The session you’re about to hear takes place during the removal of over the 1200 souls ghosting at the World Trade Center site after 911. We would meet regularly to move as many souls as possible and during those sessions we would communicate with some of those who were allowed to speak. The following was with a man who called himself Carl. During the session when Rajah was present she informed me they were having problems over there. Lots of problems with feelings and emotions and loss regarding their crossing over and leaving their lives and families behind.

R. Carl is coming.

B. Oh, good. Hello Carl.

C. Hello

B. Carl I understand you were in the World Trade Center when it was hit.

C. Yes, is that Robert?

B. Yes I’m Robert

C. Wow, are you at an airport?

B. Yes, we are very close to a military base here.

C. And in our case you wonder where the military was. Someone could have saved us all.

B. Yeah they just couldn’t react that quick.

So, did you work in the World Trade Center?

Yes I did I’m not sure what my position was.

Do you remember what kind of job you did?


How old were you?

It seems I was ready to get my retirement. So I am in my 60s. Doesn’t matter now. Working for my retirement.  He laughs but it seems like it’s a sorrowful laugh. Well somebody will get it instead I hope.

Bethany will get it.

That’s your wife?

No, I believe that’s my daughter.

Oh, okay

I don’t have a wife.

No wife

it’s a little strange in here. But you don’t feel all hot or cold. It’s a Perfect temperature.

Everything is perfect.


So what are you going to do when you move on do you think?

Well I hadn’t planned on moving on so I have no plans. Gentle laughter. No, I was in a severe depression. And I still am. Are you going to come in? How does that work? So Robert, are you coming in?

No, we’ll just talk.

Oh, you don’t come here? You’re in the live world?

Yes, you’re right, I am in the live world.

Boy oh boy. I would never have believed this in a million years.

That you could talk?

Well, where are you at?

Oh, we live in San Diego.

I’ve been there.

You have?

Yes, the Star of India

I go by the Star of India quite often with my work.

So what makes you so special Robert?

I don’t truly know Carl.

Well this is all new to me. If I was alive, I wouldn’t do it.

You wouldn’t do it, no?

No because I feel like I’m scared. Laughs, yeah I feel it?

Well  it’s something we can help people with, helping them crossover.

You know I had a gym on the side. A place for people to come and work out. It was very small. Only people who really want to work out went there. I was fit. Just letting you know, for my age. I was planning on retiring.

What were you going to do when you retired?

I was going to get a job.(He laughs) no I was just going to be in my gym. I wasn’t charging too much for people to go to my gym anyway. I gave them a year for $100.

That’s a good deal. Some people pay that per month.

It’s ridiculous. They don’t come at the same time in fact they never come.

Yes, they like to join so they can feel in shape.

I’m pretty fit also. I work out quite a bit.

What age group are you in?

I’m in my late forties. It’s a good time.

It’s a great age.

It’s the time we get to understand more.

I don’t think we get to understand anything.

No, but this new stuff going on, you know with what I’m doing here?

You know I had a severed head?

How did that happen?

I’ll tell you. I just got hit by a whole bunch of sharp things. Right after I lost my head I realized what I saw. My body and I didn’t know, It’s almost like I felt animated, like I could walk over and put my head back on my body. Try that one and I was so depressed.

So at least no pain though. It happened so quick no pain.

You do have a lot of pain not physical. More like anguish.

I can understand… you no longer get to have your dreams, your plans.

Well I don’t feel… I just feel like I got robbed. You know? Of the rest of my time.

Yeah, you worked so hard to retirement for this to happen.

You may as well not even work Robert… Ever.

You’ll be able to work over there anyway… be a little different I guess.

Yeah, but we don’t work over here.

No work? Well no pain. No pain no gain as they say.

Lots of pain In my heart.

Because of your feelings?  What do you miss most?

You know if I could remember a lot of stuff I know there would be things I miss. I’m thinking like it’s my Friday night martini. With my friend Bill.  That’s what I feel.

Every Friday night you would get-together with Bill? That would be fun? Talk and Joke?

Not far from the job.

