served but it never was since her body was never found. She said her dentures were found along with her wallet but that was it. I asked why she didn’t cross over right away and she said she was too scared. She didn’t know what to do. All these years and finally she can move on. What follows is the writing from Tony putting the “coincidence” in perspective.

I’m Tony Aguilar and I’m a marriage\family counselor in the Vista area and I now understand that it was more than a coincidence that something made me want to drive out and see that old house that day and take a picture of a place full of scary memories that I hadn’t seen in a long time. Then upon getting there and meeting Robert coming out of the house at the same time and hearing what he does seemed like a strange coincidence then but now its clear was long overdue and supposed to happen.

I was a boy when my family lived for 2 years in that old house in 1959\60 and I attended what was then Grant Junior High. We actually had been living like nomads- our Romanian\German immigrant mother packing us 5 kids and all of our worldly contents into a old 4door sedan and traveling from job to job with our Mescalero\Latino father when he found this big house on a hill surrounded by avocado trees for incredibly cheap rent with a beautiful view of old Escondido.

It seemed like the nicest place we’d ever lived in and Escondido in those days was small and a great place to be at that age..swimming at Grape-day Park,watching cows get slaughtered at Tolones (that just burned down).. Except soon enough the strangest things started happening…bristly cold brushes with air in house, creaking footsteps etc,a lot of noises coming from the huge basement that was mostly dirt- but there also was an area of concrete with an old ringer washing machine down there that had to be plugged in in order to use it and unplugged to shut it off How it could get plugged in the middle of the night was the most incredible thing. My mother and father…and us kids were just freaked out that it was undeniable there was something wrong with this house.. We learned from some neighbors that the house had been vacant a lot since the woman that lived there long before we moved in had disappeared and the police had dug around in the basement but never found her body.

So when Robert called me after we met there that day to let me know they had connected with her and released her spirit I am now sure it was not a coincidence that caused us to meet but something that I was supposed to do to somehow help her move on..it was a debt actually.. Something I didn’t tell Robert that I now realize was that this poor lost woman likely saved my life.During my adolescent years I had a petit mal form of epilepsy and suffered through two seizures that both happened while I was asleep and would cause me to stop breathing and luckily each time my parents were somehow alerted and called an ambulance to get me to an ER. The first one happened in this house one night and the only memory I have of it was a strange semi-lucid sensation of being picked up and carried from my bedroom on the other side of the house and then floating over the floors and dropped right up against the door of my mother and father’s bedroom that woke them up… and they got me to the hospital which saved my life…So she actually wasn’t a mean spirit but a good soul trying all these years to get some ones attention and I am happy that something made drive over last week and meet Robert on the driveway of that house. Just in time for Todos Santos Day..