Developing New Talent

Do you have a skill that can help the Ghost Remover Team?

Unlike most spiritual communicators, the Ghost Remover team is unique in its incorporation of trance and spirit guides to deal with these entities that have been disrupting people’s lives. In summary, Attachments are working from the spirit realm to the physical. Ghost Removers are working from the physical to the spirit realm.

The process continues to shift and evolve as their skills refine, new members join the team and different client situations present them with new challenges. Since the time of that first removal, Robert carefully moved forward to assemble a team. Interestingly, of the many people who have found their way to Robert for help, some have been identified by the Ghost Remover team’s spirit guides who, from their vantage point, are easily able to identify those with remarkable abilities that can help the team. They communicate that information to Robert. Some of those talented people have joined the group. Each new team member has the heightened sensitivity to perceiving Attachments themselves along with other talents. Their diverse abilities coupled with trance work expand the ordinary to extraordinary.

Current Team Member’s specialties include:

  •  Ghost Remover
  • Medium; Necromancer and Ghost Communicator
  • Channel to Advanced Spirits
  • Remote Viewer
  • (Subtle Body) Aura Sealer
  • Past Life Reader
  • Animal Communicator

They use a team approach to insure that the necessary skillsets for the task at hand are readily available because things can happen fast and they want to be well prepared. It is important that nothing gets missed or overlooked. Over time, they cross-train on different specialties.

They are also unique in their use of trance state to access these invisible dimensions. Trance work is the technique by which they fine tune their access to a channel which functions like an opening or portal. The portal the dark spirits use to enter our world is the path the Ghost Remover team members follow while in trance to get into their realm. They have spirit guides who protect them when accessing these realms. Conversely, these helping spirits have chosen Ghost Remover team members as their conduit to the living.

The Ghost Remover team could not know what the Attachments are doing if they were unable to traverse these realms safely. Robert acts as a guide for his team. During sessions he anchors Ghost Remover team members in this world and guides them back into their bodies when the sessions conclude. It is this process that makes exploring the invisible spirit realms possible.

If you feel that you have unique skills that may support the Ghost Remover team and you reside in the Southern California area, make contact using the form located in the Contact Us link of the Main Menu.

If you reside in the Southern California area and feel that you have skills that may support the Ghost Remover team, email Robert Major.