Not far from his job either?  Bill wasn’t involved there?  Working at the World Trade Center?

No, he wasn’t here.

He wasn’t there. Where was he?

I don’t know. I don’t think he came to work that day.

What a lucky guy he was.

But I just don’t know. I know he’s not here though, I asked that lady.

Yes, that is Rajah. So he worked with you in the same building?

Yes in the same building, same office same, same, same. I believe I was a trader of some sort.

Like a commodities trader or something like that?


That’s  a  tough job.

I’m going that direction. That’s what I’m getting.

That’s what your feeling?

I made good money, I had money. I had everything.

Well, you have a lot of options coming your way.

Yeah, but they’re not what I chose. And I feel real selfish. But I’ll tell you I just didn’t deserve it.

Did you make more friends now? Have you made friends.

You know, we’re all in the same boat. I am severely sad. I mean, I feel that way. When they asked me to get over there and get into a line I declined but I got put back into the line. I had to go.

I think things will brighten up for you.

Well, when you first see everything you see devastation. And there’s a lot of bodies right? And you see the death in an instant and then it was gone. Then we’re back to looking okay.

So you basically have the same look and clothes?

I think I do. We don’t see anything. But I think I do.

Well, when you see other people do they look like they would on earth?

Yes, that’s right now sometimes it’s real weird. Sometimes you see just an outline of people. Almost like those little things that you used to cut out in school. Little paper dolls. In the distance.

We had a pretty big group today.

Yes, but it doesn’t feel big though. Were not doing anything. Pushing shoving anything.

Is everyone pretty anxious?

No, it’s a really quiet time here, they play really good music. Something that I would like you know?

What kind of music is it?

Nothing I’ve ever heard before.

Oh really?

There are horns.

I’ve gotten to talk to quite a few people like yourself over the months we’ve been doing this. So the stories are very similar. Some people are excited about coming over and then going back to earth again.

I’m not very excited about that and then being taken right out again. You know?

All that hard work you did.

I thought that I’d have… you know really Robert dying at the hands of that kind of­­­­ blankety-blank.

I know you want to say something but you can’t.

Yeah, that kind of people is something different you know.

It’s like a kid who wants to ruin it for everyone because their life isn’t what they believe or whatever. You know?

It’s the same idea as the little kid just a little harsher.( He laughs) you know I lost my head? Very fast.

Very fast and painless?

I didn’t feel anything except sadness.

I was in New York at the time but I was in Albany.

Lucky you. But who knows maybe I’m the lucky one.

You are moving on in your progression. We have talked to so many people that have moved on and they all seem so very happy.

Do you ever get called a witch or anything like that?

Yeah, a little bit.

I know if I wasn’t here I’d be calling you a witch. You know damn (oops) witches. You know?

We don’t look at it like that. We just look at it like were helping people.

Yeah, but it’s really a strange thing.

You should see my friends they really think it’s strange. They don’t believe it you know? I don’t know what they think I’m doing. It’s hard for them to believe.

That’s okay it’s all okay. I wish I could be a voucher.

What I do is write up the stuff just to document.

Yeah, but if you’re believing in something and yours is a little strange you got to admit. Lots of people do it. What’s his name there “the crossroads guy?” You know?John Edwards. What about him?

He’s good but we are so much different in what we do.

But he does good?

He does really good. He opens it up for people to start believing.

But it’s okay even if they don’t. Because I know now.

You know now. That’s for sure. Did you have much religion in your life?


But did you believe in the afterlife?

I believed in Jesus.

So, have you gotten to see any beauty there?

You know it’s all around us and the feelings are all around us. It’s really nice here. But what I wouldn’t give for a big fat cheeseburger.

I had one last week.

I used to have me one once a month.

That’s about what I do too.

It was just so… it’s just that it’s… You take those little burgers for granted. You take everything for granted.

Our whole life. Well, it seems you lived a good life.

I had a really nice life, a good clean life.

So you don’t have to go into a timeout or anything like that?

Yeah, they said I do. I had Bethany and I wasn’t married to her mother. But I was married. It was an affair I had.

You get in trouble for that?

Not too bad. Just a little bit.

