The Ghost Remover Chronicles is the fascinating journey of Hypnotherapist Robert Major into the spirit realm.

In 1999 he received a desperate phone call from his sister Antoinette. Upon hearing her describe the rapidly escalating and disruptive nature of the paranormal activity in her home he promptly responded to her call for help. Armed with only his wits and determination to save her from the demon he went to her home only to discover so much more.

The incident opened the door to spirit communications that would take Robert on the journey of his life. How Major turned this experience into developing his Ghost Remover method and built his team is the unforgettable story of The Ghost Remover Chronicles.

For many years Robert explored the power of the subconscious through hypnosis. But when he tapped into the spirit realm Robert discovered that ghosts can and do interact with, disrupt, Attach to, and even possess, living human beings. Through a multitude of case files of those affected and then cleared of these Attachments (ghosts that have Attached to a living human being) by Robert and his team, readers of the book will access a rare glimpse into this unseen world. As a result of their work, they have discovered an underlying cause for many of the problems people are dealing with in their personal lives today. And, they have developed a method to deal with it.

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