Is it because you should’ve been married to her?

No, I should have not been married if I was going to do that. Have a baby with somebody else.

Did your wife know you had the baby?

When she came to be older she did. And my wife I really don’t know too much about her.

No, the memories are not there? You get more memory when you move on. Is that what they tell you?

You know, I don’t know. I kept asking. You know, was I married was I… because I can’t remember if I was married. You know maybe I wasn’t. But everyone is asking questions.

Everyone wants to know don’t they? More questions more questions. How did you get to be selected to talk?

Go talk that’s what they said. And I was looking around. We do know about you but not everything. But some stuff. I was under the impression that you were coming in here and that you were someone who was going to show us where to go. Like a  Maître d’.( He laughs)

We think of ourselves as a liaison. We help with the shift.

They said we had to come here because they figured out a way for us to move.Then they canceled it.

They canceled it?

Today,  then she comes back later and says let’s go. Women are indecisive.

It’s my fault. I’m a little late today. I was doing a job.

Oh, so she needs you?

I don’t know exactly how it works but I think we’ve created a porthole or something along those lines.

Que sera sera.

We try to do as much as we can.

I flew a kite. You ask, it’s very strange.

How did you fly the kite?

I said ”I wish I could fly a kite”.

And you did?

All of a sudden I was flying a kite and then I got nervous the feelings they were overwhelming. Then they calmed me down. Then that was it.

Maybe you can ask for a cheeseburger.

We can’t. We don’t need to eat.

Maybe you can just experience the illusion of eating.

Well you know you miss everything, the smells but when you’re talking it’s very strange. I’m really not sure how you’re even hearing me or whatever. It’s just going to come out anyway. I can actually smell stuff.

What is happening is your speaking through my sister.

Oh, so you’re adding into my horror.(He laughs) oh, I have seen that before in the movies.

It’s kind of a movie I guess. But we have the real deal going here. So what I do, I’m a hypnotist.

Okay, I like it.  I was hypnotized before. They had me singing like Frankie Sinatra.

Did they say you are good?

No. I just remember being with Bill. I did a lot of stuff with Bill. I Wonder if I was gay? I am only remembering Bill. You know what I mean?

Well, you are remembering your highlights. I guess, you never know, good times. I’ve got a friend and we go out a lot and have a lot of fun. And we’re not gay.

That’s what you say.(He laughs)

I wonder how Bill feels? Do you remember Bills last name?

You know I was trying but what keeps coming into my head is Murray.

Oh, Bill Murray.

But I know that’s not him. I saw him once in Ghostbusters and Caddy shack. One of my favorite movies.

It was one of my favorites too.

I asked some of the people here if they had seen Caddyshack. They don’t remember it.

Really, they don’t remember it?

Sometimes you remember. Sometimes you don’t. I’m telling you, it’s very odd.

It is very odd. Lots of times people don’t even remember their name. But they remember all kinds of stories.

It’s funny. I had a belt that had my initials on it. Just C.C.

Did you have a car in New York? Or did you even have to have one?

I don’t recall driving. I don’t need to drive now.

Is someone calling you?(He seemed distracted).

No, is someone doing the dishes?

Yes, that’s my sister’s son Eric. And can you hear the dog snoring? That’s my sister’s bulldog. Just like being home. Sometimes the phone will ring and someone on your side will ask can we call their house.

That’s what I was just thinking of asking. You could just call my number but I can’t remember it. Numbers mean nothing now.

It is funny I have talked to those in your space and call their relatives back here. You can imagine how interesting that is, listening to that conversation.

Maybe you got hang up calls?

Not so much because I normally ask a question only that person would know. That really helps. Otherwise they’d just think we are crazy.

Did you get things correct?

Yes we did.

Very cool. Yeah you have to be really incredible if you’re going to be a witch doctor.(Someone says something to him from the other side) I’m just playing. I know it’s not witches. She’s telling me it’s not witches. They don’t have a sense of humor sometimes over here. I guess there is just too many things going on.

Yes, they’ve been very busy.

You know what I remember though I had a roof the ceiling I remember was crumbly. Umm, acoustic. But I had one.

Okay, you had a crumbly ceiling. Did you have a view out your window?

I don’t know, I just know the acoustic ceiling.

They don’t make those anymore. I think back in the day they used asbestos. Did you travel much in your life?

I have no idea. I was asking earlier. Oh, she said I did. You see they didn’t really want to answer questions because then everyone would start asking questions. They would say well, you answered his question why can’t you answer mine. It gets crazy. So that’s why it’s very limited. They said if I want to get up and talk I better get up there now. So here I am.

Well hopefully we’ll make the transition more pleasant for you.

Yeah,  their calling for me to go. So I am out. I feel sad, I feel like I bonded with you.

We did bond. God bless, you have a lot of adventure coming your way.

Yes, she’s telling me my time is up.

Okay, bye Carl.

Rajah comes back through now and tells me they are gone now. We moved quite a bit today and she tells me it’s getting easier.

Hope this post is enlightening and if there are any questions just let me know.



What to do on a rainy day? How about a ghost story? I mentioned a while back ghostremover was going to the Hotel Del Coronado to investigate the ghosts who reside there. The hotel often does ghost tours and is a go to place for those interested in the paranormal. There have been many sightings over the years. The lady ghost carrying a parasol is one of the most popular. We did some homework and found that Kate Morgan committed suicide there in 1894 and is considered to be the ghost who is seen by most. We showed up at dusk right around halloween to see what we could find out. Right as Antoinette goes into trance we find our ghost is immediately present but it’s not who everyone thinks it is. This is another woman who has been ghosting there since 1904. She tells us she is the ghost carrying the parasol that everyone reports of. She says Kate Morgan does ghost there but she never comes out of her room. She cries all the time. She is quite boring she tells us. My name is Isadore Rush and I drowned in the ocean here in 1904. I was a Broadway and Vaudville star. I was killed by a rogue wave. I really love this hotel. There are two other ghosts here she adds. Benjamin is one and Sophia is the other. They both have been here since the early 1900’s. She goes on to tell us some of her personal life when she was still in physical form. I ask Isadore if she would like to cross over thinking she might be tired of ghosting. She says no I want to stay here doing what I do. I really like it here. We filmed the whole encounter and will include it soon on our website ghostremover.com and ghost chronicles. You can google Isadore Rush also. Her story is there. Boo

Ghostremover hasn’t posted any updates lately so we have some catching up to do. This recent ghost rescue was very special. A few weeks ago a friend asked if we could check to see if a young man they knew who recently passed was here ghosting. We often get this request. If they are we do our best to see if we can cross them over. Most times we do it secretly to avoid any issues. We travelled to his families home in east county after checking and finding he was ghosting. We parked up the street close to the house. We know that he was there trying to console his mother. She was so bereaved. We made contact with him and told him what we were there for. As he spoke with us all we felt was his sadness. He told us he was nineteen years of age and loved life and everyone in it. He had everything going for him. His family was loving and supporting. He still lived there at home with his parents. Then tragedy struck. His mom found him unresponsive late at night a few weeks ago. They said his heart stopped. But how? He was young and healthy. He goes on to tell us it was all a mistake. He should still be alive. He was only experimenting with some new drugs. They were opioids. He took them a few times to help him sleep and they seemed to do the job. He went on to say that on that evening he tried three different types in combination not realizing the danger and that’s how his heart stopped. He couldn’t believe it and now all this sorrow he said. He couldn’t bare to see his mom like this. He didn’t want to leave her side. I asked if he had seen the light on his passing and said yes but was too scared to enter. He heard a voice calling for him but he didn’t go. I let him know that was why we were there. To provide another opportunity to cross over. He said he was ready now. He wanted to say something first though. He wanted us to leave a message behind from him. “Tell kids not to experiment with drugs. Look what happened to me. I smoked marijuana and drank some and never did other drugs. Then this happened. I thought I would be fine. Tell them never to experiment. It’s too big a risk.” I told him I would write what he said. We said our goodbyes and he moved to the light as he heard a familiar voice summoning him. ( We found that was his grandmother who had passed away last year). Then he was gone. We started up the car and slowly drove away. All I could think of was his poor mother.

In memory of 9/11

In memory of all those who passed in the Twin Towers seventeen years ago today. That day was the day we became a force as Ghostremover. Over those next six months we would move over twelve hundred ghosting souls back to the other side. We would talk to some as they left and we noticed the numbers would always remain constant each week so we realized no one else was moving them. We also found there were those who died there who were not remembered. Mabel who was visiting from Georgia and Paulo from Italy were tourists and so many others. There was Layne who works with us now who also died that day. He did not work there either. Shelby the service dog got to say his final words as he departed assuring us he would return quickly since he was so handy. Through that we realized animals could communicate with us and they reincarnate. We learned of the invisible world existing around us and since then we have done our best to assist those in need in whichever form it came. Seventeen years later and we still are doing our job. Thanks to my team mates and all those along the way who believed in us. Remember those whose lives were shortened on that day and do live your lives to the fullest. God Bless.


Last Saturday morning Ghostremover travelled to Laguna beach to remove a troublesome ghost from someones new home.  The man had heard about us through a friend of his. He called a few weeks back saying he needed help because this new beautiful house he was building on the top of the hills in Laguna beach was haunted. Doors opening and closing and other strange noises with no reason were his main complaints. He told us he didn’t mind it so much but his wife was having nothing to do with it. He said it seemed the activity would increase when his wife would come to visit as the home building was being finished. Not wanting to deal with all the summer traffic we told him we would arrive around 8am. We got off a little late but still arrived before 830. The owner was hoping we could finish with the removal before the work crew showed up. He was afraid they might get spooked if they knew we were there to remove ghosts from the premises. We shifted right into ghostremoval mode upon our arrival. As my sister entered trance she stated that there were 5 ghosts present but the female was the one causing all the commotion. We learned she was an Indian chief of the Tongva tribe that had lived down on the coast many years ago. I was surprised when she communicated she was a chief. I later checked on the internet to verify her information and there it was. Female chiefs Tongva tribe. We chatted some more because it gives me a chance to learn history. She said she really liked the husband and would get mad when the wife showed up. She shared with us how handsome she thought he was. I asked how many years she had been up in the hills. Too many she said. She and the other ghosts stated how they had been ghosting on the beach but got so tired of all the people there walking through them all the time and now this. People moving into their home. I said it would be no problem if they stayed outside the home. They would be free to ghost all they wanted. At first it seemed that would be the solution but a few minutes later the Indian Chief said she was tired and would take the opportunity to cross over to the other side. That’s great I thought. She could continue on with her evolution now instead of being stuck in between worlds. As she left I asked if the others wanted to cross over also. They said no. They would just return to the beach. We thanked them for their understanding as they left. As I brought my sister out of trance she started to describe the womans dress and looks and that she was sad to leave it seemed. We were able to finish before the workers showed up and headed back home with another ghostremover story to share.


Ghostremover has done it again. I only wish we could help more out there who are desperate for answers to their despair. Anthony Bourdain could have used our help. Kate Spade also. They were both attached. Both committed suicide.

Here is a story of an attached man who only wanted to die. He was in such anguish he attempted to kill himself but luckily failed. Some of his friends from work knew of ghostremover and were able to guide him to us. We did the removal close to a month ago and here are the texts we received two days ago. This first text is from the friends who brought him to us.

We wanted to thank you both and provide an update on our dear friend Michael. It’s truly incredible to see how much he has improved since the removal. He is noticeably happier, stronger and back to his silly self. His mind is at peace and he’s been sleeping better than ever. He’s really improving each day and I can personally vouch for his transformation. Thank you again and we love you both XOXO.

Then this is the text from Michael.

This is Michael. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I finally feel like ME again – stronger and confident. I feel as though I have a new lease on life and owe it to all involved. Thank you and bless you.

I want to say we could help countless people suffering from this invisible epidemic. There is so much more than meets the eye around us. All these kids killing at schools were all attached by dark ghosts. It takes us less than twenty minutes to remove them.